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  1. About the Steel Rake Fortress event...

    @Gwin-DN You can "reach the end" with every character every single time. You just have to know your limitations. I am running this on several CoE geared characters for different rewards and am having zero problems. I just don't get all the shugos. I will be able get each one of them a couple nice rewards by the end of the event. There is nothing wrong with an event that gives more rewards for those characters with more gear. Every other event we have had lately could be done on 100% nakkies characters. Complaining that this event is different is just plain silly. As for PF and IDD being made a tad harder, it's been months since then! Have you not made up the gear difference yet? If you haven't, that's on you. Somethings need to be a challenge just like some things need to be less of a challenge in order to keep -everyone- interested.
  2. The veilenthrone

    We've never had information on instances outside of the little story put out by the devs when the instance released and then videos of other regions downing the instance. So that's hardly weird. There is usually one instance that the majority of the playerbase ignores until the instance gets nerfed (and something harder is released). That's not weird either. If the instance is stressing you out, then you can ignore it as well until it gets nerfed since, as you pointed out, the stat increase for the rewards is minimal. I actually think that is is good to have at least -one- super challenging thing for those 1%-ers to strive for, even if it's just to cross it off their bucket list.
  3. Anyone knows who has the name Vayne?

    Did you write to Support and ask for the name? In the past, if an account had been inactive for a period of years, they would give the names to other players. Not sure they still do, but it's worth a try.
  4. Trading low lever gear

    We've asked for some items (these white armor pieces and crafting material) be made at least account tradeable. NCWest took our suggestion to NCKorea (the devs). The answer we got back through Cyan was that there was an issue with coding some of these things tradeable. We weren't given any further information. Perhaps NCWest wasn't given any further information. Anyway.. sounds like a "no" to me.
  5. Anyone else crashed during event?

    Well that's the first time I have seen that answer. "We don't have any issues in our servers"? Yikes.
  6. Anyone else crashed during event?

    It's not the first time. Support doesn't Aion. They don't know what patch we are on. They don't understand the current systems. They often give answers that are patches and years out of date. Sometimes it feels like they don't even know what an "Aion" is.
  7. Glitch? Bug? Exploit?

    He's comparing his own equipped item (the legendary) with the equipped item of the other player (the ultimate one that appears to have 6 manastone slots). Both are equipped but on different players.
  8. Bye bye Bless Online

    Bless was a great game in theory. The game play and the story were fantastic. I played for months and really enjoyed the game. Yeah. Those technical issues were a huge problem and they continued to plague the game. They tried to address them and tried to fix things quickly (things like poor translations were fixed within days), but the damage had been done. When that resulted in a hugely reduced playerbase, they had a flawless merge within weeks. (Anyone else remember mergers in Aion taking over a year? lol) The duping and the hacking and blah. When I quit, the staff had just stopped responding and it was obvious at that point that they were going to milk the game for as much cash as possible with as little effort as possible until they just took the servers down. What I don't see is the connection between Bless and the transformation system. If there is any connection between what happened to Bless and where we are in Aion is that lack of communication and effort. Just like what happened with Bless, it seems that NCWest is just not putting in effort on our behalf. Does that mean that Aion is going to go down like Bless did? Maybe. We shall see, right?
  9. Create custom alternate server

    I know what to say. Everyone has their own idea of what a "perfect" Aion server would look like. And that's fine. I don't much like yours and I acknowledge that you wouldn't like mine much. All of that is fine and really just an exercise in "what if" imaginings. What I think would be more productive is to have NCWest actually -listen- to our reasonable suggestions for the game we are playing right now and then take those to NCKorea and -fight- for them on our behalf.
  10. Anyone else crashed during event?

    Yikes. Yeah. That is very unfair. They can see that the game crashed. I would write again and ask for your case to be elevated to a senior GM.
  11. Glitch? Bug? Exploit?

    I have an alt with a +15 ancient genesis crystal weapon. It can only have 3 manastone slots.
  12. Anyone else crashed during event?

