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  1. Prestige Pass "brokerable" (?

    I did notice that and wondered why it wasn't announced. Maybe because they didn't know.
  2. A simple solution to broker bots

    What a helpful response! It is possible to disagree with someone without resorting to junior high school name calling. Just an FYI. Back to topic.. if you are smart about using the broker to move things from one character to another, you won't get sniped by broker bots. (Or legit players that just happened to come across your 1 kinah ultimate gear.) Just don't low-ball your items. But them up for market value and then sell something useless back to yourself to move the kinah back. Yes. You lose the broker fees, but it's better than losing the item -and- the kinah. Making items one-time-sell-only is a terrible idea.
  3. Prestige Case is giving old crafting items and generally needs updating for 7.0. Daishunerk's Game of Fate (luna) is giving old crafting items and generally needs updating for 7.0. Aterian Passport generally needs updating. These transformation essences can be "purchased" for free from the BCM. Also, they take a "confirm" to even throw out.
  4. 7.5 INFO HERE NOW !

    And what will happen is we will have the unlimited for a certain number of weeks and then it will be cut off. So a very few will have these DIEDIEDIE weapons and everyone else will be stopped from having them. Unless NCWest is smart and gives us this update when we get 7.5. Not holding my breath.
  5. Help with old gears and stuff

    You can't. AP is really easy to come by, so don't be too concerned about that.
  6. DN Server Last Night ...

    No problem last night either. =S
  7. Help with old gears and stuff

    Yes. It's all obsolete. You can exchange +10 manastones, omegas and whateverwecalledthosethingsthatenchantedplumesandbracelets in Pandae/Sanctum. But everything else is useless.
  8. Rewards

    But you agree that the rewards should be updated? That is is lazy af that it wasn't updated with the 7.0 update?
  9. DN Server Last Night ...

    I didn't have a problem.
  10. Rewards

    The Prestige Pack needs some desperate updating for 7.0, but apparently that is a low priority for NCWest. Not sure what their priority is atm, but it isn't the Prestige Pack. You know.. the thing that is supposed to be making them consistent income?
  11. You can escape out of every cutscene, can't you?
  12. just a thought

    Don't PvE instances give PvE items right now and PvP instances give PvP items now? Not sure what change you are advocating for since we have what you want right now.
  13. Alter NPC broken after reset

    How the hell did I get dragged into this issue? I haven't posted and I don't care if you complain. Try not to be so cringe.
  14. Enchantment Rates - NOT HAPPY

    The rates for stigmas wasn't increased. All we got was a safe spot at +9 for the event. That's it.
  15. EC Compensation Idea

    I don't think that would be possible. They might be able to add extra entries to an instance, but not selectively unless they got Korea to code some token that flags the accounts that were not suspended and that token would need to be a limited time item and it would need to be distributed by survey. That seems like a lot of effort considering we can't get Korea to actually code something that removes the ability to kick players from EC. Also, we can't get NCWest to update the rewards for the Prestige Pack (which we pay real money for!). If we are going to receive any compensation for missing EC for so long, it would need to be something quick and easy and given out in a survey. Something along the lines of x amount of eitium and y amount of enchantment bags and maybe z amount of ap. But I wouldn't hold my breath for anything.
  16. How player-friendly is this game now?

    The Gameforge servers are more populated than ours and they have more staff dedicated to Aion. So if you are an EU person, I would play there. Aion is a player friendly game if you put yourself out there and find good people to play with. If you are shy and just expect people to come find you, that isn't going to happen. There are a fair amount of trolls who will mock players that ask questions in game, but you can usually find a straight forward answer to questions here on the forums. There are several of us who haunt this place, have a fair bit of knowledge and are willing to help out as much as we can. Aion is now 100% pay2win. And that's on all servers in all regions. Aion is developed for the Korean audience. Until recently, Aion was a sub game in Korea. So the free to play models (like outs!) were made taking a game that was a sub and changing things a bit to make them free. Now that Korea has gone to a free to play game, the game has become a system of micro-transactions and just about everything can be purchased. Since the game is pretty gear dependent, the increasing pay2win aspects of the game have made the gear disparity huge. In future patches (that we have seen since Korea gets patches 6+ months before we get them) that is only made worse by some very poor decisions on the part of the developers. Aion is the red-headed step child of NCWest. If you want to play an NCWest game that they care about, play Blade & Soul. If you don't mind shaking your head in frustration over out-of-date rewards and such, play Aion. Aion is pretty. The character creation is top-notch. Leveling has been streamlined and is easy peasy. Everything you need to level (gear, consumables, etc.) is given as quest rewards. And the game is free to play. You can do every quest and wear every armor and do every instance without paying a dime. So the only thing you lose by trying it is your time. Aion doesn't have a dungeon queue system like WoW. You make groups by putting them into a Looking For Group channel in chat. Gameforge did give a legendary PvE set for their vandals (the new class.. called painters in EU). We didn't get that here. Though tbh, you don't really need it.
  17. Most people are unbanned already.
  18. Curiosity: Bug or Fail ?

    So you think that it was intended by the devs that players should be able to run unlimited ECs without having to pay a dime? Please stop. You're embarrassing yourself.
  19. You honestly think that the devs intended for the players to be able to run unlimited ECs without having to pay a dime? Seriously.. y'all need to just take responsibility for your actions. Admit you got caught and take your punishments.
  20. There was no boost to stigma enchanting. The only thing we got for stigmas was a "safe spot" at +9 as long as you used stigma enchantment stones and not regular stigmas. The boost to enchanting was for gear only.
  21. Notice what you don't see in that screenshot is anything that says, "If you ask to be kicked over and over from the same EC alliance, you can acquire and run infinite ECs for infinite rewards." Can you count to 2?
  22. Curiosity: Bug or Fail ?

    I think this is closest to the actual explanation. There are two things that are just facts. First, if you put power into the hands of players, some asshat is going to misuse it. Second, if you allow players to gain a meaningful reward for doing absolutely nothing, some players will do absolutely nothing. In allowing players to kick others from EC, the devs solved the second. In giving a player back their entry if they are kicked, they solved the first. But what they didn't envision is a third fact and that is, if there is a way to game the system, NA players are going to find it and run with it to silly extremes. Thus was born the EC alliance recruit posts entitled, "EC - kick fast alliance". Because our population is a lot smaller than Korea's, players gaining an extra entry while also completing the EC they were kicked from probably didn't happen often. Also, the Korean players can actually count to 2, which was apparently an issue with many NA players who are now crying big salty tears that they were banned unfairly. Required video for playing Aion..
  23. Official EC-ban thread. Post your thoughts

    Exactly! We even have people lying in the opposite direction. They are saying that they did 100s of extra runs and saying they only got a three day. All that does is stir the pot and make people even angrier! Just try to keep in mind that you didn't play someone else's game. You have no idea if they are telling you the truth when they said that they only did 3 extra runs or if they are saying that they did 50 extra runs. People lie to make themselves seem more innocent and people lie to try and make themselves seem more of a rebel. People just lie.
  24. Huge concern over Enchant-o-rama event

    Probably? We haven't really had our own staff for years and no one ever worked on the weekend or on holidays.