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  1. Abuse kill everything

    Short answer.. no. Even when this game was pay2play, people paid a second sub to "spy" on the opposite faction and to have a character in the opposite faction to feed themselves kills and ap. I get that it's frustrating, but it isn't going to change. If there is a way to abuse or exploit, players will find it and run with it. And not just in Aion. You know what's wrong with not just games but the world in general? People.
  2. So about those keys

    Ask Support? >.<
  3. Fighting fragments

    Full Rewards for Breathing. Let's make it happen.
  4. my account has been blockd

    Eh. We are down to two servers. They are decently populated. That is to say that there are enough people to fill groups when you put them up and there are enough people at siege to lag you out. But the servers are no where near full. The staff at NCWest pretty much give us the crumbs of their time. We have only one employee who only works on Aion and we never see him. We have bugs in our version of the game and they seem to get fixed at glacier speed. Not sure where the break down is. Pretty sure that the Community Manager passes our concerns to our Game Director. So either he isn't passing them on to Korea or he is and Korea isn't sending fixes to us. Either way the community has pretty much given up on anything ever changing. We are truly the Red Headed Step Children of NCWest. Aion has changed a lot since you probably played.. and that's universal no matter where you play. Aion is now free-to-play in Korea and the changes in the game reflect that. It isn't the AIon you remember and it may make you sad. Leveling was streamlined (which did need to happen), but in doing so they cut our huge areas of the old game that were just not being used. Instead of having one story line for Asmodians and one for Elyos, they both have the exact same story lines now. There is really no difference between playing an Elyos or an Asmodian. It's really not even aesthetics any more. Asmodians don't have claws any more and you can turn off the back hair/tails. Asmodians can be tan. Their eyes still glow red.. but that's it. Armors look the same for both races. The skills are all the same. They have added a few new classes and every time they do they just destroy the balance of the game. The game is very pay2win. The gear differences are still a killer in PvP and the pay2win figures into that. There are other changes to the game that I am less than thrilled about. But it's still Aion and it's still my game. So meh. I am hear for the duration.
  5. my account has been blockd

    No. The servers are owned now by different companies. They are on different patches. They have different free-to-play models. Their shops are different. The two companies do not communicate at all. Both get the game from NCSoft, which is the parent company of NCWest, but other than that they have no ties at all.
  6. my account has been blockd

    Yes. I believe we have heard here about how Gameforge deactivates accounts that haven't been logged into for years. The accounts are still stored somewhere and you need to contact them and wait for them to move your account back to the live servers. I don't believe it's anything to worry about. It will just take some time.
  7. my account has been blockd

    I am sure Gameforge will fix you right up. Best of luck.
  8. Fighting fragments

    If the losing rewards are so repugnant to you, then don't even try because you will lose sometimes. (Or all the time, in some cases.) Apparently you want a game, Ele, that gives you everything all at once just for breathing air. Aion isn't that game. In fact, I don't know a single game that does that. Good luck in your search, though.
  9. my account has been blockd

    Aion NA is not on Steam. So you are an EU player and are on the wrong forums. Use the links in my post above. We can't help you because you are not playing the same game we are.
  10. my account has been blockd

    Go here to ask your question. Go here to submit a ticket concerning your account. You are on the wrong forums. These forums are for the NA game servers and are managed by NCWest. The EU servers are managed by Gameforge. The companies are totally different and do not have any contact with one another.
  11. my account has been blockd

    Where is your account right now? EU or NA?
  12. my account has been blockd

    Are you playing the EU or NA version of Aion? This is for the North American servers. The link you posted is for the European servers.
  13. Name Restrictions

