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  1. Leveling: 1->80 in one minute

    "Once used, a character jump cannot be refunded, etc" That doesn't say, "You can only do this once per account." It says, "Once you do it, we won't undo it." I don't think your friends should be banned either. I think they should have all but one character removed, just as I said with the OP. And the EC exploits were not ignorance. We had played EC for over a year without the bug. Everyone who used the exploit knew that having unlimited runs of something they had only been able to do once or twice was an exploit. Arguing otherwise is insane.
  2. Leveling: 1->80 in one minute

    The difference I would think is that the jumped-up characters just appeared out of the blue with no explanation. Players that were playing when the button appeared would more than likely not have seen the post on the forums that it was supposed to be limited to one per account. Thinking there was nothing wrong with jumping up more than one character, the player did. With the EC exploit, we had been playing with EC preforming normally for over a year when it "broke". We knew how the instance worked and we knew that asking to be kicked and getting back into the same instance gave us an extra run. We know we can't get "free" runs to things. We have seen ban waves for "free runs" before. Keep in mind that EC was exploited for more than a month quietly by "top legions". It wasn't until the general population figured out how those top legions were getting geared so quickly that everyone started to use it, which led to the bans. On one hand, you see someone seeing a new function, using it and not realizing it is broken. On the other, you have someone seeing an old function suddenly start behaving oddly under very particular circumstances actively performing acts to bring about those particular circumstance. You can't really compare those two.
  3. Is World Boss Stealing an Offense?

    No. It isn't. All bosses, whether naturally occurring or spawned, are dps race for anyone that cares to try of either race. Ofc, though, there can be consequences if a group steals a boss from a group in their own faction, if your faction cares to hold a group responsible for that behavior. So if Legion A spawns a boss and Legion B swoops in and takes the boss, Legion A can get their members and their friends not to run with Legion B. The only problem there is that Legion B just out-dpsed Legion A so chances are Legion A doesn't need anyone of Legion B's caliber to help them progress. In other words, Legion A are scrubs and Legion B feels they don't matter so have no issue taking from them. In fact, Legion B is probably cackling that they took from those people standing next to them in a siege. Welcome to Aion.
  4. Leveling: 1->80 in one minute

    Ouch. Yeah. That's unfair. He shouldn't be able to keep all the jumped up characters, but he shouldn't be banned outright. Support should work with him to consolidate the kinah/real money he spent and allow him to keep just one.
  5. My black cat, Doodle, approves. He always knew I was one of him at heart! Thank you for the morning chuckle!
  6. Evergale Canyon 2v2 alliances

    So you had a premade with 24 people in it. And saw multiple alliances with 24? Then how the hell are some maxing out at 2? What could be triggering that?
  7. The game is broken for new players

    I played when the cap was 50 and it took ages to level and everything was hella expensive and even using a lesser run speed scroll was a luxury and there was no coin gear and getting stunned by a twink sin meant death because there was no remove shock. Leveling is easier since it's quick, the quests provide everything and there isn't any PvP. But I still think that the game is harsh on new players.. new as of this patch. It's true they get entry level PvP and PvE armor/weapons, but the nerf to kinah, xp and enchantment stones is going to be hell for them to catch up without spending tons of cash. With a player base that is dwindling, I just don't see how those nerfs help the health of the game. See.. that's the thing. In the past if you were behind, it's just because you were new. Now it's because you don't have the cash.
  8. Evergale Canyon 2v2 alliances

    The only one I did had one alliance with 16 and 2 more each with 2 in it. The Elyos appeared to have even less.. though more than 6, which would be 2 in each of the three alliances. Been trying to pin down what causes the 2 man alliances. I was thinking it was premades, since it seems they are capped at 2, but I am not at all sure. So sometimes the alliances are only 2. Sometimes they have more. But even with 60+ people waiting in the queue, no alliance is filling. I can't imagine this is a feature. It has to be a bug. Doesn't it?
  9. Get your GoldPack Here...

