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  1. Actually, the Temple Cavern place in Eltnen may have nothing to do with the flight test, but still, I'm wondering why I haven't gotten that quest and am afraid it may limit the areas and quests I can complete? I remember completing the quest before, and I don't know why I'm not completing it now.
  2. @Bryos-TM Yes, you're right, it's a standard quest, that I should be able to have received at level 25 as I did for my previous character. I would have needed to talk to Telemachus in Eltnen and I would have been given a flight test and talk to another person and fly through rings.... but I haven't received it at all. It's meant to be a campaign quest, but no matter where I go, who I talk to (after doing research online), I have not been given that quest. Without that quest I can't enter the Temple Cavern and complete other quests.
  3. Maybe a bug? I haven't been able to receive that quest for some reason when my previous character I had a few months back (still existing character, but I just created a new one) was able to access that quest. Because of this I'm not able to complete other quests that require me to do that flight test.
  4. Basically as the title implies, I'm a level 37 ongoing player and I still haven't received my level 25 flight quest. Is this a glitch in the game? I'm a returning player and this is my second character. My previous character received the quest perfectly, and apparently I was meant to receive it. But because I haven't received it, I can't do a campaign quest that I did receive (Playing around at the Temple, level 29). I need answers and help. Thank you.
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