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  1. The loot pet seems buggy, if you're soloing an instance and set the loot to leader loot it still doesn't loot everything on the mobs. Not sure if bug or "working as intended"
  2. Last night I had 1.8bil left in kinah, this morning I logged in with 100k ...
  3. Samesies, I'll await somewhat patiently for my freebies
  4. Can any class skin them?! Or can only the classes meant to wear them skin them?! Edit - Tested it myself cause impatient, can skin over my current hat! Just can't wear the basse item. Happiness all around.
  5. Anuhart skins! Since DP doesn't drop for us anymore or stormwing sets Definately Delegate skins, TS hats and primal hats.
  6. It's exactly what they did, but their calculations didn't account for the casuals, its more-so based off the people who've farmed like 18/24 hours in a day easily
  7. Honestly, I think lower prices would be fair... Not everyone can no-life the game and make 3k coins in 3 days. Hell people are going to be lucky to get 3k coins in the whole event if they have a job or family. I agree with people saying making them untradeable event items, and lowering the cost. And christ the title prices? Those titles aren't worth 1200 coins
  8. Yeah I'm agreeing with this. This honestly is one of the better events we've had in recent memory, it brought lots of players back, it was helping gear new players, and quite frankly, maybe it'd fix how broken the games economy is. If anything you should have just tweaked the cost of omega's and stuff, instead of remove completely. Yeah sure people who no life might have a bit more advantage, but it also wouldn't cost an arm and leg to gear up without being able to plat 24/7 too IMO
  9. These times are great for PST players... but like beserker at 11 server time is midnight for me even in central. What are these fragments and hairpins?!
  10. Still kinda sucks with the lack of timezone adjustment for dst
  11. I like how this Xigncode is triggering my antivirus lmao
  12. Sandboxie is a VM. Running a VM is not any different than people who use multiple computers.
  13. I use it to solo adma/ttc/DL for the easy exp I can imagine a lot of people use it tbh
  14. Sandboxie doesn't work no more soloing instances
  15. Can we not mentor anymore? Or is it just in instances?
  16. Can we change the damn loot system already? We spend more time trying to loot the damn thing than actually doing it. Is it not possible to make it work similar to invasion while still rolling the other stuff?
  17. Not for my 74 SW, I am getting 2.1bil per kill in adma/ttc, which is the same amount I was getting before the server wide buff went into affect. Before the 100% buff I was using 100% amulets and getting 2.1, now with event + amulet i'm still getting 2.1bil. Something is wrong there lol @Cyan
  18. Is it broken? I'm getting same amount of EXP with 100% amulet as I was before the server buff went into affect.
  19. If the cube wasn't dead people probably still would spend money that way :<
  20. Can we add these to BCM? We have the armor skins to match, just need hats. I'd die for the leather one!
  21. This right here, is awesome NcSoft lol. Can't send you logs of it but its amazing.
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