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  1. Explain yourself 'Valiant'....

    At least this botter has a sense of humor!
  2. "Make a premade" isn't a viable suggestion for EC because it isn't just your alliance in there. If you make a premade of 24 playing people, but the other 4 alliances are all afk, it doesn't matter how geared or coordinated your 24 are.
  3. Evergale Canyon Real Update

    That's an interesting idea. I wonder if it's feasible? It would depend if luna can go negative.
  4. Not getting coins.

    From here.
  5. So you believe that the devs meant to allow players to demand to be kicked over and over from an instance so that they could have unlimited entries for that instance? That was intended? What was happening was a clear abuse of the game systems.. which is punishable.
  6. Evergale Canyon Real Update

    If they're smart, it should be fine. We know at the end, the abuse was rampant. But only a select few took that abuse to extremes. Much like they did with that free-instance-entries things back in 5.whatever, I hope they make a chart with levels of abuse. People with mild abuse would get a slap on the wrist and a single day ban. While the kings and queens of abuse would have their gear stripped. 100% some people will quit even if they have get that single day ban, but at least the player base would feel more confident that the staff is actually paying attention and care about the health of the game. But who really knows what the staff will do. It's going to take a brass set to actually punish someone who abused the hell out of this if they actually spend big money. It will be interesting.
  7. Evergale Canyon Real Update

    Sigh. Reading is so hard. Not even sure why I responded since you always use this alts to jump on anything I say and rarely bother to actually read what I've written or what the thread is even about. Good luck with your anger, sunshine.
  8. Evergale Canyon Real Update

    I already explained what I thought he was being accused of. I thought he was being accused of making a premade team and then making a complete premade alt team on the opposite side. Both complete premades queue and only enter against one another. (i.e. when the timers match up) No other players on either side is involved. How is that hurting anyone? Yes. I get the idea that his premade would be getting mats faster. But it's only two free runs and all other runs would need to be paid for by luna. But there wouldn't be any other players involved.
  9. Evergale Canyon Real Update

    Alright. Devil's advocate here. By your logic, if a premade group makes a premade group of enemy alts and exclusively queues and plays against them, who have they defrauded?
  10. Why do so many of you people complain about gear?

    Vantheria for president.
  11. Warning - Before You Accept the Vandal Pack!

    Yikes. That blows. It's not like any of those items were game breaking. In fact, as far as give-aways go, they are super lame. Not even sure why they wouldn't help you out. Just confirms what we already knew.. Support blows.
  12. @Cyan Alter Siege feedback

    I will add my thoughts. First, I am really holding myself from being sarcastic and saying, "Welcome to Aion! This must be your first day." Since "who will own the fort" has been an issue in Aion since the game launched. In the past, a league could be made and leadership given to smaller legions so they could have "their turn", but apparently the Korean devs don't want that to happen as that no longer works. The only way to keep those top, geared legions from taking something is to force them not to show up. Is that what you really want? Tell Poco and Team Para and Endline not to play? Do that and all those altars will be blue. At least with those legions taking altars, your faction can do the normal dailies. Second, there is a buff to altars. If your faction hasn't taken enough altars in a period of time, your faction does get a pretty significant buff. Felt it two nights ago and I have to say.. ouch. Lastly, try not to get too upset because your legion didn't take an altar in your name. The benefits are nice, but not game breaking. I joined one of those mega legion when 7.0 hit and left a week or so later because a huge legion just isn't for me. So I have played with getting those altars and getting to runs those quests (which is something like 17 more coins) and using the merchants. And I am playing now without them. And meh. I am still making progress and doing just fine. Keep in mind that you can still get 30 coins from taking an altar even if it doesn't go to your legion. Having played through all the changes to forts and what ownership means, this isn't that bad. And if it bothers you that much, join one of those larger legions.
  13. Anniversary Coin every hour problem?

