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  1. What is your thoughts about Vandal Power?

    Vandals do get a nerf in a future patch, though they will still be OP.
  2. loot bug

    Where are you killing mobs? In Lakrum, there are very few mobs that have drops. In order to combat bots, nothing close to the main forts have drops and nothing that is part of a quest has drops. This is also true for the new zone. Mobs that are quest mobs don't have drops so that these mobs won't be contested by bots or those grinding and players that just want to do their quests can get them done. Mobs in instances have drops.
  3. So you want them to ban bots? Yes. We all do. Report them whenever you see them using the Report Bot function in your shift K menu. Enough of those reports get generated, Support is supposed to ban them.
  4. Rewards that need updating (post 7.0)

    @Cyan These things still need to be updated to reflect 7.x
  5. Apparently some botters are being banned. Good to know!

    Some of the instances are buggy, but some of what you are experiencing is just you not knowing how to Aion. In FM, there are times when the boss seems to reset for no reason. Though mostly I am finding that it resets if someone dies. Not dying greatly reduces the chances that the boss will reset. Though it does occasionally reset even when no on dies. It's a good thing that the instance is so freaking easy now that a reset isn't really a problem. Just dps it again. As for the "flying" in FM. Make sure you put your weapon away, jump and double tap your space bar. I haven't met anyone that "can't" fly in the windstream. Just those that don't know how or are too much of a spazz to get it done. (Occasionally that's me!) In PF, you don't get "hit outside of the aoe". You just ran too late. You have to be out of the aoe area when the cast reaches 50%. If you aren't, doesn't matter where you end up. The mechanics see you as inside. Try to calm down. Learn to Aion. And all will be well.
  7. Best anniversary buff ever!
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 2, 2019

    You can always check the status of maint by clicking the link in the message..
  9. Demaha Siege

    You didn't complain about the drop in fps. You complained that you got killed. Don't use aoes. Don't get the notice of the mobs. Easy peasy. I agree about the drop in dps. It's murder. I've dced in both sieges so far. Nothing like getting disconnected, being kicked out of the fort -and- losing your xform.
  10. The very last thing I think of when I think of the "Good Old Days" is rifting. Let people level quickly without having to worry about getting killed by those that want to feel like big men/women. If you want to rift, rift into Enshar and Cygnea.
  11. Demaha Siege

    The amount of mobs and how tough they are isn't really an issue. Don't aoe on the gates. Don't go to siege without heals until you gear enough to handle what's going on. This isn't Lakrum siege. That isn't a bug. That's design. The kisks not being destroyed isn't design. That's a bug.
  12. <[Weekly] Lucky Room> !!!???

    It's once per day. If you login prior to reset and didn't do it the day before, you can do it, turn it in (for the prior day) and then get it and do it again after reset for the current day.
  13. You guys should just quit your jobs.

    So.. something happened?
  14. Asmos buff in KT

    Everything has a different buff and each is controlled by how many times something is taken by one faction. So if your faction takes Lakrum fort 3 times in a row, then the Asmodians will have a level 3 buff. Each time they take Lakrum fort, their buff will go down by 1. So after taking it, they will have a 2. After keeping it they will have a 1. If they lose it, the next siege they will be attacking with a 2. The buff for Divine is not effected by the buff for Lakrum. The buffs are different for each Altar. (i.e. If the Elyos take the 1st Altar 5 times in a row, the Asmodians will have a level 5 buff at that altar only.) The buff for the new fort is separate than any of the other forts. It is quite possible for a faction to always have a buff at any of the actual forts. Remember.. the buff is a balancing device. It is meant to make a smaller number of the smaller faction feel like they are the same number of the larger faction. On DN, the Elyos have had a buff constantly since the buff was introduced. It sucks to always fight against that buff, but it's better than one faction dominating another so hard that everyone in that faction quits.. which has happened in the past.
  15. Nice job rigging arena lul

    It's a win but not a WIN.
  16. Ereshkigal Boxes

    I got two armor boxes at one big turn in. (100 coins) And got one box on an alt who was doing 3 turn ins. (11 coins) And had nothing but kinah on every other character. I think it's just RNG.
  17. Thanks GM Odin ...

    That's an understatement.
  18. Agreed. But we don't know a few things. We don't know when the GMs started watching. Were they there from the beginning? I know we spoke about the abuse of this bug Wednesday, but there is no guarantee that anyone took us seriously. If the GMs were watching from the beginning, they could have killed all the kisks and everyone who used them to gain entry to the boss room at the beginning of the siege. Though placing kisks aren't the only bug that was used to get into that room before the door was opened. If they weren't and just happened to pop in, the damage was already done. GMs wouldn't want to interfere. That should be the last thing that they do. When the door came down, the boss was already down to something between 5% and 1%. I was pressed against the door when it went down and ran straight in. I didn't even get a full dps rotation on the boss when it died. And yes. We fought through the Elyos transforms to get to that door. Had the door been knocked down 2 to 5 minutes earlier, the Elyos would have been the ones to press into the boss room but it's unlikely they could have killed all the Asmos in there before the boss died. There were that many Asmos in there. The whole thing is a freaking mess. AND THE STAFF WAS WARNED PRIOR TO LAST NIGHT THAT IT WOULD BE. The Elyos on DN are understandably upset. But don't think for a moment that the Asmodians that didn't abuse this aren't upset as well. @Gideon FIX YOUR FREAKING GAME. PAY ATTENTION TO US. I am sick of not being heard.
  19. The boss was at 1% when Odin knocked down the gate so that anyone at that gate at least got to kit the boss. So I believe he knocked it down to help rather than hurt. Keep in mind, Sexy, that not all Asmos abused this bug. Many of us were out PvPing with you guys and were not inside killing the boss.
  20. Demaha Siege

    Or maybe GM Odin can just kill all of those kisks and anyone that used them to port directly into the boss room.. rather than just knocking down the door.
  21. Nice job rigging arena lul

    @Cyan @Hime @Gideon Hello? Anyone there? This is something you may want to take a look at once you are done with that whole EC bug thing. Thanks!
  22. Nice job rigging arena lul

    Oh. Now that makes much more sense and would be an exploit. Not at all surprising.
  23. Nice job rigging arena lul

    That's hardly "playing the entry system". That phrase made it seem like an exploit.
  24. Nice job rigging arena lul

    How does she "play the entry system"? Not sure what that means.