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  1. Can confirm, just tested it, cast speed does not work
  2. I've used around 10 as well, cannot get anywhere after 12 on my Ult. Firebrand Staff. At this point I'm going to pray for procs and YOLO legendary stones. Any chance this can get looked into? Changing enchanting rates might have inadvertently nyerked something up.
  3. I assume the OP was from old Israphel if their argument is numbers if not time for a history lesson... Elyos greatly outnumbered Asmodians for years. Up until about 4.8/5.0 once Asmos finally organized and set up a proper rotation under Feelix/Gorry doing a bulk of the legwork. However we never had sympathy buffs which when on Israphel sometimes wouldn't be enough since we were actually outnumbered 2:1 or sometimes 3:1. Not to mention the asmo incentives meant to captivate people to reroll were a joke. For a very, very long time the same Asmos stuck through and fought and now we've had on
  4. Linkgate also drops ancient manastones (luck of the draw on what you get) and at 75 you dont aggro mobs so get your keys and go straight to the boss
  5. Chanter is crazy gear dependent. I have 6 sets of gear. 2 for PvE. A healing boost set and a dps set. You can do both with rage spell on with support stigmas for group (instigation > any other buff). Set your equipment macros up to easily swap sets so you can heal when necessary and then switch back when you don't have to. Call out your shields so your protective ward or block curtain don't get overridden by templar buffs and you're good to go. Can easily push 5k+ dps on chanter in support spec since most elite mobs can't be knocked down so the only real damage you're missing is from mounta
  6. You can win a siege without coalition lead. We've done it on IS-A in both the Abyss and Kaldor. I was leading as a five star/general and sometimes I was the highest ranked person in coalition. No kisk, no command charge. Forts were blue. There's no excuse, especially when multiple forts are up. Increase population means dragons, towers and mobs can be killed/flipped quicker. If you need help kisking see the instructional image below: https://imgur.com/a/lTSW9
  7. Can we stop with the Pallasite Crystal? kthx
  8. The merge didn't kill BR, it was the toxicity of the server, it was brand new steam players or the elite of the elite bored and wanting something new. I rerolled BR and didn't want to deal with the grind, regaining gear, rank etc. Not to mention if you weren't in an established group of people (probably from your old server) it was a hell of a time. Give me IS LFG before BR any day of the week!
  9. BR was a strong server because most people wanted a fresh start, or if you were a new player the chances of getting a rank high enough to transform (the main draw of the long haul) was basically inattainable. The GP system was screwed up since day 1 where anyone with enough AP could buy rank and make it impossible to catch up (you can see who it is on your server because the gaps are HUGE). The 1450 monthly requirement was a nice start but that system needs work as well. 1450 is too small a number IMO. Anyone can get that in a single day if they do arenas/instances/siege.
  10. It's more so about the transformation skill than the rank. Rank doesn't mean anything aside having access to those AP Xform skills. I use my transform a lot on Israphel (I know we don't siege, weird right?) but xforming at siege solo out of coalition for PVP is still way more fun than most things in this game.
  11. Considering cancelling Prestige as the rewards for the monthly items aren't worth it. I've gotten Cera Medal x5 the last two days opening my prestige case. **Just a suggestion: If they added no soul sickness to prestige since housing is going to be nyerked come server merge I would def keep it!**
  12. It's been a long time, looks like we're finally home!
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