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  1. UN- Lucky Hand Buff

    After losing 6 Berdin's Amulets (100% XP) I was finally informed by the "Ticket" response team that it was the Luck Hand buff that was not allowing the Berdin amulet to proc. This is an issue that needs to be corrected by the softeware guru's (development) Under no circumstances should a paying Aion player (prestige) not have the same benefit as a non-paying customer! The Lucky Hand buff cannot even be turned off- unless you wait 24 hours of playing time for it to expire. Please correct this-- shouldn't be a hard fix. R. Dave Scott (main character is MesaVerde, Katalam)
  2. December 7 server maintinence?

    Thank you----
  3. December 7 server maintinence?

    Thursday, December 7'th, 5PM central standard time here in Texas- and the server is down for maintinence?- Cannot find any info on this unscheduled event-- or how long it will be down? Mesaverde