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  1. @hime

    Thanks for the correction, Van!
  2. @hime

    He better since that "QA" before his name means.. Question & Answer. In other words, he's the guy that goes in and tests things. It's his job to know things.
  3. Hello, Valedia/Valkarie/Whateveryouarecallingyourselftoday. My name is Aly. It might be helpful for you to understand that Hime is a CM.. just as Cyan was. Neither is a GM. But more than that, Hime is the CM. She is the lead CM of all the little CMs at NCWest. She was Cyan's direct boss. More than that, when Hime started at NCWest years and years ago, she was Aion's CM and was (and still is) highly respected. Now.. she will probably give -you- the benefit of the doubt and not write you off on this single rather silly threatening post. So try not to act like an "idiot". Game on!
  4. Ia AION becoming a only PvP game?

    If you made PvP voluntary at end-game, you take away the premise of Aion. That's the bottom line. I played through the prema-rifters and the twinks and all the measures Korean put in place to try and stop the whole-sale exit of players who left Aion because they 100% couldn't level because twinks were one-shotting them. I spent at least an hour each morning on my level 50 gladi in Eltnen killing kisks and camping rifts as I gathered. The whole twink mind-set is crap and characters that did it needs to be tossed into a virtual fire and roasted into ash which then would be flushed down the big ol' potty that is Aion today. BUT.. and it's a big butt.. Aion is designed around PvP. Everything at end-game is designed around getting players out into the open world so that they can act like quest mobs for PvP weeklies and dailies. The majority of players get their kills and leave. The -real- PvPers will respond when someone gives a shout that they are enemies killing them over and over. There are actually very few tardlets who only prey on the weak and will continue to kill them past their quest needs. If the devs were to make a flag system or some such that would make PvP totally voluntary, I believe more players would quit and not just the PvP players. Aion's PvE just isn't interesting enough to keep people's attention. So there has to be something else that keeps them focused and gets their heart racing. Since the instance itself isn't interesting, they make getting to the instance interesting. Since doing the same freaking repeat quest for the millionth time isn't interesting, the threat of PvP while doing the quest keeps it interesting. There just has to be a way to educate new players while they level that when they get to end-game, they will have to deal with PvP so that it isn't this horrible crushing surprise.
  5. Pin Problem is real

    This seems to happen on and off every week. Since you could just close the client and relog, as you pointed out, the issue wasn't a big problem. You are saying that, for you, this is no longer the case? Did you actually get locked out for 8 hours? Sadly, even blocking people out I doubt anything will be done about this. First, NCWest would need to figure out why this happens and then NCSoft Korea would have to put in a fix for it. That's a lot of hoops for management to jump through when they haven't shown a lot of willingness to put much time into the running of Aion.
  6. Name resets

    No. That wouldn't be great. You can't make the argument that someone is sitting on a name you want and has been inactive for years, since (as Arhangelos pointed out), names were totally reset with the last merge. Just be creative and chose a new name.
  7. Ia AION becoming a only PvP game?

    Aion has always been heavy on the PvP at end game. It has gotten away from leveling PvP, but that seems to have given players the false notion that PvP is completely optional and voluntary. At end game, it is neither. PvP will be forced on you from time to time once you hit max level. You can't 100% opt-out.
  8. Wow! You could have just rerolled and been just as geared as you are now in that time.
  9. Asmodian incentives incoming soon?

    Both sides are "guilty" of everything you mention and it all depends on when you enter. With players playing both sides, incentives on either side is really not smart.
  10. HACK

    Wah? Oh! Hackers thread. Love those. (Aly) (Cakemonster) @DevilNest-KT Can't stop. Won't stop!
  11. Farewell Daevas!

    I don't think that complaining about the state of the game to the only person we had contact with (i.e. Cyan) prevents us from missing that person when they leave the game. It's not Cyan's fault that the game is in the state that it is in. He was just one of the community managers. He communicates with players. He didn't develop or manage the game. Sure. People often expressed their frustration at him, but I think most people realized that he didn't have the authority to make any of the changes that we wanted. All he could do is communicate what we wanted to Gideon, the only person at NCWest that works exclusively on Aion. As for "the new GM", I assume you mean CM that is tasked to listening to us. I honestly doubt we will get someone "new". Already we have seen Hime dealing with us, but I wouldn't be surprised if one of the other CMs from the other NCWest titles adds us to their workload. I don't think they will hire someone new.
  12. Customer Service abuse once again @Hime

    Interesting. Perhaps it is actually a screenshot from a pirated server? I actually knew a player who ran his own pirated server. It was just him for him. He used it to test out builds and gear and things. And since it was just him, he could spawn in anything he wanted. Thanks, Hime.
  13. I cant Cancel Legion Application nor join in Legion

    No one on the forums or who reads the forums can help you with this. You will need to write to Support by clicking the "Support" tab above.
  14. Farewell Daevas!

