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  1. My suggestion to everyone's happiness (Tia EYE)

    By letting people redeem the rewards according to the amount they farmed? If you had rl things to do and could only log in for a couple hours thats too bad (and happens on every event that allows farming), those who stayed on for 14h looting fats do deserve more than you because they played more and as for now did it all for nothing. I believe that ncsoft will just change the coin drops and increase the price for the rewards since it is just the laziest fix they can do. As one of those that had other things to do I only have around 70 coins wich translated to 7 omegas and it is safe to assume that I'll get even less after the nerf, so how would bringing the npc back be any worse for me? Edit: I do agree that the rewards were too good, but removing the npc before removing the event was just wrong.
  2. Chanter stigma planning for 6.0

    Some ppl never accept being wrong, even when the truth is in their face.
  3. Chanter stigma planning for 6.0

    Oh god can you plz stop? This didnt make sense even in the beggining of the patch, stop theorycrafting open a google tab and find everything you want to know about 6.0 its not hard... But anyways i'll resume it for you, chanter is NOT the main healer on 6.0, and phys dps is not in a good state so if you dont wave even with reduced cds your dps is going to be worse. Stop thinking aion 6.0 is another game......
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 7, 2018

    Afkers rn:
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 28, 2018

    Ah here we go... Even you sir said yourself on other topics that gearing was easy because u used several alts to farm kumuki (wich is an event mind you) on your countless alts or took advantage of price swings (that happen because events make much needed items rain from the skyes for a while) to earn your many billions. Bottom line is yes we rely on events for many things, and its best to have too many than to few. Quick edit: I wasnt too sure it was you that said those things so I quick checked your profile and while searching found this gem: I'll rest my case now
  6. 6.0 info

    I can agree with that. Me neither, but you can definately compare the experience you had playing the game from one patch to the other wich is what I do. 5.x with all of it's patches has been the worst experience I had after many years of aion, seriously those 6 months (maybe more or less, seemed like an eternity for sure) in wich you had to run aoe 40 times to maybe get your weapon just for it to break at +4 and the cp/archdaeva stones that broke the class balance almost made me quit and if it wasnt for the omega+supps band-aid I'd definately have. 6.0 looked nice but the small updates concern me a bit, gotta wait and see.
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 28, 2018

    Hmm, cute contracts? minium(85/week is nothing)? red. stones (1x week haha)? major felicitous(do they drop from some secret boss)? +9 and up manastones? Shadow pact boxes? I need medic
  8. 6.0 info

    5.x is the worst patch in aion history fam, the only good thing i can pull from it are the ui changes. No, pop was ok (but not great) for most of 4.8-4.9, then took a nose dive after 5.0 (even korea had to do 2 merges during the 5.x patch).
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 28, 2018

    Seeing that these days the only reliable ingame source of things to upgrade your stuff are events, ppl who complain about too many should just be ignored (or get some special treatment idk).
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 28, 2018

    When did that happen?

    I bet one of the keypoints on cyan's résumé is a thick forehead, he must facepalm so hard on the stuff they make him post...
  12. Choosing a monitor for Aion

    It has been 8 years and ppl still dont know this...
  13. Weekend buff and Power Up Week results?

    Well why would anyone spend ncoin just to 'win' an event when the rewards are worth less than the items you enchanted? The buffs allowed ppl to get their desired enchanting levels spending much less than they did before the event so they just called quits when they did it. These items are just tokens given to the less lucky.
  14. @Johngunmad-KT sry mate i didnt know you were australian, I made the corrections on the meme to make it more accurate.