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  1. Returning Player

    I wouldn't say that. I have never been a solo player on my main character. I started playing in '09. Then (and for years after), I found people to be -very- loyal to their legions. I found more people who stayed in the same legion for years upon years, than players who legion hopped. As someone who ran a legion for many of those years, legion leaders would actually talk to one another before accepting those legion hoppers. "Hey. You had a xXxSixtyAteProGoGoGoxXx in your legion? What can you tell me about them?" Players could actually be black listed. If you were a user, a hacker or a hot-head, you found yourself unable to join any reputable legion. That doesn't happen as much any more. And most of those "family" legions that were always so loyal have gone down the toilet. Either infighting blew them up, leadership changed and/or the leaders themselves became selfish gits. There are a few left. Wonderful legions full of really great people. This last big patch is what really blew things up, imo. The advent of the "super legions" killed off many of those family legions. And even when the leaders of those family legions left the super legions to return to their own legion, the other players rarely returned to them. People get tired. Running a legion and/or playing a game where you spend time teaching and helping is draining. There are few rewards and many more drawbacks.
  2. Gameforge opens Early Access Server for Update 7.5

    Gameforge has something called.. A STAFF. Actual people dedicated to working on their Aion client. Imagine! It's all they do. Work. On. Aion. They come to work (or login to telecommute during the pandemic) and all they need concern themselves about is Aion. What's the next event? Are the rewards relevant? How is the translation for the next patch coming along? Are things selling in the shop? Are there any bugs? Is the community complaining about something? Aion. 8 hour days.. 5 days a week. All the Aion resources here are shared, except our project lead person. And.. umm. Yeah. So if -any- NCWest game needs attention (those that are left) they get the attention first and maybe.. just maybe.. when they are done someone does something for Aion. Why are we last? Because we generate the least amount of money. Why do we generate the least amount of money? Because no one spends time on our client. After the EU servers were sold to Gameforge, there was a long while when we always got things first. Why? Because we were only doing one translation (to English) while Gameforge had to do at least three translations (English, French and German). And Aion actually had dedicated to staff. We had our own exclusive CM. We had, I believe, two people that worked just on our store. We had people. That's not the way things are at NCWest any more. I'm not sure who made the decision, but it was probably some kind of cost-saving idea. Unfortunately while it may have saved money, it also cost them money as Aion is not what it was. No one really cares and it shows.
  3. Who still plays - Voracity!

    With the small amount of people that actually post on/read the forums and the fact that your name is not recognizable (meaning you aren't one of those "known" names.. famous or infamous), you would be better logging in and seeing who is still logging in in your legion or on your friends list.

  5. Sad

  6. Update Chars

    The old forums were broken. We finally got new forums and, what do you know?! They are also broken.
  7. maybe collusion between elyos and asmos?

    Ahh. Sorry, Aieryn! I didn't mean to let you down. @ConspiracyTheorists&Potatoes @DevilNest-KT
  8. Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback

    That is exclusive to Gameforge. There will be things in their 7.3 which are not and will never be in our client. Just like there are things in our client that will never be in theirs. Now.. if you want to link to the Korean 7.3 which allowed the farming of lockbox keys/coins, then that's a different story. Does the Korean 7.3 allow for this?
  9. maybe collusion between elyos and asmos?

    I don't understand how my comment about this topic is derogatory. The OP accused the top players for both factions of "colluding" in order to keep Divine Balaur. Which is yet another baseless conspiracy theory. Players do what is best for them. That's not a surprise and it's hardly some grand conspiracy. As for Cake, Van and Arhan's comments.. that's all true. As Cake can attest to personally, being the Aion world's kitty litter box hasn't always been fun and doing it for 10 years is even less fun. It doesn't matter that I call it like I see it.. neither pro nor anti NCSoft. I have been accused of just about everything. (Yet another grand conspiracy theory, btw.) I help where I can and weigh in when things get way out of hand (like the idiot who accused NCWest of being like Communist China.. it's amazing that posters like that can even tie their own shoes without help, let alone download and play a video game), but there are plenty of times that I just shake my head and take my hands off the keyboard lately. As for playing.. anonymity is a wonderful thing. It's amazing how much easier things are when people don't know who you are. Did I tell you about the time that three potatoes camped my body for the full length of my self res shouting things like, "Go back to the forums"? Yeah. Good times. Good times.
  10. Forget PIN

