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  1. HACK

  2. HACK

  3. cant connect with launcher

    @Cheesecake-DN @Cheesecake-KT Calling in the cavalry for you, too!
  4. Error 2009 (help me!!)

    @Cheesecake-KT @Cheesecake-DN Calling in the cavalry.
  5. It's probably because they just glanced at the awards and rubber stamped them instead of actually considering that "Hey! We changed their crafting mats, didn't we? Let me switch these awards over to the new mats! And while I am at it, why don't I switch the ones in the Prestige Packs as well. Done.. and done!"
  6. HACK

    Was he targeting you when you went into hide? Did he unselect you and then reselect you? Did he attack you while you were in hide? (i.e. run right to you and do an aoe skill) There are several bugs with hide that makes it look like someone has you targeted but they really don't. On his screen, he could have no one targeted. Screesnshots won't prove a see-on-hide hack. You need video showing what I asked above. That being said, hackusations are against forum rules. If you think someone is hacking, send your proof to Support via a ticket. But I can tell you that you don't have enough proof. Not with just these two screenshots.
  7. Technically, the morphs should have been changed as well. Please don't make excuses for their laziness.
  8. Sorry for the double, but REALLY?! What patch are we on? Were you aware that crafting changed in the current patch? PAY ATTENTION!
  9. From the event description: Who’s Eligible? You are considered an eligible new Aion player if your NC Account has been active for 30 days or less since its creation. You are considered an eligible returning Aion player if your account was inactive for 30 or more days, and it has been 30 days or less since your first login following the inactivity. How to Participate If you are eligible, there’s special loot to be earned for you and your party at the end of various instances. If you’re level 10-75 you’ll get Returning Heroes Chest Key, and if you’re level 76 or higher you’ll get Returning Heroes Box Key. These keys can be used to open their respective chests once you defeat the final boss of the instance! While a new or returning player may hold the key and can open the chest, the loot is available for everyone! _______ I underlined the most important part. Was there a new or returning player in your party?
  10. @Cyan When will you be updating the Prestige Pack rewards? click This is something we PAY FOR. It should have priority. When will you be putting EC back into the game and what news do you have on the punishments of those that abused the bug in that instance? click
  11. Aion Classic Up to version 5.8 All Maps

    If you like PvP, you really can't have enough stelium. It can be used like food and it gives you 150 more PvP attack. Add to that, if you don't yet have +15 tier 2 ult, you can buy more genesis crystals which can be turned into spirit frags (by way of buying weapons) with the stelium. You may like to just "kill a few mobs" and then afk in sieges, that is again a "you" problem.
  12. Anniversary Coin every hour problem?

    You got one coin as compensation for not receiving coins during the bugged period? The smallest amount for the bug you could get was 10. Not sure how you only got one in your mail. That's weird.
  13. 1 more anniversary event week :D

    Was a good event, but I've had enough. Would be nice to have a break before the next event.
  14. Aion Classic Up to version 5.8 All Maps

    You glide, but in some ways it's better than flying. There is no cd on your glider. So you can drop wings, fall a bit and then pop them out again instantly to keep yourself from crashing into the ground. In the very 3 dimensional maps, there are "air spouts" that push you up, so you glide from one to the next so that you can maintain your height. Also, there are skills that you level for your glider making gliding easier and easier. (Same goes for your mounts.. skills that you level to make them more effective.)
  15. The 10th Anniversary Event.

