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  1. Pretty sure invasion was just a distraction so Beritra can somehow destroy these sealing stones. Pretty dumb if you ask me, they could have easily changed the lore where no maps got destroyed and Enshar and Cygnea simply rose from the Oceans. Clearly the real answer to the why, is Koreans can't design a good game so they had to get rid of maps to reduce server load. If the game had a good engine like the one that Guild Wars 2 have, no map should ever be destroyed. Aion is the first MMO I have heard of that destroys old maps and other content, and justifies it with crappy lore.
  2. Thats very contradictory. First you link a meme that says John has a belief that p2w is an illusion yet you procceed to call him a lazy wallet hero, and even more contradictory you say he buys from gold sellers. If I were a whale and could buy all the ncoin I want, why would I buy kinah from bots and risk getting banned, or say pay 2 win is fake when I bought hundreds if not thousands of dollars of Ncoin? We should be talking about what Gideon said, not go on some witch hunt on an Australian player that has to play with bad ping all the time.
  3. So Elyos unfairly won the fortress and now they're blocking the entrance to Misrash Sanctuary for Asmodians, how is this just? I reckon NCsoft Korea did this on purpose so Elyos would be the first to get the fortress in every region. Its a well known fact they favour the Elyos.
  4. Yes and can it be permanent, it ain't right that we only have it for 60 days.
  5. I think support at the moment have their hands fulls.
  6. You do realise Provenance gives attack speed.
  7. You gotta remember enchanting to +15 will be like pre-4.9. Omega and greater supplements won't be 100% so if you fail on your way to +15 goes back to +10.
  8. What was that 78 omega just to get to +28 a second time from 25? Did he get to +30?
  9. Cause they know what they have may not be enough and are humble enough to ask the community what the content should be about. Pretty much its in alpha stage and they need guidance to avoid 4.8 again.
  10. That's cause the survey is 66+ only. Not that hard to figure out.
  11. You people heard wrong. 20th December is an event where Koreans post their predictions on what 6.0 is gonna be about, and Ncsoft is doing that cause they have no clue what to do for 6.0 content or they are no where close to finishing it and need player ideas to drive them along. Don't see this date as 6.0, but as Ncsoft Korea asking for what to do without being overly explicit and professional about it.
  12. Both stability thrusters adding 500, upgraded Overdrive trigger gives 400 and Sundering Blade reducing their magic suppression by 500. That's a 1400 magic boost difference, but we still need lots of knowledge for that crit spell.
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