    If it's been a month, I would start a new ticket and ask again. Support is bad but they aren't that bad.
  11. Update Chars

    Hmm. So it's just that character? And they now have a normal name? (i.e. not a merge name.. since that may prevent you from binding.) I'm stumped. Might be time to ask Support. Keep in mind Support is not always the best. Be patient and keep explaining your problem. If you would rather not deal with Support, this is only effecting the one character and the character is low level.. you could try deleting that character and starting over.
  12. Update Chars

    No. Obelisks do not have a level requirement. Since you can't interact with quest items, it looks like there is an issue with your client. Try shutting it down and bring it back up. If that doesn't work, try doing a file repair.
  13. Returning Player

    Aion is what you bring to it. Leveling is much easier and everything you need to level is given to you in quests, so you don't need to spend kinah as you level. Leveling is also very quick. It blows that both the Elyos and the Asmo storylines are identical now. In streamlining leveling, yes.. areas were removed. As sad as it is for nostalgia, it needed to happen. Solo players say they find it easier to be solo with recent patches. I have never played solo, so I can't confirm that. Having a group or friends or a good legion is still as important as it always was. Since the population has boiled down to a much much smaller number than it was back when the level cap was 50, you are going to also find and be less able to ignore the egotistical idiots who would rather take from you then help you. There are still a small number of friendly players out there, but often times those people will keep more to themselves to avoid the nastiness or because helping people who then go to one of those "elite" legions and then looking down their noses at them gets really old really fast. The game isn't going to be as you remember it. I wouldn't attempt to restart your old characters. Everything they are wearing is useless. Everything. It would be better to start a new character and relearn the game. The game is free. So you lose nothing for trying it other than your time.. and right now most of us have a lot of that. Good luck.
  14. maybe collusion between elyos and asmos?

    No. It's players doing what is best for them personally. There is no collusion between anyone. Everyone is smart enough to figure out what is best for themselves.. and surprise surprise! That has everyone doing the same thing.
  15. Update Chars

