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  1. New snowball item

    Oh ffs...............
  2. This. Aion makes FAR more money as a f2p than as a sub based game, nc doenst hire more staff/fix things because they simply dont have to. Lets look at the mistaEK server for example: . ~500 players paying the regular $15 for a sub game would bring in $7500 per month, that doesnt sound like much right? Specially when you hear that a single player on the server spent 5k dollars in the past month. These 20 or so kind of players are the ones that the game is trying to please and the rest of the playerbase is just fodder to make them feel acomplished, asking for a sub-based model is just a pipe dream.
  3. Ncwest team.

    Imagine discussing something for 6(+) weeks and having nothing to show... Is this the ncsoft team? (prob not that many) Come on brah this is a game not astrophysics.
  4. Nothing to do basically.

  5. :THINKING EMOJI: +15 ultimate EK

    Right? "Let's all go to the new server for a fresh start but lemme just drop some quick 2k to make sure I'm still ahead."
  6. Long Awaited Event

    Ofc its gonna be snowball, They deleted 90% of the game but christmas without snowball is too much for ma hart.
  7. Letter to NCSoft

    Meh they ruined pw too 100x more p2w than aion
  8. Lets have a talk friends EK free gear

    Same way they got the gear, duh. Gl with that.
  9. P2W much?

    1 week suspension+warning and sudden vacations incoming
  10. Timetable

    Dam compare that to the 5.8 schedule. This is me after the 30 mins of daily play are over:
  11. Todays Siege