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  1. Talking about accessories: I've gotten all fierce bloodmarks because im mainly PVPer. I got 85~100% physical attack, and some decent Crit/ACC in all of them. If you take P/M Attack 1:1 PVE Attack, you'll need Pandora Accessories +13/+15 to equal to the BM accessories in a good retuning. If you're going to focus on PVE, i would say to you go for BM+Risiel till you get/buy an Noble Soldusk from this event since its tradeable and you can use your alts to make it easier +15. Put your old BM on botton for decent extra status, get your BM accessories (you dont need the fierce ones s
  2. This is definitely frustrating! The gap between +15 and the rest is totally broken. I’ve been trying to come back as a competitive player and all I’m getting is MASSIVE DAMAGE from people who barely know how to land a silence lock. I’m used to be a competitive player since my first days in Aion because of my effort to gear up using all the lack of quests/instances/market possibilities we had. Now all you gonna do is sit your ass and wait for sieges and PRAY to be in a legion who can get you to an blessed Altar to buy tickets. Yall are basically limiting the game to those who hav
  3. I totally support this! Speaking as an old and experienced player that is now returning, the number of enchantment stones you can get per week is limiting me from going foward in the gearing up process. Cant even be competitive in pvp because the difference between +15 and +10 is absolutely non sense right now. You guys should start thinking about the new and returning players for real!
  4. Took me 4 years and a fcking PANDEMIA to finally agree with Lucimon. I wish we could had compensations for REALLY PLAYING the game and not for spending 2 hours jumping in front of another 1000 alts doing the same. Aion pvp is one of the best I’ve ever played and that’s why I came back when the lockdown started here in Brazil. But seems things never change and the AFK plus Wallet events are the only thing we’re getting right how...
  5. Well i wonder how any free2play can sell 51 knowledge +11 stones for half of the market price and still keep 30 on broker. Maybe you’re too smart to bypass some game mechanics but thats not the point on this topic. Coming here to put down one of the biggest updates that is changing almost everything in the game with some info that u get from some mystic fonts... thats the point. Aion is dying on NA with all the veteran players leaving and all we need is a big change. Even if it comes To kill or to revive the game. Such hypocrisy
  6. Oh really? Lmfao this is the biggest BS i've read on aion forums the past years. 6.0 brings back the "play2gear" system, not as good as old days when the top players had the gear cap but still bring Aion back to life because you really need to play and go to pvp to get pvp gears. Been playing this game since 2.0 and i always had decent gear just doing pvp stuff and some pve like eso/satra to farm ap. The 5.x trade system just allowed lazyass ppl to get the best gear and the best stuff just using the credit card skills. Im so so so sorry for you not being able to do this anymore with 6.0 syste
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