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  1. Was this really just a fail??

    As far as I am concerned if your character is not 66 by now it is either a new one, or you really aren’t that interested in playing it. Either way you shouldn’t get first run at names. I have alts created 12 months ago that have literally leveled to 66+ purely through very inconsistently run Luna dailies/weeklies. And I left those alts with random names for over a week to let active players have first dibs before I reclaimed their names or chose new ones. With the leveling curve as easy as it is now, if you aren’t 66 on your older toons by now, all I can ask is why do you deserve that name over someone who put in even the barest minimum of effort to get their toons to 66?
  2. game wont start

    Are you using windows 10? I had this problem and everytime the game updated I had to rename the bin file and run in 32bit. Ended up changing the game to run in windows 8 compatibility mode and the game has been working with 64bit ever since.