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  1. I was asked to go play on EU server

    You have the wrong files. Did you do a clean install of the EU client? Though, honestly, why are you telling us this? Wouldn't this be something that Gameforege would want to know about?
  2. Aion Project

    Always loved your maps!
  3. Support don't want to help me :(

    This. I am hardly a fan of Support, but Zkaza has it spot on. Players lie constantly about "not meaning to" enchant something when it fails just to get a second chance at enchantment. I can totally see that you made a mistake, but Support really shouldn't help you out in this case. Really sorry. (And a +8 stigma? Holy moly.)
  4. This is sarcasm, right?
  5. Now that we have the nifty ability to swap armor sets with one click, it would be really amazing if we could add an essence profile to that. For example, swapping to my heal PvE set would allocate my essences the way I would like them for healing in PvE and swapping to my dps PvE set would allocate my essences for dpsing in PvE.
  6. the game crashed on me !!!11!1!!!1!!1

    We actually have several selections for the "I got a SEND LOG..." tshirts. My personal favorite.. A big THANK YOU to @Tyd-BR for modeling.
  7. "Friend" Chat Channel

    I think this still works. (Ignore the question about doing it for your legion. A couple of post bellow gives you the instructions for a private channel.) Used it years ago. The first person to login creates the channel and then everyone logs into it. Not sure if it still works though.
  8. Real Life Picture Thread

    That fashion sense.. spot on. Totally working the paisley and silky purple stripes. Not many could pull that off.
  9. the game crashed on me !!!11!1!!!1!!1

    The greater running scroll did not crash you. Nor is anyone going to give you anything because you crashed. Everyone crashes.
  10. Aion Memes!

    ^ Feels like that some days, doesn't it? lol
  11. Current OW Glitches.

    Not sure what you have been seeing, Forced, but there are possible explanations. Boxes always respond to the shugo skill, but the opposing team can heal the box.. which makes it impossible to kill the box unless one of your teammates gets rid of whoever is healing the box. This also could explain why you don't always get the points for killing the box. Sometimes the other team will get those points if their shugo put enough damage into it. So even though you finished the box, the other team got the points. Lastly, if a player dodges or resists your attack, their attempt to take the tower to get the shugo form will not be interrupted.
  12. Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22

    I have the exact same problem @Angina-SL. I think you are going to have to just wait until the merge. We have been told that there will be a period of time (unspecified at the moment) where characters of opposite factions will be allowed on the same server. At that point you will be allowed to transfer characters despite the conflict. Like you, I would love to have all my conflicts taken care of prior to the merge. Maybe they will will allow characters of opposite factions on the same server early?
  13. I suggest to remove hackers from Aion

    .. and then you will find that your "Asmo Radar" doesn't work because players have altered their client to make their self buffs and attacks on other players not show. >.<
  14. I suggest to remove hackers from Aion

    I agree with you, MayBlue. There is a lot that players can do because our Support team isn't going to do anything unless the hacker does something like.. fly straight up in a no fly zone. (Support is terrible. That's the bottom line. But don't think I am lumping Hime, Cyan and Gideon into that. Though they can communicate,those two groups are totally independent.) For example, I don't tolerate hackers in my legion. I would rather quick queue alone rather than join a PvP instance with a hacker. But as the servers get smaller and smaller (and being on KR which is even smaller than most!), if I am in LFG for AOE or EB and I just need to fill the darn group, I will take a known hacker. It's either that or don't go. That's the sad state of the game.
  15. I suggest to remove hackers from Aion

    First, if you have video of a player flying straight up in a no-flight zone.. that is one of the only times that Support -will- ban. It's super easy to prove and, unless their are tears involved, they should stay banned. It's no-ani that drive me nuts. You can send logs and videos with detailed explanations and Support makes this face.. And Cake is absolutely right. I've seen a no-ani get banned and then UNBANNED with a "sorry for the inconvenience" and it has nothing to do with money as the only money this person pays to play Aion is for their hacks. Who the hell knows what goes through the brains of our Support, but I am with Whitedragonstorm.. they all need to be replaced with someone.
  16. Apollon set

    First, it's tradeable. If you can't seem to get a group for it, you can always buy it. Second, it's been made much easier than it was. Even undergeared and low leveled groups can manage the first two bosses. The upgraded hands, feet, shoulders and legs all drop from those first two.. as well as the rings and belt. Those bosses also drop boxes for everyone with unupgraded pieces and a a couple of the items you need to upgrade the pieces. The last boss drops the weapon, chest, earrings, neck and wings. It takes some coordination, but is doable by a decently geared group.
  17. Our group, our rules! Tbh, no one has ever gotten upset about it and we do it all the time if we can't fill in legion.
  18. Quickbar Bindings for Cleric?

    I have two quick bars. One with all my heals for 1-6 (and the aoe heals above them) and my dps skills at the end of the bar for those times when no one needs a heal and I can toss a little damage. The second has all my dps skills all along the bar with my heals up above. For both bars, my dispel is 7. Muscle memory has me hitting that no matter what roll I have. Tbh, there is no wrong way to set up a bar. Go with what works for you. A hotbar is kind of like a woman's handbag. She can find everything in it and it makes total sense to her. But hand it to someone else and they will be lost.
  19. Right before the boss, set the loot to leader loot. Problem solved. The other loot will still roll, but the leader will be the only one that can initially open the body and so will get the Record of Life.
  20. Server Merge? uh...

    Right. But they won't be able to queue again for next week, as suggested.
  21. Server Merge? uh...

    That won't work. You can only transfer every 30 days.
  22. How to even pick a forum topic here?

    Are you asking how to post? Pick the topic you want to post under and hit the "Start a new topic" button. (RED) Or are you looking for a list of topics you haven't looked at yet? Click the "Unread Content" on any page. (YELLOW)
  23. What Faction Should IChoose As A returining player

    Only Kahrun has more Asmodians than Elyos and even there there are only 20 or so more on on any given night. So if you want to help right an imbalance, go Asmodian. Asmodians have lost their claws and there is an option in the character creator to remove their back hair, so don't let aesthetics keep you for choosing Asmodian. The Asmodian areas, imo, provide a much nicer experience in leveling. Ishalgan (the starting area) received a rework with this last patch and is really beautiful. Lastly, Pandaemonium (the Asmodian main town) is head and shoulders superior to Sanctum (the Elyos main town). Sanctum is very spread out and makes little sense. Pandaemonium is compact and it is quick and easy to get everywhere you need to.