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  1. Yea this is obvious, the company played favorites and deserves a ton of hate.
  2. Wow its like Aion and NCsoft staff are devoid of logic.
  3. Apply it to everywhere. Seriously the game was meant for it, also garden of growth keep it as instance so people always have something to farm for some marks.
  4. I don't even care if they are banned anymore, JUST BRAND THEM so everyone knows they are losers.
  5. First, this event was good idea in theory. Second, WOW did it get fubar asap! Solution: this and all event going forward need to be a token base system, a set amount of tokens are received and use them how you wish, once you have grinded the required items, and mobs. This is nothing more than a continuation of a previous problem, the complete and utter failure to ban hackers. There is plenty of software at the players disposable to find out who among our ranks cheat, using the very same piece of coding y'all could not only determine who is using Vanilla tools and then get rid
  6. Turtle boy, derail a less important post. I am not here, to play with children.
  7. Also forgot : Fort buffs: remove them, or at the very least ought to wear off faster.
  8. Take this from one of your best customers: 1. Y'all do not know what you are doing with the store, items stripped we use to have access to and now released like it the first time. Stupidity level 10 Solution do your job and give a true Korea store. 2. Discounting individual items, Stupidity level over 9000 Solution: Discount coin, Buy 8,000 get 10,000 3. This event is horrible. Prices are more screwy then TIA Event (Which y'all dropped a nuclear bomb on) Stupidity level Unknowable So high there is no number for it. Solution: STOP CHANGING PRICES! LET KOREA DEV
  9. Which GM are you friends with? lol THEY HAVEN'T SPOILED US, they pitied us, you are simple to please I have some land on the moon for sale, interested? 100$ an Acre, 10 million acres. You taking the time to white knight the people that are actively ignoring us, and deciding that their new prices were good, even after they were told the event was "WORKING AS INTENDED" then super complain mode, ok fine! KOREA buckles! SO could we get an update, on who get's fired, due to loss of income? Would love to know who and when.
  10. Incompetence factor : over 9000 Chances of winning me back: Slim to NONE Lol, this is how y'all save face? This is what you consider doing your job? This is a travesty at the highest level. The buff event is the worse thing since a GM log on Azphel, pointed at sulfur and made it vulnerable in answer to our complaints, about 30 minute inner fort timers! HALF THE SERVER QUIT!
  11. They are the squealing type alright! #399 days to go!
  12. IT was not a mistake, again the event was suppose to be that way! I Those were the prices that were released in all other region, Korea sent it as it was! They didn't check anything as usual! Released it with the bare minimum of oversight, then when they realized we were working together to benefit as many as possible, they said wait a minute, we are pleasing everyone, That can't be! So Yoink npc, server shutdown, and then the panic set in, the people running this game, don't play it, have never enchanted anything legitimately, , or played the game in a way that would be considered, even a co
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