    Goodness! They -have- to stop the copy&paste errors.
  16. Aion Classic Up to version 5.8 All Maps

    The character creator is not as good as Aion, sadly. You can do something nice looks and even more if you are willing to buy the store character changes. The armors are nice. Some better than Aion and some not so much. Dyes are handled by account and once you unlock a color, it stays unlocked for all characters to use when you wish. But the scenery is 500% more beautiful than Aion. Oh.. I forgot to add. You can SWIM! And the underwater areas are every bit as lovely as the land areas!
  17. Aion Classic Up to version 5.8 All Maps

    I can understand that. I would suggest Guild Wars 2 to you as an alternative to Aion. The scenery is jaw-droppingly beautiful. You can play totally alone if you wish. You never have to set foot in a dungeon. You can just play and explore and do the campaign quests and farm bosses (don't have to be in group for loot) and craft decent gear. You can PvP whenever you want to. There are areas with flight as well. Or you could try a single player game. Aion in it's current state isn't for you. So don't add to your stress.
  18. Aion Classic Up to version 5.8 All Maps

    You've never seen the vortex for Divine Siege? Is it that you aren't on at that time or something? It's pretty easy to find and shows on your map when it's up. I guess the issue is that you play Aion for nostalgia. So yeah. Everything after 6.x is going to be unsatisfying for you. Personally, I find I am busy from the moment I sit down in the evening to play until I logout to go to bed. It's Lugbugs and then Altars and then PvP instances and then fort sieges. I am trying to wedge instance runs in between all of that or try to get them done on the weekends during the day. Ofc I miss some of the old content, but after years and years of layered new content that was never removed, a total revamp of the leveling process just had to happen. There was just too many areas and too many quests with rewards that were no longer relevant to match the speed in which we level 10 years later. I can't say I agree with all the ways in which the devs have changed the game since it's release, but I can agree that leveling needed to be streamlined and made relevant to todays game.
  19. Bots

    Um. Maybe our definitions of "bot" are different. A bot, to me, is a totally automated. The player that owns the bot hits a button and walks away. The character goes to a certain spot and uses the same set of skills over and over until it dies. Then it reses up and goes back to the spot and uses the same set of skills over and over. It's a bot because once it's started, it has no human control. If a player levels an alt and then moves it by hand to a certain spot to kill it for quest completion, that alt is not a bot. The player that owns it is switching between clients to move it. No automation needed. No programming required. Everything is done by hand. You can argue that it's cheap. But it's no more botting than someone who logs in an alt to duo FM using both of their own characters. I guess that the character jumping off the safe pad could be a bot trying to get back to it's programmed spot, but the fact that it "disappeared" after the other character killed it over and over (probably 50 times) makes me think it is just an alt and not a bot. You said that the killed character moved elsewhere to farm mats, but you didn't show that. I guess it's possible that this player actually does run that other character as a bot to farm mats and then kills it when they need to finish kill quests. Though I would argue why you would need to farm mats on a character that is the opposite race as your main? It's not like your can transfer the kinah between races. Even if you can't see a difference between bots and alts, this is a 10 month old thread that speaks to a very real issue that as already been solved. Bots are no longer set to farm in the initial areas of Lakrum since the devs removed all drops from those areas so that players can complete those first quests.
  20. Bots

    So you found someone killing their alt to finish the 50 kill quest. Okay? You point out that this isn't a bot. Not sure why the necro of a thread that is 10 months old. Not only is the original thread old, but not relevant any more since the devs removed all drops from the first zone of Lakrum so that the bots were no longer stealing the mobs of fresh level 76 players trying to do their quests.
  21. Anyone can explain this bug ?

    Oh! I saw you when I was out and about yesterday! Kept trying to target you to kill you. Wondered why this Vandal was just standing there and yeah.. would target and get deselected in a matter of seconds. Contact Support. See what they say. Though be warned, it may take a lot of back and forth before they even understand what your issue is.
  22. Luna and Lugbug quest

  23. Aion Classic Up to version 5.8 All Maps

    Right. 3.0 was in 2012. Aion KR didn't go f2p until 6.0 in 2018. So for 6 years, we played a game that was a sub based game in Korea twisted for NA to be f2p.
  24. Aion Classic Up to version 5.8 All Maps

    Aion Korea was a sub game up until 6.0. What we have had here since 2012 was a sub game bent to be f2p. What we have been experiencing since 6.0 was NCSoft's actual f2p experience. Can't say I like it very much.