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  1. again server dropped without warning I lost my COE entry
  2. someone knows when this event begins Homeward Bound Event? 5.8 How to Participate - (June 8 to June 29) New and Returning Players Only Speak with Friendly Ayas daily for (1) [Event] Ayas Daily Transformation Candy Box. The candy box offers your choice of Aya candy. For returning players, Friendly Ayas will also offer you an [Event] Ayas Fuzzball Support Bundle for your grand return to Atreia. For new players, HelpfulAyas will give you an [Event] Ayas Fuzzball Welcome Bundle. These bundles are filled with goodies to set you on our journey. At the same time, potion of Liquid
  3. My first time doing this, kill Boooss also got nothing.
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