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  1. @Bryos-TM Yes, you're right, it's a standard quest, that I should be able to have received at level 25 as I did for my previous character. I would have needed to talk to Telemachus in Eltnen and I would have been given a flight test and talk to another person and fly through rings.... but I haven't received it at all. It's meant to be a campaign quest, but no matter where I go, who I talk to (after doing research online), I have not been given that quest. Without that quest I can't enter the Temple Cavern and complete other quests. 

  2. Basically as the title implies, I'm a level 37 ongoing player and I still haven't received my level 25 flight quest. Is this a glitch in the game? I'm a returning player and this is my second character. My previous character received the quest perfectly, and apparently I was meant to receive it. But because I haven't received it, I can't do a campaign quest that I did receive (Playing around at the Temple, level 29). 

    I need answers and help. 

    Thank you.

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