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  1. This new event has outdated/lame rewards, nice feedback nc team!!
  2. Lame rewards @Loki @Hime @Kibbelz any real effort, not reposting old kr event.
  3. Seems aoa now is only 2 entries per week for non prestige users. Last patch was 3 entries for non-prestige users. @Kibbelz@Loki
  4. @Loki hello any update about the lag issue, any fix or a idea to try.
  5. @Hime @Loki any update about the lag issue, its been a week and a lot people cant play.
  6. @Hime any update? same issue on katalam servers
  7. @Hime , will continue or will end?
  8. Same issue here, random dc, me and the entire group, also adding the bug with the pin, @Hime.
  9. I hope ncsoon will ban this player asap, and do a further investigation to check if another players did the same. @Hime @Gideon
  10. bye @Cyan we will miss you
  11. same here, also i opened a ticket, support have no idea what answer, been a week whit a open ticket...
  12. wow what a good customer service, im pretty sure i ranked rank 9 and less, send a ticket and they send me a crappy reward...
  13. So its bug or was just me, i didnt got any reward this week for ranking....
  14. @Cyan server bug again, 3 weeks in a row, same issue..... @Hime @Gideon
  15. npcs are bug again like last week. @Cyan
  16. no retuning npc, no ec news? no news about the compensation? nothing...like always ....... not even info about the double exp week....
  17. this event its just rubbish, even worse than the last one, nc is just making the player base leave the game
  18. whit the luna craft, one step forward one hundred back. gz ncsoft
  19. same issue, tried to enchant my wings and cant stop failing at +11 (for my staff) and +13 (for my wings) takes a lot of effort to craft ultimates stones.
  20. @Cyan you on the ealier post said it was 300% exp
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