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  1. It's not scrolls. It's contracts. And they are morph designs. So hit shift k. Gather/Craft tab. Morph Substances. The designs are at the top.
  2. Send a ticket to Support. Though chances if they decide to compensate you, they will just give you a new reset and won't give you an item.
  3. Event

    It's one of the new crafts. Just wait until it comes around on your craft list.
  4. Event

    We were told that one of the things they wanted to do was to make it so that people wouldn't be relying on events for items. Not sure they have accomplished that since events have been handing out ancient contracts like candy, but that is what they said. Since we can craft legendary PvP stones with luna, I don't see why we can't craft fighting spirts the same way.. or get them in events.
  5. Server Down

    I have PTSD from the KT server down. I need an IDD weapon box as well.
  6. Back to the game

    With the 6.x updates, kinah was reworked. So what happened is our old kinah was converted into new kinah plus "gold ingots". You can find those gold ingots in your special cube. They are a second currency that can be used to buy things at the Gold Sands Shop. You can find the Gold Sands Shop by clicking the shugo with gold bars around him in the lower right hand of your screen. The first two tabs in that shop sell things for kinah. The last tab sells things for gold ingots. We also had a GP wipe. We were given gold ingots to compensate for the loss of our GP as well. In fact, every "season" our GP will again be wiped and we will receive ingots. If you had kinah in your account warehouse, that kinah is in bags (along with some gold ingots) in your account warehouse. Be careful to only remove that kinah/gold ingots on the character you want them on as kinah is no longer tradeable. Kinah is not tradeable and many new items are not tradeable. Make sure to look at the description of your items. Under the name it will tell you if it can be traded or not and if it can be sold on the broker or not. Some items are untradeable, but can be sold on the broker. At the bottom of the item description, it will tell you if the item can be stored in legion or account warehourses. Skills were also recently reworked. Some of your skills were combined and some were removed completely. So you will have to look at your new skills and read the descriptions carefully to see what the new skills do. If you are 65 already, you just need to go Enshar/Cygnea (depending on your race) and start questing. Do all the quest that you find as they will give you new gear. Good luck and welcome back.
  7. We. Don't. Have. The. Population.
  8. Back to the Game... Again...

    No. It assumes level 76 where you will be on the end-game map called Lakrum.
  9. I am not sure why this is so hard to understand. We can't have a classic server or a fresh start server or a whatever-you-want-to-call-it server because we DON'T HAVE THE POPULATION. DNest is right in that everyone misses the way things "used to be" and Cake is equally right in saying that everyone's idea of the Glory Days of Aion is totally different. I miss 1.9 and am probably one of the only people that will point to that patch as what Aion should be. What people like you, @Neleth-KT, need to try and wrap your head around is that things change and that something left stagnant will become repetitive and boring. You may not have liked the direction that the Korean Devs took this game, but it is their game and their vision. We can complain. We can suggest. But we need to keep in mind that change is going to happen because without it, the game would have died years ago. As for demanding we be given back what they took away. What a horrible idea! We don't have the population to fill 6 end game maps any more.. if we ever did. In order for PvP to work in Aion, everyone needs to be concentrated down onto one end-game map. That map needs to be populated during peek hours.. if not 24/7.. so that open world can happen. That may not be your cup of tea. You might really just want a game where you can go to solitary places and explore, but that just isn't Aion. I would suggest something single player and sand-boxie if that's your thing or something like GW2 where open world has no PvP and the world is vast and exploreable.
  10. Housing Intentions

    If you PvP or run a lot of the end game instances, you won't have enough Admin Boons. If you play very little and don't PvP, then I can see your point.
  11. Oh. No worries, @Vessttemona-KT. You and I are similar in that. I just shake my head, chuckle and do my own thing. Though I do understand the OP's frustrations. The game has changed and it can be jarring. But in order to keep playing, we have to come to terms with it. Getting all panicked isn't healthy and ultimately won't help.
  12. I don't mean to be heartless, but so? Make a tab with no LFG or commander chat or shouts and continue to play your game. DN-A's current Governor said the same thing, though we hardly needed anyone to tell us that we weren't getting the fort. And it's not like some random person's words are going to make most people afk anyway. If someone yelling that your faction is garbage is somehow going to make you want to type posts in all caps, it might be time to take a walk outside. Just don't let it bug you. People are potatoes.
  13. Unbinding stone

    Yes. They are new gear. You use the new stones on them and they are not destroyed if you fail.
  14. I will admit that I read the first post, skimmed the second and skipped the third-all-caps-rant completely. So I may be way off. But what I -think- the OP is getting at is that we no longer have any consistency in faction leadership due to the seasons. It does feel weird to have every week or every month someone new tossing out banana chat. I know our faction doesn't pop the artifacts right before siege any more and no one follows whoever is governor like we used to when Aioroz was leading. There really isn't "leadership" any more. Top ranks are just people good at getting GP mobs. Those GP mobs also now have everyone popping their transform before the siege starts and not when it would be beneficial for the faction as a whole. This is what the devs put into the game so they must have meant for sieges to no longer be unified things where a faction works together. I think of this patch as the antithesis of the 5.x patches with the coalitions where we were forced to work together. 6.x undoes all of that and basically forces us -not- to work together. What I would say to the OP is adapt or die. Get over it. Cries of "But I want it to be like it wasssssssssssss!" aren't going to change anything. Change your mindset and play the game we have in front of us. Ofc you can suggest that things change, but don't get all TYPINGINALLCAPSRAGENESS. All that does it elevate your blood pressure.
  15. Madouk - Hacker

