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  1. New...Ish player.

    Infliction, I was not. I think we used to PVP one another alot, ot run instances....cause I know your name right away. :3 Thanks for the reply. From looking more into it it's better off to either start from scratch, or wait until 6.0 with how much levelling I'll need to do(will be very casual)? I've got a 60-something Chanter I'd use as a main again.
  2. Need an Aion Bae

    I too stopped playing around that time and have just thought about re installing! Well, after Ascension was out I guess.
  3. New...Ish player.

    Really random post here. I used to play Aion something fierce a few years ago, when the cap was only 60, no Gunslinger or any classes other than the original 8. Curious about how the server populations are? I'd want to start over again, and much....much more casual than before (we had statics for Dredge's etc. like it was our religion), how hard will it be to get to a point in the game where there is enough of a community to run things here and there? Thanks :3 Ha, edit. Forgot about the name thing. My chanter was Explodikus, and my Cleric Xylose.