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  1. I had a dream

    I know that you are upset about the way things are run in Aion these days. I think everyone is. But passive aggressive posts won't help. They just give you a reputation which will make everything you say easier to over-look. You have good ideas, Neleth. Don't ruin that by posting things like this. Gratz on your 1000's post though.
  2. Thinking on coming back need opinions

    Ahh. Good. So you agree that gaming companies are not charities and that they are supposed to try and get us to pay money so they can keep developing the game and, hopefully, make a profit. Then it's all good.
  3. Thinking on coming back need opinions

    OMG! You mean for-profit companies want to make MONEY?! That's crazy! What is the world coming to? Really glad that you used hyperbole to teach us about capitalism.
  4. I believe you have been asking for this for literally -years-!
  5. Thinking on coming back need opinions

    The transformations are still a major part of the game. That hasn't changed. You just need to decide if that is a game breaker for you.
  6. Enchantment stone bags in Dredge

    No no! She wants a bag for afking! The instance is broken because it requires effort to get something. Why can no one understand this?!
  7. Enchantment stone bags in Dredge

    Your argument changes. One last time and then I give up, though I am sure you still won't understand. PvP instances give two rewards. Bags with items to upgrade PvP gear and AP. In ID and EC you get both types of rewards even if you are "efficient" (as you call it.. I call it "afk"). Dredg is different. It's the only PvP instance where you actually have to DO SOMETHING to get the bags. You have to kill certain mini-bosses. MOST pug groups can kill at least one boss and therefore get one bag (just like you do for losing all the other instances). But you do have to put some effort into them. (Le gasp! Crazy, right? Effort=reward for something? What is the world coming to?) Now some players aren't interested in the time it takes to stay in dredg and get ap reward. They just don't want it and are totally fine with giving that reward over to the other team. Those players will kill as many mini-bosses as they can and then leave. At this point, the other team can (and you could argue SHOULD) win the instance and get the higher AP reward. Even if they didn't manage to get a single bag, they still are able to get winner's ap. Apparently your, @Ele-DN, idea of "efficiency" is to not take the winner's ap and instead take screenshots and post them here to complain that you should be able to put in zero effort (like you can in ID and EC) and still get a bag. So why is dredg different? Why does it require effort to get bags? I guess it's game design.
  8. Enchantment stone bags in Dredge

    In order to get a bag, you have to race to the boss, kill it and loot it. Most teams (even pug ones) can do at least that. So to get a bag, you have to perform a certain task. If you are afk, you can't perform the task. If you queue in and you are the only non-afk person, you are going to have a really tough time getting the bag. I would suggest not quick queuing then. But that's not the only reward in dredg. There is also the matter of AP. Everyone who enters dredg and stays until the end gets AP. Even those fully afk. In order to get the better ap, you have to win on points. Teams have lost when they kill the cpt because the other team took more surks and killed mini-bosses (even those that don't give bags give points). If you are fully afk, you won't get the better ap reward either. I think I understand the problem. You are upset that teams that play (or premades) get a better reward than afk groups. You are often part of those that afk. So the problem isn't the bags. It's that you don't get them. But you are often fully afk even after the other team is gone and you can still achieve the better AP reward. So you don't get that reward either. So the problem is actually you. An aside question.. do you actually take a screenshot of all of your dredg loses? And why is your inventory open? Not sure what your screenshots or the open inventory proves.
  9. Enchantment stone bags in Dredge

    @Ele-DN You are totally confusing me. You afk. We have seen the proof. Even in screenshots were the other team has left the instance, you have no kills. No participation. Nothing. You are totally afk. Even when others went out, you stayed behind. So that's established. You are 100% afk. Yet you are complaining about afkers -and- about bags, which you can't get if you are afk no matter if they are in the instance or not. So what exactly is the problem again?
  10. prestige pack giving normal contracts

    Just toss is out then. Prestige always has a couple of iffy rewards.
  11. competition ranking pug

    Wasted one whole month queuing against your own alts just to have your "shared victory" stolen from you by someone with a reset scroll? Damn. That is horrible. Don't worry, I am sure that Support will pony up your rewards super quick just like they did last season. No need to panic! Everyone is a winner at Aion! As for the GP thing, that's a known bug. If you aren't logged in at the end of siege, you will get your siege rewards (gp and items), but that gp will not count towards the seasonal rewards. Not sure why it's happening but it's been reported. So far the answer we all get is "Wow.. that's too bad! We will report that." On this one, I think you actually are SOL. So what have we learned? Manipulate the system and if someone manipulates it more than you, Support will compensate you. Happen to disconnect in the last moment of a siege and Support just stares at you blankly.
  12. Enchantment stone bags in Dredge

