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  1. [EU] Aion 7.0 deployment date pushed back by 2 weeks

    Cancer testing is never fun. Thank goodness you are clean at least for that. Luck with your health and luck with your move!
  2. instance queues

    Yikes. I posted a legit answer explaining something (and how to avoid it) because I thought you, @Ele-DN, were asking an actual question. I didn't make fun of your question. I wasn't sarcastic or condescending and you fired back with both. I'm with Cake on this. Are you alright? You are acting really weird.
  3. Quiting game

  4. First, just because some back-arse legion that accepts everyone who applies from LFG doesn't have anyone doesn't say anything. Nor does a friend's list of people like yourself who, by your own admission, consider logging in at all to be a red letter day worthy of a post. Though for argument's sake, how many of those 220 players are alts. And how many of them haven't logged in more than 6 months? (As in.. they quit long before 6.x.) That being said, the population of Aion isn't good and will continue to dwindle until 7.0 is released. When it is, people will flock back and remain for about a month. I agree with you there. That's the way it is with all recent patches. I don't know why there has been no announcement regarding 7.0 for NA, but I can guess it's because we have one full-time person that works for Aion and BnS is getting all the shared resources first. We will get it eventually. I seriously doubt that it has been canceled. We just aren't anyone's top priority. As for bad decisions regarding 7.0? I don't know. Maybe. We occasionally get nice things made just for us. More so in the past than lately, but you never know.
  5. Npc removed?

    I guess so that people who still had guestblooms could at least finish them. There is a really small chance that when you feed someone else's bloom you will get the same type of guestbloom back. So there is a way to get new ones. Just not a very good or reliable way.
  6. Npc removed?

    They are gone and have been since the beginning of 6.x. You can get guestpetals by finding someone that still has old guestblooms and feeding them.
  7. [EU] Aion 7.0 deployment date pushed back by 2 weeks

    Lol. NCWest style! Yeehaw!
  8. How many hits could you do in 1s?

    You haven't "arrived" in Aion until someone accuses you of hacking. So congratulations!
  9. instance queues

    If you are quick queuing, the game waits until your group has 6 members and then matches you to another full group. If the other group is a pre-made, they will all press enter when the instance opens. Your group, being a quick queue, may not all enter. As @Capa-KT said, those players in your quick queue group may actually be alts from the premade group, but you don't have anyway to know for sure. Some people won't enter if the instance pops too quickly or they may have forgotten they were in the queue or may have gone afk. The answer is not to quick queue. Join a premade in LFG or make one. If you aren't geared, just put up a group that says, "no afk". Having everyone in the premade come to discord will help to make sure everyone enters together.
  10. Ready to 7.0 ? / Enchant Rate Again / Why Prestige ?

    Every day you get random crafts in your luna. You can get a craft for legendary PvP stones now. (We used to just get this for PvE stones.) Do your luna every day. Watch your crafts for the legendary PvP stones one at a good %. Profit.
  11. [EU] Aion 7.0 deployment date pushed back by 2 weeks

    So the take away is that.. you gotta be on drugs to agree with Aly. Qq. (Jk! Hope you feel better soon!)
  12. BnS gets more attention from NCWest because it reaches more players and it makes more money. The more attention they give it, the more players it reaches and the more money it makes. Aion gets less attention that BnS because it has fewer players and makes less money. The less attention they give to it, the less players it reaches and the less money it makes. It's a self fulfilling prophecy that isn't likely to change. Aion was released in NA in 2009. BnS was released in NA in 2016. It's hardly shocking that a newer game has a better engine.
  13. You keep asking for this and that's your right. But I have a question. Where did Cyan say that any of these things are a possibility? Did any of them happen in another region which led you to believe they would be possible here? Blah. New event? I was sick to death of Steel Rake. Hopefully the next one is better, otherwise I could have used a break from events. No news on 7.0 is frustrating.
  14. Quiting game

    OH GOD! That was a nightmare. Times like that when you wish there was a "save game" button in an MMO. lol That's me. It's a big sore spot with me. @Cheesecake-DN can attest to some of the cringe-worthy behavior I have run into from other women in this game. The sense of freaking entitlement just because one happens to be an inny instead of an outy is mind blowing and honestly does set back women gamers decades. I've seen women use men. Men use women. And men use other men while pretending to be women. That behavior is all reprehensible and really just burns my bacon. Back when the game launched, it wasn't unusual to have someone flip out in voice chat when they found out you were a woman. That doesn't happen often any more, though there are moments when you just want a kick a kitten. (Like the guy who used to whisper me and ask, "You still a girl?" If I didn't have to deal with them for faction stuff, I would have blocked them after the first time.) And now and again I still see players making a big freaking deal about being women.. and then hinting that they want to be carried in a run/PvP. (Happened in legion a month or so ago. Oddly enough that person left legion and I couldn't have been happier. No idea where they landed, but I wish their new legion well.) So I apologize for getting my back up. Back to the topic at hand.. As to why the OP is so upset about the imbalance they are seeing on KT, it's because they came from EK where Asmodians outnumbered Elyos huge. Probably even more so than Elyos outnumbered Asmodians back in the day on IS. It can be shocking to go from dominating to being dominated. But rather than seeing this, the OP cries about how NCSoft destroyed the game by merging EK into KT. The merge was 100% necessary. EK players were fairly compensated for that merge. End of story.
  15. Quiting game

