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  1. Cant even attend sieges as they are now, an hour earlier would have been preferable.
  2. Boo Hoo died to dots and makes a forum post calling hax
  3. @Cyan Please have the dev team fix the quest "Windiel's Support", its still bugged and it blocking our only way to farm Fighting Spirit Fragments with repeatable quests. Please fix it ;-;
  4. Found a way to join Korean servers through Facebook. Anyone wanna leave Na and join me?
  5. Honestly, this event (the day it was announced) reignited my passion for playing Aion. I had so much fun playing on the first day, I didn't care that people with 3-4 alts could farm more than me because I could finally finish enchanting and obtain my relevant pvp set. I spent 8 whole hours on that first day, grinding, pvping, scouting fatty's, grinding more, and repeat. I cantgame & dev team because they're complete idiots. This was a preface, I feel the reason the game is dead atm, is because everyone got so excited for the eye, and when it was out EVERYONE, had fun, EVERYONE got to parti
  6. I personally find it ridiculous that it takes longer to loot the boss to grab your omega than it takes to actually do the instance. I think I speak for everyone when I say I really don't want to wait forever not being able to loot because there are 200+ people. So I'm going to do the devs a favor and supply some ideas for how to fix this fiasco. 1) Make the omega a quest drop. Really its not that hard. 2) Make a special box as a quest drop that has a chance of dropping omega, and some other items that drop from the boss like stigma sacks we can chose our stigs from. 3) Allow for
  7. I just made a post a few days ago stating that I wasn't up for the new XINCODE thing. And here we are. Day one of this "test phase" and I'm already getting nyerking booted. Here is what I was doing: LOGGING OUT. I was literally, logging out. I can't stress how idiotic this was, I already have a prejudice against this program that I am going to address. But literally tagging me for logging out?? I had no programs running on my computer besides Aion. And I mean nothing, no skype, no discord, nothing but background processes that my computer needs to function as a nyerk computer. One other possi
  8. Ignoring the mass confusion of this topic- NCsoft doesn't care about false advertising. I've reported to them 3 different accounts of blatant false advertising on the BCM that has cost players in-game money and they never reply back or fix the problem.
  9. The government allows for the collection of data and sells it to companies so that they can provide advertisements for your liking. Except there is one major thing that separates this new code implementation from the legal spying that companies like Google and Bing are allowed to do: any person can avoid it. You can avoid tracking between websites by simply using Incognito, or a VPN. Obviously, a VPN is the more effective option. With the implementation of this new code, is reads our files and tracks activity while the client is in use, and doesn't give NORMAL people the option to get around i
  10. Okie, I've been trying for about 5 weeks now to get 1-star and STAY 1-star so I can do Panesterra. I finally stayed 1-star this week blah blah did my stuff, attended seiges. But when I logged on this morning, right before panesterra which is in about an hour at the time of posting this, I am no longer 1-star. I was 440 gp off. So I go and do crucible easy peasy. I get what I need, however. I am not 1-star. Previously, and I know this from my boundless frustration with my rank fluctuation, I have watched myself gain GP then bump up to 1=star immediately. Today apparently, wasn't one of those ma
  11. https://youtu.be/BvcO_4D2e_c Here are the winners for the raffle! Congratulations! I'll be contacting you in-game soon with your rewards.
  12. As some of you may know I promised a raffle of tree rewards and rewards from my inventory to be raffled to participants who donated for this week's trees. Unfortunately, another player who was collecting for the trees deliberately leveled the tree I begged not to level so I could raffle its rewards. The other two trees rewards are untradeable. Because of this, I am going to raffle more of my own valuable items to make up for this unfortunate scenario. You can visit the google sheets to view everyone that participated and has their name in the raffle. I will be drawing names later today.
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