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  1. Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22

    ^ Agreed. When the Korean devs came to visit, it was hinted that we would see some unique scripts for the merge. Now it looks like we are getting exactly what Korea got with the exception of being told we would need to -pay- or -delete- characters in conflict. That's hardly something improved for us. Seems flat out lazy to me. Hopefully, as Talisman suggested, we be allowed to transfer wherever the hell we want to, but that we are allowed to take all our kinah -and- GP with us. I think you misunderstand what storage limits mean. You can put the same amount of things in "house warehouse" in your studio as you can in your house/mansion/estate. You can place 200 things in there. You will not be able to -place- as many items on the floor and walls of your studio as you could in your house/mansion/estate, though. If you are like me, you have 5 billion cabinets. My poor studio is going to be filled with nothing but cabinets. But nothing will disappear, with the exception of one time use wallpapers/floors and house/mansion/estate exteriors. Everything from your house/mansion/estate will be in your "house warehouse" when you get to your new server. You will just need to pick and chose what you want to place on the floor.
  2. Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22

    Your stuff will be fine. Your decorations, cabinets and blooms will all be in your studio furnishings. (That button on the top left hand side when you are in decorate mode.) Ofc, you are limited to how many decorations (including cabinets) and guestblooms you can put down in a studio, but everything will be there. The only things that won't be are skins on the outside of your house (changing the look or color of your house) since you don't have an outside any more and, I believe, your walls and floors.. since those are one time use and all housing is being reset. Though I may be wrong about the walls and floors.
  3. EVENT - Secrets of the Ancients Question

    You get three boxes (one of each color) each week from the quest given by your Sphinx looking thing. Those are your "seed" boxes. The keys come as you are logged in. Use those keys to open the three boxes. Each time you open a box, you will get a shard thing (which can be turned in for xp or items) and another box of a random color. You will always have three boxes in your inventory at one time.. unless you get the yellow box which doesn't give a new box. To the OP.. I haven't been that unlucky. If my boxes are all one color, I eventually get one key of that color and things just seem to work out. You aren't doing it wrong. It's just back luck.
  4. Display Pictures

    Sadly, never going to happen. Aion is the red-headed step-child of the NCWest world. (Actually.. Wildstar might be a smidge behind us. lol) It's tough, but try not to let it get to you. Look at what Cake said. These forums are the same format as BnS and MxM. Ask yourself.. how did Aion end up getting them? Because the two newer games got them first! We may get hand-me-downs.. but it's better to get them rather than get nothing at all. Hopefully if the functionality of be able to chose our from a list of avatars is brought into all three forums, we will have at least -some- that are related to Aion.
  5. My 5.6 feedback thread

    ^ This. Just did two pug AOEs and survived! As long as you have a couple of decent dps and a good cleric, you can skate through this even if several of the group members lose half their health if the mobs so much as glance their way. It's good to have something that gives things every needs that is totally pugable. Cradle's first two bosses are also totally pugable. Easy peasy for one person to heal and as long as the tissue paper pugs have half a brain, another great way to get the things we all need.
  6. My concern issues about post merge

    I don't disagree with you, Azzmaria, though I doubt anything will be (or can be?) don't to change (a) the direction the Korean Devs have moved the game or (b) ability for Support to catch (no tools and lack of understanding of Aion) and ban hackers. So yes, sadly.. Aion will continue to lose players slowly overtime as newer, slicker games come out. That's just reality. To the OP.. there are "OP" players on every server. There are hackers on every server. There are Pay2Win Queens on every server. There are selfish potatoes on every server. There are also decent, fun to play with people on every server. There will be no "max exodus" from one server to the other. Small groups of friends may decide they want a change and switch over but I seriously doubt it is going to be anything that effects the overall population. Housing is going to blow. Big time. Unless you have large amounts of kinah, don't expect to have a mansion or an estate and adjust how you play accordingly.
  7. Display Pictures

    Custom pics -and- signatures, please.
  8. Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22

    I would hope that these transfers would be unlimited kinah, considering none of us actually -wants- to transfer. We are being forced to because of the merger. The characters forced to transfer because of race conflict shouldn't be penalized by limiting their GP, Kinah or possessions.
  9. Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22

    That was part of my question.. if they are going to auto-move characters in conflict, what is the criteria? "Auto" makes it sound like we won't have a choice, but I doubt any of us wants our main character to end up on the wrong server while an alt we care about but in the opposite faction ends up on the server we wanted to main. So hoping we have a say in just which conflicted character goes where.
  10. New Server Name Suggestions

    I like this one, too, but it's very very Asmo and Elyos. The Elyos on Shedim will feel out of place as well as the Asmos on Seraphim.
  11. New Server Name Suggestions

    +1 for Katalam and Danaria. Doesn't really matter which server gets which.
  12. Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22

