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  1. Today players were made aware of a player abusing the token policy by requesting an item that is impossible to be obtained in game with legit ways. The player in question is SimBok in Katalam asmos. The player opened a box that guarantees a pf hard mode earring. The item he opened was [Event] Ultimate Starlight Flare Earrings Selection Box and ticketed the box and said he received the wrong item. Then he requested for the necklace which is impossible to get at the moment in game due to the fact you have to kill the last boss in Primeth Forge Hard Mode. In 7.2 only the first 3 bosses are able to be killed. The player SimBok received an item that should not be available. As someone who has been farming that instance for the entirety of 7.2 i believe this is completely unfair and the player should be stripped of that item and be punished for abusing customer support. I demand you guys do the right thing and fix this.I attached a picture of the player showcasing the item. The item is the necklace.