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  1. Gladiator pull

    You’re just repeating what I just said with more words .
  2. Gladiator pull

    Glad don’t have a pull , what you’re seeing in the first time you marked is the AT leap forward . Glad has a leap forward that when they hit target , groups of enemies are gathered gloser together but I wouldn’t call that a pull skill .
  3. Gladiator pull

    Where in that video are you seeing a pull skill lol.
  4. About the possibility of a new server for 6.0

    You’re comparing oranges with apples . 6.0 is going back to the basics . This is the time when me and hundreds of other veterans were in . 6.0 is going to revive aion the same way it did for Korea . Korea was as dead as aion is right now before 6.0.
  5. Aion 2 - Confirmed to be PC + console MMORPG

    The post says it’s aion lore
  6. Where's katalam and danaria server locations ?

    I don’t mean to be that person but the official language of NA server is English . If you can’t even bother to use google translate i don’t think you should be posting here .
  7. Aion 6.5

    Michael Jackson is more korean than Bryos is....................
  8. Delays on purchases during events

    They are using a third party company to authorize credit card payment which is river something I can’t recall . The best option is to pay with PayPal using your cc or account balance and doing that the platform with be PayPal rather than that other third party company . You can be mad all you want with ncsoft but any company that offers direct cc payment are always third party to authorize transactions .