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  1. Why is my Lv28 Alt on your stupid website?... Are you that much of a whanker to put up low level alts or bots on your stupid ass site? You L50 pro gear, like Seriously a L28 Alt you killed from Herion in 2 shots while it had less then 10% HP from trying to finish a quest? is this kid seriously that retarted that he needs a wall to post low level alts on?....
  2. @Kibbelz weres our event? or XP bonus. We can't do anything anymore since azmos are already fully geared and dominate everything .....
  3. Yuh, why post peoples names that you ganked while they were in PVE mode? :s
  4. And here i was thinking i was banned for no reason...
  5. @Kibbelz Why cant we have a fun event like "Giving Grove"? God these events where actually fun back in the day and used the whole community to actually get some where with decent rewards too.
  6. @Kibbelz Did anyone in NCrap land even think this event through? Like what goes through these spastic coders who think this was a great event to have?.... Not only is it impossible to find any of these Kinah boxes but EVERY SINGLE BOX LOCATION is camped out by Xforms and like x20 of the toughest people. Only the strongest people will get these Kinah boxes and from what i've seen (since today's the first day) the toughest and strongest players have already got Billions, While the weaker people get nothing. You wonder why people give up on Aion? or dont progress enough to even enj
  7. Imagine trying to farm on this map just to have certain legions and people constantly stealing souls from your hard while while you try and solo it. "No warm up" Gaup, Yikes, Rat, etc. they all steal from anyone they see. Then they deny it and gang up on you in the map and LFG > why cant we have total account deletion when being harassed like that @Kibbelz because its a great way to see other people want to not play anymore.
  8. Just be like the legion "No warm up", Gaup, Rat, Yikes, etc... They go around stealing other peoples Souls.
  9. (rubbish event) Event item listing, - [Event] Ancient Legion Treasure Chest Key Bundle - [Event] Legendary Legion Treasure Chest Key Bundle These items do not drop in game anymore and automatically get replaced with Katalam Base Crystal Key Bundle...…... -.- why cant we have normal events with normal rewards. not this P2W junk. (no wonder aions losing customers and no one wants to play)
  10. No point trying to figure out my total now since ive been opening a lot every day and randomly 15x at a time, but I have opened over x250 10+ Brilliant Fragments that I bought off the broker. (even sold over 1000 icy's too) ..............Literally no Wise dragon weapon box. -.- someone stuffed up.
  11. Nice. Thanks. Well heres a verbal 'name and shame' list then so people can start also watching out for them so they don't lose out on items they also need, plus ill start taking screenshots/recordings. KT - Pammy (clarity) KT - Quinney KT - JostNite
  12. @Jake-DN Or the latest thing is now because there are potentially double ultimate drops in IDD/PF/SL, the group leader literally holds onto the boss in the instance... kicks players out and invites there own twink (duel clienting) to trade it onto there own character.... happened twice today when leather gloves and pants dropped in these instances. Like NJunk seem to not even care about these small problems that are damaging the image of the game.
  13. @Cyan Yeah this Event is McJunk. Not only did anyone get anything but most of the "Big legions" literally xformed and even out DPS'ed the Tucas which got stolen in 2seconds. So thank you for NCsoft for not thinking or planning ahead for the usual players who aren't massively geared or getting carried by a whole group or paying big bucks to get top of the line gear just to out DPS everyone else for there own greed to make a weapon they can sell on the broker. Thanks.
  14. @Cyan Maybe look into updating certain parts of the game that are completely out of date and some that are completely useless for players and people looking to progress in the game. Maybe update it so every 3 months which might boost BCM sales or Luna sales. Eg. (basic list of junk I see that never gets updated since the new patch began like over a year ago.) - Lockbox rewards. - Luna Shop - Daishunerk Game of Fate - Luna Shop - Munirunerk Treasure Chest - * Add Transformation candy to event prises since none of the event have had it for a while. - * A
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