    Ouch. That's a pretty big slip up.
  10. Jumped Character Missing things

    That's what is so weird about the jumped characters.. that they are nakkies. Any other game that provides leveled characters also provide the basics for those characters. The new Windstream quests are mandatory for those characters, but they don't provide stigmas or kinah. It's a head scratcher.
  11. Jumping back in- question about new bosses/characters

    It's free to play, so you only really lose your time by giving Aion a whirl again. It's very easy to level and everything you need to level is given to you by doing all the quests. (gear, stigmas, consumables) When you get to 80, you will be given an entry level PvE and PvP set from the new windstream quests and those will take you through how to get better gear. Aion has always been hard on new players, so don't expect to be competitive any time soon without spending real money. But if you are content to dink around, then you should be fine. The worst thing for new players right now in my opinion is the lack of kinah, xp (which can be converted into an item that helps you morph enchantment stones to upgrade your end game gear) and transformations (a system that replaced run/attack/cast speed scrolls).
  12. The game is broken for new players

    Aion has always sucked for new players but I think the kinah and xp nerfs are worse for new players than the gear imbalance right now. I look at the game right now and cringe when I think of having to play without my billions and stock pile of xp gems.
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 12, 2020

    Not even sure why, but this made me laugh. At least you got them to see that your level 1 Tyd hadn't entered EC all those months ago.
  14. Ec fixed right?

    @Arhangelos-KT Can confirm. I went in on my chanter alt and got 20 silver bundles. It has nothing to do with how many points you have.
  15. EC Compensation

    This has been mentioned in the maint thread. Everyone is having the same issue. Non-prestige are missing 32 boxes and 14,000 blood medals and prestige people are missing their second set of rewards.
  16. server transfers

    Yes. Everything in their inventory, pets and house storage goes with them. But be careful. Right now transferring breaks the lugbug quests, meaning that you will not be able to enter Red Katalam. This was supposed to be fixed today and it seems as if it hasn't been.
  17. Q42019

    I think that's probably it. "This is my game" mentality. And that is absolutely why so many of us have stuck around with Aion.
  18. Ec fixed right?

    I got into one after waiting about 30 mins. The main alliance had 16 in it and the other two had 2 each. The Elyos looked to have less, though I didn't count. Something is definitely wrong.
  19. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 12, 2020

    I am in one right now and the league is 16/2/2 with many still in the queue when I entered. Seems like premades are limited to 2? And I waited almost 30 minutes for a pop. @Itzmin-DN Yes. I am a paid representative of NCSoft. You got me! That's why I said that the game is swirling the toilet earlier. Oh! Wait! That would mean you need to actually -read-. Qq. Reading can be so overrated. You just keep on keeping on, dear.
  20. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 12, 2020

    This is here takes the cake for the most utterly ridiculous thing posted in 2020 so far. You think that the devs actually changed the instance from a 96 vs. 96 to a 8 vs. 8 so that -more- people can enter? How exactly does that make is more accessible considering there are a limited number of instances that queue at one time and there are many more than 8 people on each side that want to go. Not to mention that you can't do a lot of the mechanics with 8 people. Geez.
  21. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 12, 2020

    Was asking Euph or actually anyone that doesn't answer with flip answers like, "i think whats eating u is when 1 out of the 2 go afk u no longer have lets say 10 to 14 or 16 others to secure a win for u." In other words, someone that can actually give a reliable answer. P.S. Are you an Elyos? Asking for a friend.
  22. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 12, 2020

    How many times did you go, Euph? I am on late and haven't gotten into one yet so I can't say from personal experience? Did the first ones glitch out or is is happening every time? And what if a premade goes in? Does everyone get in or just two people? Just trying to pin this down for them.
  23. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 12, 2020

    "Action" them? Are you saying that those that complain on the forums get less than others? Holy Conspiracy Theories, Batman! First you would have to believe anyone with any authority actually reads the forums. Then you would have to believe that that person cares enough to know us by name. Hate to bust your bubble, sunshine, but none of us is that important.
  24. Q42019

    Lineage was released in 1998. Lineage II was released in 2003. Aion was released in 2008. These dates are Korean release, I believe, as we didn't get Aion until 2009. Why is Lineage more popular? I have no idea. It's very very grindy. Kill 300 of these. Turn in. Go kill 500 more of those. Turn in.