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  1. Aion launcher problem

    Thank you for your help. Will try this now but I can’t find aion.bin. It’s missing on my files under bin64
  2. Aion launcher problem

    Hi all! Aion launcher won’t launch. It always say error. Need help please...
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 11, 2019

    @Cyan i have used 12+ shuffle card for shugo sweep and never have i seen, not even once, the king and queen card on the slots. It just keeps repeating rotation between ten, ace and jack card and some random. Is that how rare the king and queen card in this event or must be something wrong. Kindly check on this. Thanks!
  4. SM vs Sorc

    As the title says, who has the advtagenof winning 1v1? Same gears and ping.