    He's got you there, @Ele-DN. If the other team just wanted the bags, takes them and leaves.. why doesn't your team (with no threat of PvP) go out and take the remaining surks and kill the cpt and get the winning AP? It's almost like they did you a favor, since you are in there for the AP, but you didn't take the opportunity. So your point is that a group should be required to stay to the end to get their bags? That is a good idea. It would make getting the bags that much easier, even if it takes longer. It's a pain, sometimes, if you have all the mobs on you to pick up the bags. Instead of "loot and scoot", it could just be scoot. Stay. Kill the cpt. Get the bags and the win at the end! Though that doesn't fix your problem of sitting afk or pugging and risking a group that can't even kill one of the bosses.
  13. Enchantment stone bags in Dredge

    The AP you get for afking a dredg is nothing compared to the AP you get from soloing the Mines. If someone chooses to enter dredg just to afk, then that's on them. Though in the case that you are showing, your team got got the winning AP since the other team quit? So yeah. You had to sit there for ages (it's the same for ID), but you did get more of the AP you said you wanted. Right? I just see this as time and reward. If you really want the AP, but aren't geared enough to get even one bag.. then you decide if it's worth your time. If you think about it, everything in Aion is about the same assessment. If the rewards aren't worth your time, then don't do them. Just because you have the cds, doesn't mean you have to do them. For example, I don't run COE any more because the kinah I make from selling my drops isn't worth the time it takes for me to run them. If you want to discuss match fixing, that's another conversation altogether. Dredg fixing happens. ID fixing happens. IB fixing happens. EX fixing happens as well! Though the worst is arena fixing by far. If NCSoft is going to address this issue, I hope they start with arenas. We had a post showing that Aion TW has disabled the seasonal rewards for arenas because of the match fixing! We really need that here.
  14. Enchantment stone bags in Dredge

    Dredg is the only PvP instance that doesn't reward you for afking. So not sure why anyone goes in there and isn't ready to try to at least get one bag, but it happens.
  15. NA 2019-06-19 Luna Crafting Recipes

    Thanks, mooMoo!
  16. Only ancient is one per week. The greaters are 3 per week and the normals are 10 per week. +1 to this.
  17. I'm seeing more extras from the luna instance end bundles, too. More transformation scrolls, more 2k jellies and more PvE stones. I was thinking I was just getting lucky, but perhaps the RNG is better for them, too?
  18. The shugo didn't have it for you? Check all the weekly ones. EDIT: It's called [event/weekly]Prestige Society Bugarota
  19. It's for prestige pack holders. You get it from the shugo who normally gives you the exclusive quests for prestige holders. He stands next to the vending machine and near the shugo that gives you the prestige buff.
  20. Please bring back the old AION PVE??

    @Motionless-KT Here we go. First screenshot shows you the warning. Which isn't about the acolyte, but does warn you that she is reflecting. Then a quest pops up. It directs you to kill the acolyte. He appears to your left as shown. Here he is close up. Kill him and enter the portal. Inside is a dragon. Kill that and leave through the same portal. When you get out, you will notice that Tiamat's reflecting buffs are gone. Kill her. Win.
  21. Please bring back the old AION PVE??

    I haven't seen it anywhere but on the left hand side (when you are facing Tiamat), though I have only leveled a half dozen or so characters since the change. I might have just been lucky. I can go in and grab a screenshot, @Motionless-KT.
  22. I found that until I started two/three manning BoS/FM and 6 manning IDD, I lost kinah each week too. Now that I am pretty much assured purples/reds to sell each week, I am gaining kinah each week. Not tons! But my total is going up. Just took time and gear.
  23. Partnership with 3rd parties

    We agree! Do you think that the effort they put into this week's maint might indicate that the game isn't as dead as you thought and perhaps the staff -is- willing to put some effort into the game and might.. just might.. take @Neleth-KT's suggestion seriously?
  24. Partnership with 3rd parties

    Yes. You got me. (Me irl between posts.) Now that you have so eloquently stated your opinion, can we get back to talking about @Neleth-KT's suggestion? Do you have an opinion on that?
  25. The amount of abject joy in this thread is really heartening.