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  1. Black cloud marketplace

    You can't. The BCM is all in game now. The only thing you can buy when not logged in is BCoin.
  2. OMG!

    @Valkarie-DN You started like 3 (totally useless) threads. I started not a single one. So you lose the bet.

    If you can't earn enough GP legit than you will never be a 5 star. There are many players who are in the same situation. And what's wrong with that? The game doesn't owe you rank transformation. You can play perfectly fine without one.
  4. cant choose the server

    He downloaded from the wrong site. He needs to download from the site you are currently posting on. Aion EU was originally managed by NCSoft, but was sold to a third party. It is now managed by Gameforge. Aion NA is still manged by NCSoft through their NA subsidy called NCWest.
  5. Weekly PVP kills quest bugged?

    Yikes. That's a real step backwards. So long, heal classes! And that would be the natural progression to changing the quest to only update for the person that gets the last hit. Sad, but true.
  6. Gear gap / Skilled vs Geared

    That's been true for a very long time. There was a point when an older player meant better gear and trumped skill, but that has quickly become a -richer- player means better gear/transform and trumps skill. I honestly think the start of this can be traced directly back to Aion Korea going free-to-play. Remember, before that we were playing a pay-to-play game with very slight changes to make it free-to-play in NA. Now we are seeing what the Korean Devs have in mind for a truly free-to-play game. That has translated into massive pay-to-win.
  7. Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback

    Stopped reading right here. Are you actually serious? You think WoW and Aion are the same because they both have tab targeting, a skills bar, factions and gear? You name the things that just about every MMO ever made has and somehow that makes the game "exactly the same"? You, madam, have honestly lost your mind.
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 11, 2020

    Meh. I thought they were funny!
  9. Help will be wonderful

    KT has more players. There isn't a server that is less toxic or is more helpful. The playerbase is what it is no matter the server. They are a mix bag, though the helpful tend to be quieter. You can look up gear now in game. That is one of the many changes and one of the helpful ones.
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 11, 2020

    The difference is that there is no difference. If complaining about the lack of worthwhile events and the lack of fixes to current content is now a no-no, complaining about bad RNG is equally so. In fact in the 10 years that Aion has been live in NA, more people have complained about bad RNG than has complained about events or broken things. You only don't see that because you see the world as you and your experiences. YOU don't care about events and YOU don't care about the lack of fixes. YOU only care about the fact that you didn't get the skill you wanted when combining. Merry Christmas. You are a day late and a dollar short on those complaints. Most long term players have all their skills and could care less about your bad RNG. Yet no one said, "Hey. Stop crying. Bad RNG happens." Your comment went unchecked until your hypocritical slip started showing. Try and dial is back. If you want sympathy or even empathy from this player base, try acting less like a douche canoe. Or don't. Hating on your at least keeps the forums more lively.
  11. COVID 19 has shuttered the -devs- (NCSoft Korea), not NCWest. What Support is saying is that they have told the devs in Korea that there is an issue but that there may be a delay because of COVID 19. Cyan's replies are actually perfectly consistent with what Support is saying. However, I can understand that blaming the virus seems like a pretty poor excuse when there is -always- a huge delay between something breaking in NA Aion (that doesn't effect $$$) and when the devs get around to fixing it for NA players.
  12. Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback

    First, stop posting in all caps, please. It's considered rude. Second, you really need to get your facts straight. WoW actually does not have player housing. Third, comparing WoW and Aion is like comparing apples and a Learjet. WoW had about 5 million subs in 2019. That's a metric crap ton of money coming in which fuels their quick updates and near constant events and slick cash shop and quick hot-fixes and fast and accurate support answers. Blizzard employees over 4,000 people. That's literally hundreds of people working exclusively on WoW. Aion has never and will never have that. You know the old saying, "You get what you pay for"? We are getting what we are paying for. Lastly, careful.. your snowflake-ism is showing. You want GP just for showing up at sieges? Heaven forbid that you actually have to do things to get that GP. Should be enough that you actually hit the login button, right? And why stop there? How about giving GP to those who really wanted to login but just couldn't? Maybe they were sick. Or their Mommy took away their computer. Or they had to study for a test. Or that couldn't drag their fat-ass off the sofa to their computer to login. #FreeGP4All So not only are you screaming, but you are screaming utter nonsense. Are you actually saying that NCSoft has stolen game code from Blizzard? NCSoft may not be the best company in the world, but they haven't plagiarized their code. You need to relax a bit, alright? Just close your laptop and take a walk outside. If that's too scary, maybe just open the window. Take a deep breath or two. EDIT: Those warnings that you see in that video are not from the developers. Those are optional add-ons created by players to help other players.
  13. Will NCSoft close for COVID 19?

