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  1. Pin bug issue

    GM when we gonna have a fix for this pin bug , it happens like 8-12 times per day login the game do we know when this will be fix it is so freaking annoying we have to relog the game all the time???? do we have a day when is it gonna be fix? today is the worse login ever , i been seating in front of the pc trying to Aion for 20 mins none stop pin bug got me dc, we need this to be solve or temporary remove the pin like you did before while you guys finding out the issue the GAME is Unplayable sometimes , specially when it comes to Seige / Altar hours @Loki @Kibbelz .
  2. @Loki , this pin bug shit its been there for ages i am sure there is hundreds peoples experienced , the most annoying bug ever , there is no step to get that info , is just when u login game trying to type your ping code soon as we hit first number it says bug, and got DC , right away . there is no code or anything . please fix that asap , i got that like 5-10 per day please fix itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt thanks!!!!!!!!!
  3. Pin bug

    GM when we gonna have a fix for this pin bug , it happens like 8-12 times per day login the game do we know when this will be fix it is so freaking annoying we have to relog the game all the time???? do we have a day when is it gonna be fix?
  4. Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback

    @Cyan i just wanna say 3 thing about this patch: 1. You guys nerfed the Vandal so Hard from top dps in a group dps racing we 're 3 times more dps then other class and you make us became almost 5th dps when we did the test and every was about the same gear.Because the 6th was a cleric. HOW it is feel if that was you after you spent a lot of time and money in this 1 patch and then trying to fun with the class? i am pretty you wanna lower their dps but not put them in buttom of the list from top ? you guys took away the motivation from me playing the game . 2.Lock of legendary cubic to run the instance for like a year ?why you guys always put some new instance in game with almost impossible to play it? 3.about Ultimate transformation . you guys keep saying keeping class balance when transformation came out there was no balance in between all class just because other have more faster attack speed or casting speed then others you guys need to figure some way to give people more way to get those ultimate contract even we p2w still have hard time get it we need alot of those event for people to have chance to get them specially when you spent few thousand dollar on 1 event we end up with where we started .
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 16, 2019

    Ya you get the pumkin skin as always
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 16, 2019

    @Cyan Any idea when we will get an event for Extendable weapon ?we need some real event is been a long long long time since last time we get a extendable weapon since 5.0? 5.5 i don't even remember and glad without extendable is boring already kinda stop playing for awhile need some good news please
  7. since 6.0 until now i feel like playing aion is like working in aion i don't know if people agree with it , everyday when i come on aion i have to do daily x999 ? to get the fragment for my pvp stone to enchantment my gears even tho i p2w on event like those cauldron coin we buy from broker on the first week , i got like 6500+ fragment still not enough to finish my gear after i got my T2 set . with enchanting specially when this game is so much RNG issue like example: RNG for Crafting gears RNG for Enchanting gears RNG for manastone enchant RNG for stigma enchant RNG for enchant Deavanion skill RNG for DROP RNG for kinah from event boxes pretty much everything in game is RNG , after all that RNG by the end of the week our gear mite drop down where we started to enchant or even worse then we started. When is NC soft really making shit easier for us to get fragment ? you guys can't expected everyone is gonna p2w you have to make some sort of event give good amount of fragment to let others catch up to the game ? And the people that are behind in this game for example new class how do you expect them to balance pvp with other class vs so much gear different if they got no fragment to help them gear up , there is only 2 way to get fragment one is do weekly trade in for pvp weapons to DE and other ways is grind mats to craft pvp gears to DE them but both way are so limited number and after a week when their enchant the gears once they fail enchanting do you guys know what it means? it means new player or new class will lost another week behind catching even though tehy are already 1 years behind on pvp gears .
  8. Event @Cyan

    8/06/2019|Event|By Cyan In the wake of Ereshkigal’s defeat, and the upcoming exploration of a new land, the entrance to two instances will crumble and no longer be accessible. However, before Aion: Mark of the Vandal launches, you’ll have one final opportunity to explore these two instances and receive special rewards! How To Participate Inside Mirash Sanctum and Cradle of Eternity you and your entire party will receive an Apocalyptic Ice Gem Chest each time you defeat a final boss in either of these instances.. Opening this chest will reward you with a random number of Ice Gems (between 5 and 50). With Ice Gems in hand you’ll be able to exchange them with Shuririnerk in the Ancient Sanctum of Life and Ancient Temple of Wisdom. Note that the items inside the Limited Sales tab can only be purchased a set number of times per week. Shuririnerk’s Ice Gem Shop. i just wanna really take a look see how many people will use your money on this event , probably some luna from that you get it from free daily luna but i don't think anyone will spent money in this event at all so please tell NC if you will . The Reason why NC wanted to make this event item drop only is in Mirash and COE is just want people money to spam those 2 instance , but do you people in NC soft that makes decision for event ever noticed why people complain about you guys have shitty event ? even people in game telling you your not gonna make any money off the game in this event . then you should noticed you will not making money and why you not listening to community ?
  9. How do we get NCSoft to listen to us?

    Is ok lol is NC decision to make more people quitting the game by putting in so much RNG in this game we spent money to get better chance right ? , but just same old RNG in game doesn't matter how much we pay them , i am starting slowly playing this game and gonna stop my prestige just cus their stupid event and RNG in this game is losing interest and motivation in game lol
  10. 7.0 @ Agust 21st

    Hi GM , what happen to the page you guys put up on website saying we will get 7.0 @ August 21st.? i saw that when ilog in website and then after few mins i log again the page was gone are you planning to delay it ? after you guys posted in website ? what's happening ? i was excited to see it lol .
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 29, 2019

    Cyan you guys really need to take a good look on how the EU promotion-er doing their job on BCM everything looks so good , you want money we give money but for for those stupid 3400 NC coin for some ancient stones , we need something like what EU have in BCM or event why NA have such bad events? i just don't get why we getting some pointless event all the time . like double exp ap loot rate those are 3.0 patch event and you guys bring it up at 6.5 /6.7 patch we good surprises
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 15, 2019

    IDD x 3 inc zombie
  13. is ok u get extra cd nothing wrong with server down like this i am happy to see even i don't run bos
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 15, 2019

    please shut it down for good so i don't p2w anymore thanks
  15. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 17, 2019

    i tried to transfer as you said @Cyan still not eligible what's going on ?