    Write to Support. They may give you a token to run it again. Though, no. I haven't heard of people crashing regularly in there.
  13. About the Steel Rake Fortress event...

    Not true. I am running it on several alts who have CoE gear. I don't get all the shugos on them, but I still get enough reels that by the end of the event I can get them a perma mount or some purple accessories or other nice things. If you are worried, just do the first boss and release those three shugos. If you have time, try the second. But keep your eye on the clock. Give yourself enough time to get through the remaining gates and kill the last boss. Easy peasy. This is an event for everyone. It does reward those at end-game more than it does those who are just beginning, but what's wrong with that? And if you feel that the event is a waste of your time, then just don't do it. There have been plenty of events in the past that are so meh that I haven't bothered. But it's odd.. just because I haven't liked them, I could recognize that others did. Not every event is everyone's cup of tea. Ignore the event if this one isn't yours.
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 12, 2019

    Anyone else having an issue using the free run gem? It's not happening with all characters. So far just two. One spontaneously fixed itself. Trying to figure out what I did with that one so I can do it with this other one! What happens is that I interact with the entrance NPC. He asks if I want a new entry or the old entry. I pick the new entry and then the dialog closes without giving me the option to use a gem to enter. Any ideas?
  15. NPC event missing.

    Are Prestige players getting an extra run? I don't recall seeing it, but I might have missed it.
  16. Rakesh needs that neat pull chain for his lampshade-self.
  17. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 12, 2019

    You can finish it in crap gear. You just won't get all the shugos. EDIT: Maybe not in Lakrum gear, but in at least CoE gear.
  18. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 12, 2019

    I caught it moments after I posted. Though I notice on the event page, they don't even list a "Jet Ski". So shuuuuuuuush. Don't tell them!
  19. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 12, 2019

    Annnnnnnnnnnnd.. the event mount is not perma. It's 30 days like both EU and RU. That pretty much blows. Wait. Wait! The "Jet Ski" seems to be perma!
  20. Event Rewards.

    I agree with just about everything you said, @HealingSquid-KT I guess I am leery of the knee-jerk reactions because often they are proven wrong in time and until then you have players reading what we theorize here and panicking needlessly. Even after things are debunked here, we continue to see people spreading the paranoia because the debunking gets less attention than the salacious accusations. Though I guess that opens up another discussion on why we are predisposed to believing the worst about every move that NCWest makes regarding Aion. Our trust has been broken many many many times and each time NCWest promises more communication. And yet to this day.. we get little to no communication outside of the weekly maint message. And round and round we go. Aion is a mess.
  21. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 12, 2019

    Are they just mis-marked like they were before? (Meaning.. and this gets confusing.. the base flips were marked weekly but were actually daily until last week when they were labeled correctly as daily. Now that the base flips are supposed to be weekly, are they actually weekly and just mis-marked as daily?)
  22. Event Rewards.

    So what you are saying is that Cyan lied to us? Since he told us that the change in the timers was specifically requested by NCWest to make the higher transformations more balanced. (i.e. that they would be more expensive to use) I understand that we need to think critically, but I also think we need to not jump at shadows. Consider this hoopla over the current event rewards. Someone went to the Aion database and found the reward chest for this event and then posted it as if it were the rewards given in other regions.. specifically RU and EU. A player then posted both EU's and RU's rewards which are remarkably similar (though not exact) to what we are getting and not even remotely the same as the Aion database list. Players are flailing around because they feel they are being cheated, when in reality they really aren't.
  23. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 12, 2019

    Thanks, @Vantheria-DN! I really wish @Cyan would post pictures and things along with rewards for events from now on. Would be super helpful and give helpful people like Vantheria time to do other things.. like play Aion. lol
  24. Decent event rewards

    And here are the RU rewards.. As @Violeta-KT has said now in multiple threads, the box being linked isn't the rewards from the other regions. I am not saying that other regions didn't get better things. They just didn't get the moon, which is what people seem to be freaking out about.