    Are all of those characters level 80? You have to be 80 to participate.
  14. Evergale Canyon Real Update

    I have never run a dredg with Mech. And I think we are mixing things up. I thought he was being accused of making a total Elyos alt premade that then went against his total Asmo premade. The Elyos group is 100% alts. None of them want to do anything because they are controlled by the Asmos they are playing against. The Asmo team is getting all the bags. But no Elyos were harmed. And it isn't just Asmos that do this. Many many many times my Asmo premade goes into dredg and finds an empty dredge. Or one rank 1 pokes it's head in and then leaves. Obviously a scout checking to see if they got their own alt group and left after finding out that what they got a real Asmo premade. Same happens in ID and IB. And how do I know he uses luna? He has been in the discord and said as much. As has been pointed out, queuing against yourself also happens in arenas. How else do we get 50 people tied for 1st place? I just don't understand why this was brought up when Mech insinuated with his post that people that abused the kick-bug in EC for unlimited entries were going to get temp bans. I see this a lot. Someone is accused of doing something dirty and someone else pops in and say, "But you once wore white shoes after Labor Day!" Now if the person had said to Mech, "You did it, too, you potato." Then that would have been a real gotcha.
  15. No one has posted about this being an issue yet, so maybe it's just you? Anyone created an account since they fixed the Prestige 12 character thing? Either way.. send in a ticket.
  16. Evergale Canyon Real Update

    Not condoning the practice, but he isn't hurting anyone else by doing this. And he's paying with luna for the extra runs. What was happening in EC was hurting anyone trying to run the instance legit -and- cheating by getting unlimited free runs. You really can't compare the two things.
  17. I've replied to one Neleth thread this morning. I don't think my heart can take another. Plus, the two posters above were pretty savage. I try not to be nasty when I disagree. Was honestly hoping this thread would just die.
  18. Do you want to change to Aion ?

    I don't think you thought this through, Neleth. Your idea to "punish" NCWest is to hurt yourself. Let's take a look at this: No Siege - missing 2 out of 4 sieges each week = less legendaries from end-of-season ranking & siege rewards; missing two altars means less stellium No PvP Instances - less enchantment stones & ridium + lugbug quests No going into OW - less GP from daily kill quest + unable to finish lugbug daily and risk of not being able to finish weekly lugbug + unable to do instances in OW areas + less stellium You might not care personally about any of these things. (And since your list of demands are all about cosmetics, you probably don't.) But many many other free to play players do. You wouldn't punish the "whales" at all. They would either kill each other or kill bots or login an enemy alt and kill that to complete their dailies. They would fight one another at sieges and instances or.. login enemy alts and get a free win (which many do anyway). You need to really think before believing that "whales" (those that drop thousands of $$s on this game) are ruining this or any game. Imagine a game with just whales. As long as they don't get bored, the game will continue. Now imagine a game with just free players. It will close. Guaranteed. Ofc for a healthy game, you need a nice blend of both. But I think you can take my meaning. Keep in mind that gaming companies do not publish games out of the goodness of their hearts. They are businesses and exist to make money. No money = No game. FYI.. transparent scrolls are cheap as chips right now. They are selling on the BCM for 1 NCoin. ONE. And they are dropping from the events like candy.
  19. Anniversary Coin every hour problem?

    Submit tickets. Document everything.
  20. Ultimate EK Weapon box

    As someone that is often on the other end of your dark talon greatsword, I would rather you didn't.
  21. Ultimate EK Weapon box

    The IDD ult box is random. A glad posted that they got a bow. Not sure if the EK box works the same, but would make sense if it did.
  22. Going instances as second cleric

    Yes. But you wanted to be a second cleric.
  23. Going instances as second cleric

    If you go to an instance with two clerics, one should be full DPS. That means using Sac Power, which nerfs your heals. You become a dps who can dispel and, in a pinch, snap off Sac and help with heals if things go to hell. You need to be a sorc with dispels.
  24. If you think of what "normal" players are getting right now as -normal-, then the Prestige Pack players are getting greater. The event normally gives one coin per hour for 5 hours and RNG from mobs in instances (to keep the bots from getting them). Players that support the game financially get an extra coin every hour and a guarenteed coin from the last boss in instances. See? Prestige players don't have a higher rate of the Challenge Boxes. Those are rare for everyone. It's an anniversary for everyone.