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  1. How to fix Battle Grounds

    Totally agree. BUT.. do you have an idea that would stop afkers that isn't ripe for abuse by players? Putting in a fix that just makes things worse won't help here. So I put my coffee mug on my space bar and jump over and over while afk or I start a macro that has me using a few skills and tape the key down that starts the macro. I agree that the only way to have a fair system is for it to be automated, but people suck. They will always find a way around automated systems. Why? Because something for nothing and beating the system is fun.
  2. How to fix Battle Grounds

    Agreed. But people suck. Huge. And they will abuse any system that is player driven. Allow alliance leads to kick in Evergale and potatoes will kick anyone they don't like or kick every except their friends or kick people so that their friends get a pop. Imagine that happening to you. Imagining sitting in the queue for 30 minutes (if you are an Asmo, that actually happens.. Elyos get insta pops and I can't figure out why since they have greater numbers) and having the alliance lead kick you for no reason other than they wanted to. They will claim you were afk. You can complain to Support but how does that get you your Evergale run back? Give players a Report AFK button and they will find it funny to have all their friends spam report someone they don't like.. making them not be able to queue again or whatever punishment you attach to the button. I wasn't kidding when I said that people suck. They do. In great numbers. Give them any power at all and they will abuse it.
  3. Disable Rewards for Loses

    No. It is actually very much about numbers. And the instructions you see are usually just for the masses while groups have already been tagged to PvE and take/hold the caves. For all those Battlegrounds you can name only Evergale and A Dredg give the purification items we need to upgrade our PvP sets and we only get one dredg entry per day. So perhaps you can see how that makes Evergale so important and why having to carry 50% afkers and lose (without 4k points) or take the whole time to win and thus cutting down on the number of Evergales you can run is ticking so many people off.
  4. Disable Rewards for Loses

    Actually, in Evergale you can't. You can absolutely filter out afk people in every other PvP instance by making a pre-made group. In Evergale, however, you can make a pre-made -alliance- but you have no control over the other -three- alliances.There can be 6 or 7 pre-made alliances full and ready to enter Evergale and your pre-made can -still- get stuck with quick queue alliances that are mostly afk. So why make a pre-made? Still think you initial comment was a hoot, though.
  5. Aion needs to be on steam

    In order to put your game on Steam, there needs to be a way for Steam to make money. They don't put your game up unless there is gain for them. They are a company (just like NCWest) and exist to make money. So you can't just put Aion on Steam without some hook with the BCM. With the fraud that plagued the last time it was tried, not sure either Steam or NCWest has putting the game back up there as a top priority.
  6. How to fix Battle Grounds

    Run out. Hit a mob for 1k damage. Run back and afk.
  7. How to fix Battle Grounds

    The kick function was being abused and with the addition of the equipment purifying materials, would have been abused ever further because people. People are inherently nasty and will abuse any power given them. People suck.
  8. Minions are ruining Competitive pvp

    What? From the Patch Notes.. They actually -tell- us that the minion's stat were increased and the two A's we had had their PvE and PvE -increased-. Modor's second skill becomes super powerful and they added two more A's with really nice skills. Not sure how you came up with them not being as strong as they used to be when the patch notes directly contradict you. In 6.0, we know minions get a nerf and I think we can agree they need one as they are far too powerful right now.
  9. Sendlog issues?

    It happens to Elyos and Asmos alike and often at the same time. Not sure what's causing it, but NCWest really needs to look into it and find a solution to make the instance more stable.
  10. whats wrong with the server????

    Haven't had any issues.
  11. Divine Siege. No Reward.

    So the theory that only Prestige Pack holders get rewards for Divine has been debunked. 4 legionmates tonight did not get GP and all of them have the Prestige Pack. All of them were in the Coalition for the whole of the siege. Sending in tickets. Fix this, pls.
  12. Why there are two forums?

    So they can go and pull out old posts that are still relevant.
  13. Minions are ruining Competitive pvp

    @Kubei-DN.. you haven't seen them used much in 6.0 PvP? They are being used big time now, at least in open world and PvP instances.
  14. AFK Canyon

    If you don't acquire 4k points, you will not finish the quest which gives the items we need to purify our PvP sets. It is very possible to get 4k points and lose, if everyone plays. Because of this I have zero idea why people go in there with the express purpose of afking. The weirdest part is some of the "pro" PvPers do it. Never even move from the spot where they zoned in. We all know that afkers happen. Quick queue into any PvP instance or go to siege (which is essentially one big quick queue) and you have only yourself to blame if half your group afks. In Evergale, though, you can make a full premade with the clunky tools available to us and still end up with 50% of the League afk. There really needs to be a better way to do this.
  15. Panesterra Stage 2 Exploiters

    Pretty sure the staff figures they can ignore this until all those old titles have been used up. What they don't understand is that some people have -dozens- of titles on multiple characters and since they will only want to use those titles when it's "their" loot, it could take quite litterally -years- for all the titles to be used up.
  16. That's a pretty recent thing. When the merge first happened, the numbers were rather even for sieges (300+) and the Asmodians squashed the Elyos to the point that the Elyos had a level 9 buff on -every- single fort. The Asmodians took a break to let the buff go down to something more manageable. The new patch hit with the new Divine fort and suddenly the Elyos were pulling 500+. No clue where all those bodies came from. Yet, last week the Asmodians succeeded in taking Divine despite having fewer numbers (though not as outnumbered as the week before) -and- the Elyos had all three uppers so they had the cannon that destroys the first gate. That's not what I would call "dominating pretty easily." I have a feeling that when the Asmos decide to siege again in actual numbers, the server will go back to being Asmodian dominated.
  17. Joker's Wild 2018 Rewards List

    I believe it is literally 24 hours.
  18. I actually think Danaria is bigger, but not by too much. @Vantheria-DN is correct that the Elyos numbers are superior to the Asmodian numbers on both servers. Haven't seen much a difference in the economies and leveling is nyerk easy to 70 and slows down after that. Server doesn't effect leveling. And yes. Your characters are on Danaria.
  19. Tempered Power II?

    The rewards list says "Dark Dragon Weapon Box" and I don't see any posts asking for clarification if this was a useable weapon or just a skin.
  20. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 24, 2018

    The items went out last night.
  21. Tempered Power II?

    Cyan already said that the rewards were being given out by hand and thus would take some time. Relax.
  22. Joker's Wild 2018 Rewards List

    I got my first one from my very first box!!! P.S. In celebration of my win, I put my Tike Manastone Bundle: +3 in a special place.