    Cyan wasn't laid off. Like many people throughout history, he got a new job and so he had to leave this one. No drama. Just a quite ordinary changing of jobs. While Cyan will certainly be missed, his leaving isn't going to change things all that much for us. NCWest has one employee who works entirely on Aion. That person is still in their position. Cyan, like all the CMs at NCWest, was a shared commodity. He spent part of his days with Aion and part with the other NCWest titles. If they don't hire someone to replace him right away (or ever), one of the other CMs under Hime (or Hime herself) will spend part of their days with Aion. It's true that that person may not know a lot about Aion and in the past I would have encouraged them to step into Aion and play a bit, but we all remember what happened to Cyan when he decided to give Aion a whirl as a player. (And I bet we all still have our pitchforks and tinfoil hats!) So... best that they just check the forums now and again, take notes and give those notes to Gideon who will.. do what GIdeon does.
  15. Customer Service abuse once again @Hime

    Hmm. Well, next Tuesday someone is going to have to log in for maint. So maybe we should bump this then.
  16. dead pandaemonium

    Right. That was just took dying on the shield and then self-ressing and dropping through. That's hardly using a bug in a quest (i.e. the Storm Circle skeleton bug) or being a total Douche Canoe and ruining any further assistance for player run pvp tournaments (i.e. the video posted by @Mystoganrr-DN). The ability to do die on the shield and self res was eventually patched out. The Storm Cirlce quest was eventually removed. And GMs have learned their lesson and will no longer help players with tournaments. What the OP is showing is someone red to them in Pandae. You can't "glitch" your way into Pandae as an Elyos. (Or into Sanctum as an Asmodian.)
  17. Question

    I don't believe you can buy this with kinah any more. There was a quest that allowed you to chose one motion while leveling up, but that may be gone now as well.
  18. Customer Service abuse once again @Hime

    I doubt they will ban him. Who is more at fault here? The player for trying to scam Support or Support for being so clueless about their own game that they fell for it?
  19. Customer Service abuse once again @Hime

    First, "the guy" wasn't Cyan's friend. He just happened to be in the same (very large) guild as the guy that abused the system. Second, it was Support that screwed things up with the compensation gear. Cyan was a Community Manager. The CMs have no control over Support.. to the point that they plead with Support not to do dumb-ass things and Support laughs and does it anyway. Careful. Your tin-foil hat is showing. As for this guy.. yeah. This looks like yet another case where Support done screwed the pooch.
  20. dead pandaemonium

    Yay! The proof of why GMs no longer do nice things for us! Look at all those -amazing- kills of afk alts at the broker! Oooo.. that alt tried to run. Can't have that! And look at that alt that tried to port out! Interrupt that quick! Hahaha! I'm sure they got tons of ap from killing that afk crafting alt! Totally badass move there. Bad. Ass.
  21. Farewell Daevas!

    Pfft. You don't have to get a paycheck to talk to people.
  22. Farewell Daevas!

    It has been only Gideon since before Cyan arrived. Cyan actually worked on multiple games. He just happened to draw the short straw and was stuck with us as well as his other duties. Gideon is (and has been) the only NCWest employee who works exclusively on Aion.
  23. dead pandaemonium

    There was a bug long long long ago from back in the Storm Circle days where you get turned into a skeleton for a quest and you could port back to the main city and were hostile to people. Hmm. I seem to remember that some people were ported to the opposite main city for a player run arena thing (a GM helped out for that) and to pay back the GM for their kindness, they logged out before getting ported back to their own main city and then logged back in and slaughter nubs. (And we wonder why GMs aren't willing to do nice things for us any more.) But neither of those seem to be the case here. No idea what is going on here. Are we sure this is the NA client?
  24. dead pandaemonium

    Someone killed you in Pandae?