    It's against forum rules to "name and shame" another player. If you have proof that someone is hacking, send your proof to Support via a ticket. The best proof would be video.
  16. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 26, 2019

    The GP reset was to level the playing field for rankings. Not for anything else. Though it's funny. Most of those people who had high ranks have high ranks again. Kinda blows the theory that ranks were all EB farming. Though that's beside the point. Those who had ranks before earned that GP. They earned it by actually sieging. But also by doing other activities that were open to everyone (including EB-online). No one broke any rules getting that GP. Even if you don't agree with the way GP has been earned in the past, you have to agree that everyone could take advantage of all of those ways. In reseting the GP (and thus opening ranks up to those characters that aren't as old as others), the company took something earned away from those players. In return they gave them gold bars. It's hardly a fair trade if there is nothing to actually -buy- with those gold bars. Keep in mind that everyone month now our GP is reset and players are still be compensated with gold bars. In other regions, the posted additions to the gold sands shop were made. Notice that the legendary contract, which is what everyone wants, has a limit on it. It's not like people could have unlimited legendary contracts. And this was hardly the only way to get legendary contracts. Anyone who has been actively playing Aion for the past several months has at least one legendary contract and most have several. (Ofc they might not be the one they wanted or even one that is good for their class.. damn RNG!) So having that contract in the gold sands in a limited buy amount and for a limited time is hardly giving anyone some gigantic advantage. We haven't had that addition to the gold sands shop, even though players have been asking about it. Cyan has been totally silent, which usually means we aren't getting it. So honestly the crying is over the top. Though go ahead and continue if it makes you feel better.
  17. NC Coin

    Wow. That's quite the statement.
  18. Thinking on coming back need opinions

    Sure. It's free market, right? If a company is raising prices and their product isn't worth what they are charging, people won't buy that product and the company will loose money. The company can continue on as they have or lower prices or maybe just improve the quality of their product. It's up to them. Why should they apologize? If they want to "double down", then that's on them. So are the consequences. If this game folds because of NCSoft's practices, then it does. That's on them. If they mess things up so badly, players will leave. If they fix things, players will stay or even come back. You can call me a shill or a white knight and that's fine. You obviously haven't read my posts. I spend a lot of time criticizing the way Aion is being handled. But the one thing you aren't ever going to see me say is that somehow NCSoft (or any gaming company) isn't entitled to actually make money. They aren't a charity. And do you know why I can see that gaming companies are businesses? Because I live in the real world. If that makes me a sucker in your eyes, I don't give a damn.
  19. NC Coin

    And what if someone doesn't have paypal or they don't have a credit card. And again.. you aren't addressing how this is -fair-. If someone's country's economy is depressed, it doesn't mean that your personal economic status is lower. Just because your company's economy is higher, it doesn't mean that you personally are in a good economic position to pay more for something. This isn't communistic system where you walk into a store and pay what you can afford. The price is x. If you want the item and you can afford x, then you buy it. If you can't afford that amount, then you just don't freaking buy it. You don't go to the merchant and tell them to be -fair- to you, they have to take less for their product or service. Seriously. People need to join the REAL WORLD.
  20. NC Coin

    By what? Driver's license? Passport? Voter registration? Come on. What you want is not only not fair, but wouldn't work. It isn't fair to say, "Because you live in the US, you can afford to pay $15/month for Prestige. If you live in XYZ country, you get a discount and get to pay $10/month". How do you know that the person in the US makes more than the person in XYZ country? You don't. If you want to play on these serves, you are subject to the same price for things that everyone is. That's fair and no one can manipulate the system.
  21. NC Coin

    You ignored the first part of my comment. If they made things cheaper for your country, for example, everyone that plays Aion would then manipulate their IP to show that they are playing from your county and get the cheaper price. Do you see how that wouldn't work?
  22. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 26, 2019

    Alright. Let's be supper clear. Those prices weren't an "event". They were temporary changes to the gold sands trader in other regions that came in coordination with the resetting of gp. So it was the classic "carrot and stick" approach. They took away all the GP their players had earned (stick) and then gave their players those temp changes (carrot) to make people feel better about having something taken from them. Gave them something nice to buy? Get it now? If you didn't have a lot of GP when the GP was reset, it doesn't effect you at all. Doesn't help you and doesn't hurt you. You wouldn't even notice that it was happening. It wouldn't effect actual events. If you did have a lot of GP before that reset, you would now be sitting on thousands of pretty much useless gold bars and nothing to buy. Does this make sense now?
  23. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 26, 2019

    Read the bottom of the post that you quoted. There are players that are sitting on upwards of 3k gold ingots from when we all lost our ranks. It's not impossible. @Maladro-KT Unfortunately, I think we got any changed to the gold sands trader that we are going to get. Maybe I am wrong, but the fact that we have been ignored on this (as in Cyan has never remarked on it), makes me think he has nothing to say.. i.e. we aren't getting the 1500 gold bar legendary transformations.
  24. Unbinding stone

    Unbinding stones can only be used on old, outdated gear. I think everyone is aware of how this gear is being used, so I don't see a way at all that NCSoft is going to add them back into the game.