  16. Quiting game

    I was being sarcastic, but thank you for playing anyway. True story.. back in the day (2009) there was a low-level Elyos quest where you had to glide and land on different parts of a statue to pick up rubble. That quest took me -ages- to the point that if ever we needed to jump and glide, my legion would just count on me dying and having to run to catch up with them. "We'll just wait over here until you make that glide, k?" I am much improved at gliding, but I still get squeamish at the end of PF. Have only failed that glide once.. but still it brings back horrible memories. (Anyone else remember the flailing animation we used to have when you were falling? *shuddertwitch*) So I play. Play a lot. Too much, I think. AND I hang out on the forums. No gliding here!
  17. [EU] Aion 7.0 deployment date pushed back by 2 weeks

    Better than putting it out with bugs.
  18. Quiting game

    What exactly are you withholding? I don't tell everyone I talk to that I am right handed. Or that I have red hair. Or the color of my eyes. It's not withholding when the person has no need of or right to the information. Your sex or sexual orientation fall squarely into the "you don't need to know" category. I'm a cleric. I can dps or heal. I have the stats and I have run this before. I can come to discord. There. That's it. That's all that random players in this or any other game needs to know. My female nieces call each other bro. They call their friends bro. It's weird. But it's also really normal. And the problem is that some players that make a big enough deal about their sex to point out that they aren't a "bro" after some random comment like was made in this thread (or something as harmless as someone saying, "Thanks, bro") have a -reason- behind wanting the gaming population to think or know that they are a woman. It's sad that in this day and age there are still women (and men!) who think that being a female gamer is going to get you something. So if your sex doesn't matter in how you play the game and it doesn't factor into how you want to be treated as gamer, who cares if someone thinks or assumes you are caring extra bits in your trousers? Anyway.. carrying on the discussion. I have never fallen to my death in an epic wing fail. Ever.
  19. Quiting game

    Sadly, though, suddenly this whole thread makes sense, which is the saddest thing in the gaming world. Ever. @pena-EK Way to set back women gamers 20 years! Well freaking done.
  20. These are good suggestions and ones that have been made multiple times by multiple people on the forums. I hope that @Cyan is watching and has sent these up to his superiors as well as you sending them to Support. I wouldn't worry about what patch you miss as much, Neleth. It's different for every one of us. I miss 1.9, personally. Though that's probably because of the people I played with and the things we were doing rather than the patch itself. It's enough to say that just about every old Aion player misses one patch or another, but things change and we need to change along with them. Though some basic things should be available and your list isn't a bad one. I think I would add "more/better ways to get Fighting Spirit Marks" to that list and I am sure others would add other small things.
  21. SIN hack?

    It's against the rules of the forums to accuse players of hacking here. If you have proof of someone hacking, send a ticket to Support.
  22. Quiting game

    Right. So you had months of being coddled. Then you were told there would be a merge and were given huge buffs so that you could earn kinah, crafting mats, ap and level your crafting quicker in preparation. And you were handed a gigantic parting gift when your server was closed. Those buffs and those gifts were not offered to other players who started at the same time as you. They were not given to other new players who needed it far more than you did as they didn't chose the Toddler Server and instead came over to play with the big boys. And when it came time for you to put on your big boy pants and play with everyone else, you wrote a weeping forum post as if anyone is going to feel sorry for you. I will be fair when you gain a little perspective.
  23. Quiting game

    @pena-EK How about you answer this one? I think your "we" is less inclusive than you think. Many EK players did just fine after the merge. The bottom line is that you knew you were rolling on a new server. You also knew that we had just had a merge due to low population and these forums were -full- of warnings that the EK server was a bad idea because it would be merged quickly. You -chose- to ignore all of that and roll there anyway. You didn't plan for the merge that everyone knew was coming, while many of your EK fellows did and are prospering on their new server. That's on you. Not on on the players on KT and not on NCSoft.
  24. Quiting game

    You're joking, right? This is sarcasm. Correct? Sometimes it is hard to understand this with typed words.