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  1. what avoid in aion 5.8 before aion 6.0

    Well first my friend, Homeward event gear is effective for level below 65, which is completely fair. It wasn't supposed to be tagged as the best gear but the gear that will help you to not feel naked once 66+. Yet add to that as I said that since the 6.0 release, you receive new gear as you are leveling from level one until level eighty. So I suppose NCSoft thought about these new starters players or even those who are not 80 : as cool and decent but not best gear to start with. So unless you're a tryhard +20 pvp gear, etc.. It is clearly a huge benefit. I guess here they thought about casual players that they want to bring back in the game. ---------- And for your first paragraph. Actually I've been grabbing all the homeward bound event since their first release. First as a new then a returning player. So it is possible to gather them. And I bet you anything they will put a new one at the 6.0 release which is hundred percent logical. So what you could do, is make a new account on the same server than your current chars and send all your kinah from your current chars to this new one, so you will have something to start with.
  2. what avoid in aion 5.8 before aion 6.0

    There will be a homeward bound event at 6.0 + 6.0 quests give you gears until level 80. So indeed there is somehow no point reaching level 75 atm and spending much time on current gear that will disappear within the next 6 months.
  3. 6.0 info

    Haha 😅 They removed the reason I left this game let me celebrate 🎉
  4. 6.0 info

    FINALLY !!!