    Umm.. what? This doesn't make any sense. You say, "If players do not transfer prior to the merge, we will not be able to assist players who were automatically moved." But then you say, "If you do not resolve the conflict during the grace period, you will be forced to delete characters of the opposite faction you wish to play in order to login." Automatically moved using what criteria? I am seriously hoping you are not saying that we have two choices with characters in conflict.. we PAY you or we DELETE our characters. No other region has done this.
  13. AFK = what kills Aion

    I remember the days of afkers in dredg (and there was only one!) getting a three day. Though it was equally frustrating to get trained in the first two minutes and then have to feed yourself into the meat grinder over and over to avoid that three day (since you couldn't risk afking) while the other team's sin took all the surks. Ofc the answer then is the same answer as now.. go in with a pre-made. Coalition Not sure you are remembering the old days the same way that I do. Solo in sieges was absolutely the way to go if you wanted to max out your GP. However that punished everyone who was trying to work together to actually -take- a fort. The Coalition system, I think, was meant to remove that selfish bit.. forcing everyone to "work together". The key word there would be WORK. There really should be a way for the game to distinguish between someone that is actively dpsing/healing and someone that is standing in the center waiting for everyone else to carry them to victory. (Though I must admit, I do love when a member of the opposition shows up and just slaughters all those afkers. Lol.) Dredg Defense Lol. There aren't macros or programs to get your alts into Dredg Defense! You just need more than one machine.. each with two clients open. Let's not get too paranoid. Afkers in Dredg Defense are actually more detrimental than they are in Coalition sieges because there are certain tasks that need to get done and it is really difficult to assign those tasks to alliances when less than half of them are actually playing. What we have done on KR (which isn't always successful because potato) is ask people to wait 5 minutes before putting any afk characters in so that the first few alliances are full with actual playing characters. I honestly think the days of Support handing out three days for afk are long long gone. Mostly because.. Support. It would be really nice if NCSoft Korean Devs could come up with a way to distinguish true afk from all those things that Byros pointed out and handed out rewards accordingly. Also, it would be really really really great if Coalition contribution wasn't reset when you DC and/or get a Send Log Error. Seriously. That isn't hard. Just give people a 10 minute grace period to get back into the game or something.. like they do with your dp.
  14. Wondering about this as well.
  15. AFK = what kills Aion

    ^ This. The days of getting banned for afking in a dredg are long long gone. Support is still quoting the 5.0 rules for getting awards at sieges and can't seem to ban someone that is level 72, has no gear, is using no scrolls, gets parried 50% of the time and -still- manages to get top dps on an invasion boss. They -barely- manage to ban someone that Supermans in front of a whole group.. all of whom record and send the recordings in. And you want them to ban all afkers? From instances? From sieges? So not going to happen. Better to to assume you will have afkers and not let it bother you so much.
  16. Server names after Merge

    Not a bad idea!
  17. No please!

    I agree that these definitely break any immersion that you might feel in the world, but I guess the Korean devs felt they needed to add another Must Have item. Getting used to hearing monkeys, chickens and space ships while I heal!
  18. Siege BUGS (5.6)

    In 5.6, sieges were supposed to be changed from 55 minutes to 60 minutes. Sieges are still 55 minutes. The Coalition-wide attack/cast speed buff only hits the -alliance- of the person granting the buff. It is supposed to hit everyone in the Coalition.
  19. Larxe art thread! or something like it.

    Yay! Love seeing your work again, Larxe!
  20. Rakesh draws Aionpeople (sometimes)

    Love your work, Rakesh! Amazing artist -and- cleric! +1 recommend.
  21. My 5.6 feedback thread

    Agreed. Good post and rather entertaining!
  22. Server Merge

    No, Sword. What you are saying makes no sense. You say that the announcement of the merge killed BR. That many people returned to their home servers because they didn't want to lose their rank. Your solution is to.. TAKE AWAY THEIR RANK. It's true that those on BR are, for the most part, going to lose their rank. It's true that those on IS, TM and KR are going to lose their ranks at higher numbers than SL and BR because three servers merging into one is tougher than two merging into one. The whole GP thing is going to stink and many many people are going to be effected. But it would be far more unfair to erase everyone's past efforts and reset the GP. It's like saying that everyone should go into the merge with starter gear because on some servers it has been easier to get ap, medals, omegas and pre-enchanted gear from the broker. You go ahead and compete your little heart out after the merge, alright? You will have more ground to make up, but you are up to the challenge, right?
  23. Server Merge

    Wait. So you are saying that BR has a low population because there was going to be a merge? Not because people got bored or decided to return to their home servers for some other reason? Again.. I think you are jumping to all sorts of conclusions based on your own personal feelings. But let's say you are correct. BR died because of the merger announcement and rerolls returned to their home servers in order to keep their ranking. How does taking away their ranking and giving it to the few left on BR help that?
  24. Welcome to the New Aion Forums