    Okay. So you apparently made those characters before the last server merge.. which was ages ago. That's why their names are series of numbers and letters. We call those "merge names". In the inventory of each of your Merge Name characters you will find a Name Change ticket. Click that and enter in the name you would like to use. If that name is already taken, you will get a message saying so and you will have to pick a new name. After you change their names to actual names, you will be able to bind anywhere you like.
  16. Sigh. Really? Imo, a thread like this belongs in the same place that players who post that someone's relatives should die of the virus. In other words.. banned. First, this event was run at the point in the life span of the current patch as it was when Korea. Now. What wasn't happening a year ago in Korea? That's right! A COVID19 outbreak that was killing people. So the event wasn't planned to be put out during a global pandemic. The event, while planned to make money, wasn't planned to make money on the backs of people that have a high likelihood of being out of work. I would agree 100% that NCWest should have consider this when they launched the event and either not launched it or launched it giving players 6 jokers, which gave every account a free transform and still provided those with cash to buy more. Notice that they did after a few days do the right thing and provide the 6 free jokers. It would have been better had they figured that out on their own rather than launching the event with only 3 free jokers and then having the player base freak out. But they didn't. They did the right thing.. but late. That's pretty normal for Aion. As for players being "silenced" that's a load of rich creamery butter. It doesn't happen. The only posts or threads that are removed are ones that (a) are full of profanity, (b) make personal attacks on employees or other players (i.e. wishing that they would get or die from COVID19) or (c) are repetitive (i.e. there are other threads that are discussing the exact same thing where the poster could have just posted in existing threads rather than being a freaking diva and "look at me look at me" wanting to create their own thread). No one is silenced unless they are stupid. Don't want your post or thread deleted? Don't be stupid. Don't post threats or profanity and don't start the 5 billionth thread complaining about the complaint of the day. Cyan isn't a puppet. He's an employee. So I guess since you have never had a real job, this needs to be explained to you. When you work for a company, everything you say or do reflects on the company. They tell you what to do, you do it and then you get paid. As their employee, you can't just free-wheel it and decide to say or do whatever you want. You can't bad mouth the company while doing your job. You do what you are told to do and then you go home. Ofc if the company is telling you to go murder kittens and then tell the world you are actually giving new homes to those kittens, you can quit and tell the authorities. But that's not what Cyan is doing, is he? He is our community manager. It's his job to inform us what NCWest is saying and to take what we say back to NCWest. He does that. It's not his fault if NCWest isn't doing what we want them to do. He can't decide policy or content of the game. And he can't just make poop up when NCWest hasn't answered our questions. Lastly. This is a freaking GAME, sunshine. It isn't real life. It isn't life or death. It's not the end of the freaking world if you can't or won't or don't want to participate in a 2 week event in a video game. SO FREAKING RELAX. Maybe it's time for you to take a freaking walk outside. Put on a mask. Stay 6 feet away from anyone else. Be safe. But go outside because apparently the quarantine has rotted what was left of your itty bitty pathetic brain.
  17. Too Similar?

    Originally Asmos and Elyos looked totally different. Many armor skins were exclusive to each race. The storytelling was totally different. And in fact, some skills had Asmo and Elyos versions. But more and more the devs have gotten away from any distinguishing differences between the races. We have gotten to the point where the only real difference between Asmos and Elyos is the name.
  18. That would do it! Anyone that can't understand why someone like that was given a vacation from the forums should also be banned just to keep the rest of us away from their collective stupid.
  19. Is the game worth returning to?

    Agreed. The game is free, so you waste nothing but your time by giving it a shot. If you have a solid group of friends, you should enjoy your time. With the lack of care given to the NA game and the developers moving more and more towards pay2win, chances are Aion will not become your longterm game.
  20. First, we don't know if Zombie was talking about a game ban or a forums ban. If it was a forums ban, we might not have seen the post. It could have been reported and removed before you or I saw it. There is a chance that Cyan saw it and removed it without a report, but that isn't likely. If it was in game, chances are neither of us saw it (because of server and race) and someone reported the person. They couldn't have been banned without someone reporting them. It's disingenuous to ever say that someone was banned "just for complaining" about Aion. That doesn't happen. Ever. People do get banned, however, for using profanity. If they use it on the forums (and are reported), they get a temp ban from the forums. If they use it in game (and are reported), they get a temp ban from the game. So basically if someone gets banned "for complaining", they are actually banned for being stupid. It's very easy to complain about the game without dropping an f-bomb.
  21. Really? If that's true it's really.. wow. Wow as in.. not worth it.
  22. Banned how? From the game? From the forums? Temp or perma? And when you say, "just for complaining" do you mean they posted something along the lines of "Damn.. this event sucks" or did they post something along the lines of "THIS F#$% EVENT F#$%ING SUX BL$% ME MOTHERF$%&ERS DIEDIEDIEDIE!"? Having the facts would be helpful.
  23. What? Most NA players were not banned during the "old forum days". And of the very few players that actually were banned from the forums, most of -those- made new accounts to continue their tirades. NA is hugely more lenient than EU when it comes to allowing players to voice their displeasure on the forums. As long as you don't make personal attacks or use inappropriate language, you are free to say that everything to do with Aion sucks beans. Just don't put an f-word in front of that or comment on Cyan's hair style.