    Right. That's for Legions Of War.. a NCSoft game that is getting constant updates and attention. They could close the NCSoft offices for the next month and a half and we here in NA Aion wouldn't notice a difference. It's not as if we get much attention even when everyone is well and at their desks.
  14. No credit from siege

    PvE has always meant more towards the all elusive and mysterious "contribution" calculation. More so now, as TheSecretCowLevel points out, a further reduction in the weight of PvP in that calculation.
  15. Will NCSoft close for COVID 19?

    Do you mean NCWest or NCSoft Korea? Not sure we need to worry about either.
  16. @Cyan World Drops

    It's not that they have a dedicated (not as in "having a single-minded loyalty" but "devoted to as task". So it's not that the love the game, but that they don't have any other duties but to do things for Aion) staff because of those things you mentioned. It's because that staff has nothing else to do -but- do things for Aion that those things you mentioned happen. I can remember a time (before Valiant left to do other projects) that we 2 guys just do manage the BCM. And we had at least two guys (Valiant and Gideon, I think) working on content issues. AND.. we had two CMs just for us. And this was a few years into Aion's existence after at least the first merge. So when the game launched Aion probably had more staff dedicated only to Aion.
  17. @Cyan World Drops

    Technically, yes. He is the Game Producer at NCWest for Aion. He posted last month. Though, to be fair, he hadn't posted in the two years prior to that. The point being, even if he is working feverishly every day/all day on making Aion a better game, he isn't going to be able to compete with the full staff over at Gameforge.
  18. @Cyan World Drops

    EU has dedicated staff. That's what EU has that makes their game run better than ours in all these little ways. They actually have staff looking at the offered events from Korea and picking the ones they like. That staff also changes the rewards from the pre-packaged vanilla rewards sent by Korea. They have staff to work on getting wanted changed to their client from Korea. They have staff dedicated to making sure their cash shop is up to date and has things people want. They have staff making sure that there sub has value and the things the players get from it are current to the patch and are desired items. We have Gideon. That's it.

    Can we get GP for winning the beauty pageant?
  20. GP!

    Let's start with a little history lesson. Way way back in the day, AP was king. AP (and medals from sieges) were used to buy PvP gear and AP also gave you rank. My first governor as an Elyos on Kaisinel was a ranger named Mac who was just saving to get his PvP bow. I don't think he actually wanted to be governor and I am not sure that he actually transformed since transforming actually cost AP and he was saving. Once he bought his bow, he deranked and happily kept his rank low so he could PvP without fear of losing rank to dying since when you died at a high rank, you lost tons of AP. I PvPed a lot and bought hundreds of AP heal pots to artificially keep my rank low so I didn't lose a lot of AP when I died. So that sets the stage for NCSoft putting AP relics on the BCM. Now this was in the days of paying a sub to play the game and the store was mostly cosmetics. The player base freaked out. The thought of NCSoft -selling- rank or selling anything that would give one player a leg up over another in PvP was horrific to the player base. NCSoft pulled the relics and was very careful up until very recently to not put anything on the BCM that would effect PvP. Slowly PvP items have found there way to the BCM. But what you are suggesting is way way way over the line. So no. You want to transform? Earn it. You are a cleric? And can't get max or close to max GP at a siege? Are you playing with only one hand? Are you playing the game on your toaster? You don't need anyone to group you. Go solo. Go dps. Stick with the crowd. Go to every siege. Win. You will be 5 star in no time, especially at a time when so few people are actually playing.
  21. A Knife in the Heart

    Ahh. I haven't done the quest since then. Explains a lot. So that blows. Can you abandon and retake the quest or is the person just screwed?
  22. A Knife in the Heart

    Lol. True! But I have done that quest dozens of times and never seen those quest mobs not spawn! Nor had I ever seen the NPCs kill them all. So...