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  1. Anniversary Coin every hour problem?

    I have gotten bags in BoS on non-Prestige characters. Not many. I think the most I saw was 2 in four runs with complete clears. Hardly worth doing. On my Prestige characters, I get one extra bag almost every run, though not 100%.
  2. Anniversary Coin every hour problem?

    Not to mention that there is an XP buff right now, you could get to 76 with one afk luna daily and the weekly.
  3. Prestige Case is giving old crafting items and generally needs updating for 7.0. Daishunerk's Game of Fate (luna) is giving old crafting items and generally needs updating for 7.0. Aterian Passport generally needs updating. These transformation essences can be "purchased" for free from the BCM. Also, they take a "confirm" to even throw out.
  4. Demaha World Boss League or Legion?

    Everyone in the league will get loot from the boss' body. The chests are looted by whatever group opens them. So any box opened by the league can be looted by everyone in the league. If a solo person opens a chest, only they will be able to open it.
  5. It's a very rare drop. So spending your time farming just them would be odd. If you are out farming for mats, you may get a few.
  6. Rewards that need updating (post 7.0)

    Considering you can buy transparent scrolls for 1 NCoin on the BCM and right now they are about 35k kinah on both servers right now (keep in mind that normal scrolls are 34.5k kinah in the Gold Sands).
  7. It wasn't. There are other anniversary items for sale as well. While not free, they are nice. AND there are some bots in Sanctum/Pandae that weren't there last week that give items. Not sure why nothing has been posted.
  8. is this a joke?????

    Thank goodness! I was so worried this change might hurt Fealty-KT. We can all relax now.
  9. Daevian Skill Crafting Bug?

    It's not bugged. I've gotten different skills on two characters in the last couple of weeks. It's frustrating when you get the same skill, but it's just bad RNG.
  10. You don't need to shout. And one ! is enough. Calm down. It's going to be alright. It wasn't made clear. The items are not just delivered to you. You have to apply a code to your account. Don't worry. The code will already be there. You just need to hit "apply". Go to the front page of the forums. In the top right hand corner, pull down the My Account menu. Click "apply a code". Go to the Aion tab. There should be a code there. Tap it and hit apply. Then go in game and there will be an express mail. Make sure to pick that mail up on your vandal, as the skin is cloth only and cannot be worn by any class that doesn't wear cloth. If you don't have a code, then you are like me and are still waiting for the second group of codes to go out.
  11. I got the code on two accounts that had level 80s (other classes) and had a level 10 Vandal. The Vandal does not need to be level 30. But you do need to have created one.
  12. Vandal - Shining Skill Card

    Old item. New class.
  13. Lugbug's pvp daily/weekly

    Those quests only give credit for kills solo or in a group. If you go to sieges in an alliance, your abyss page is going to give you credit for every kill that is made in the alliance.. even if you didn't even touch the enemy. In order for a kill in an alliance to count towards one of those quests, you must do the majority of the dps on that enemy.
  14. Vandal - Lengendary Voidsoul

    It has been reported and as of maint tomorrow, there will be a tool tip saying that vandal's can't open them. The Void Soul gear was introduced before vandals were a thing. P.S. You really could have put all of these "Vandals can't open boxes with old gear" threads into one thread.
  15. Vandal - Boundless Weapon Box

    The Boundless weapons are really old, aren't they? Vandals weren't even a gleam in their daddy's eye when those weapons were relevant. Why would you want one on your vandal?
  16. You would have to report them just like you do with bots out auto-hunting.
  17. Quest Legion LV 7 Bug?

    That was my first thought. The quest is all mixed up. And then I thought this. That it has to be hard mode. Nope. At least not from here. Send a ticket to Support and tell them that the quest for a level 7 legion is mixed up and can't be completed.
  18. Evergale Canyon Real Update

    They did with the instance-entry thing from 5.whatever. Somehow they came up with a list of how many "extra" entries people did and then fit them into a category or level of abuse. Punishments were given by what level you fit into. So if you only did one extra run, you might not have gotten into trouble at all. If you did 10 extra runs, you might have gotten a single day ban. If you did 50 extra runs, you were banned for a week. Those are examples. I don't think we ever knew the exact levels they used for the punishments for that, but you get the idea. It's probably not -easy-. But they do have records of everything we do in game. Do you remember when the enchantment rates were wrong? And they gave everyone who tried to enchant a certain number of enchantment stones. I got those on several characters to several different degrees. So there was some type of formula. Pretty sure they can create a report that tells them how many ECs each character ran in a certain period of time. If they check to see if the spent any luna in that same period, they will find out who abused the bug and by how much.
  19. Explain yourself 'Valiant'....

    At least this botter has a sense of humor!
  20. "Make a premade" isn't a viable suggestion for EC because it isn't just your alliance in there. If you make a premade of 24 playing people, but the other 4 alliances are all afk, it doesn't matter how geared or coordinated your 24 are.
  21. Evergale Canyon Real Update

    That's an interesting idea. I wonder if it's feasible? It would depend if luna can go negative.