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  1. Love those screenshots and omg, Alukina's!! The hours I spent there farming Aether back in the day. I wish I still had my pictures from original release. Had heaps of Morheim and Beluslan pictures with friends and legionmates. Thought I had them saved on one of my externals but isn't the case. Oh well, least I have the memories. ♥
  2. I would give anything for a classic Aion. To me, those were the best days. Yes, even the rage moments of enchanting, trying to proc gold gear in crafting (don't get me started on handicrafting) and busting every manastone if you fail one. I would gladly go through it all again just to have the Aion I fell in love with. Rifting, the abyss...can I just have a moment of silence for the shard wars?. While a lot rather blink and be max level, myself and many others didn't mind the grind. Why? Because once you got to the top you felt more accomplished. Fenris, while frustrating to no end was
  3. Reading is hard Aly!! One must place neon lights and pictures for the answers to be clear. ps can i haz coffee too?
  4. I'm hoping that for those that were doing the quest for the AP to GP NPC's they will have their ap and kinah returned since you are removing said NPCs. It was unknown that this was not intentional and on my character sits most of the items for the quest completion minus all the needed ap items since I was trying to get more. (only had 7 iirc in my bag but all the vicious marks.)
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