    The process goes like this. You create a character with a name. Another player sees your character and feels strongly enough about that name that they write a ticket to Support. Support gets the ticket and makes a company judgement on if the name is offensive by their definition. If so, you are forced to change the name. If not, you are fine. So if you were to turn me in for the name Aly, Support would look at my name and make a company decision of the name Aly was in any way offensive. It may tick you off no end to the point that you are totally distracted, but the company would need to make that call for the whole of the gaming community. The name AdolfHitler is offensive to some players. Personally I would see someone with that name and figure they were a total tool and just ignore them. No need to turn them in. If they want to label themselves as a tardlet, let them. But I could also see another player being really miffed every time they saw that character to the point that the game isn't fun for them. I am sure no one needs to explain to you why that is. The same could be said for someone that wanted to name their character nyerk or nyerk. Those are perfectly correct names for part of the body. No different than Leg or Ear. But a good number of people would find seeing that name all the time game breaking. So Support would ask those players to change that name. It's a judgement call. Make a character name JosephStalin or MaoTseTung or PolPot and then turn yourself in on another account. See what the company's judgement is on those. Would be interesting if nothing else.
  14. Name Restrictions

    NCWest doesn't proactively check character names. (Some games do and when you try to name your character F*ckityMcF*ckF*ck, the character creator tells you that you can't name your character that. Aion doesn't.) They rely on players to police each other. Someone had to have seen your name and then sent in a ticket for Support to even notice that you character shouldn't be named that. That's why there are people who named their characters after various words for genitalia or imaginative sex acts and still titter behind their hands about how very naughty they are since they still have characters with those names. But one day they will log that character in for an event or maybe just to remind themselves about what a rebel they are years after creating them and will get a note from Support just like you did telling them that the name is inappropriate and that it needs to be changed. Then someone else will see that the naughty name is now open and will name their character that. Lather, rinse and repeat. Btw.. there are players who would be genuinely offended by a character named AdolfHItler and you knew that. Not sure how you didn't see that name change coming.
  15. EC compensation ? it is been almost 2 month!

    Not sure what this has to do with EC and compensation, but what do you mean "every damn time"? Every time you try to spend money you get blocked? What is triggering this? It happens often so you probably know. How do you get un-blocked? Is it just a message to Support?
  16. Fighting fragments

  17. Fighting fragments

    You got me. But thanks for correcting me on what I think.
  18. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 30, 2019

    Protect yourselves!
  19. Fighting fragments

    You don't get nothing for losing in IB and ID. You get rewards. You just don't get the winning rewards. You get etium.. but less of it. You get enchantment stones.. but less of them. And you get AP.. but less of it. What you don't get less of is the new top tier reward, which is frags. Some feel that the "participation" rewards should include some of those new top tier reward. Others don't. I personally do not because I feel it will encourage afking. I don't think we are going to change each other's minds and in the end it doesn't matter. NCWest would need to first, pay attention and second, act. They either will or they won't. The nastier this gets, the less likely they are going to do anything. So have at it. What is totally disingenuous is anyone asserting that the current siege buff doesn't work and that somehow that buff equates to frags in the losing rewards in a pvp instance. First, the current siege buff is the -only- thing that has helped with server population imbalance in the whole of the history of Aion. The siege buff isn't a reward. It's an equalizer. It allows a smaller group of people to be successful. In an instance you can make a pre-made and work together to prevail against a group of similar numbers. You have a chance. You can't make a "pre-made" siege. The game does not control the numbers of your opponents. It's not 6v6 or 12v12 or even 100v100. It can be 100v500 and neither you nor the game has control over that. The devs needed to come up with a way that in a lopsided numbers situation that the smaller group has a chance of winning. The current siege buff 100% does that. It took them 8 or so years to get to this solution and nothing they tried before that had worked. Second, just like in the PvP instances the losers in a siege get less of what the winners get. You get enchantment stones.. but less of them. You get genesis crystals.. but less of them. You get AP.. but less of them. There isn't a new top tier reward for sieges.
  20. EC compensation ? it is been almost 2 month!

    I honestly think they are holding off on returning EC until we have all forgotten that some players abused it so badly so they don't have to actually punish anyone. Or.. they just forgot that is was broken in the first place. Aion? What's an Aion?
  21. Hey NOD continue spam reports

    Wait. @MetalPhantomEvil-DN are you asserting that there is a coordinated effort by Nod members to report you using the in-game "Report Spam" feature? That's just.. precious.
  22. Fighting fragments

    Who told you that? You are really good at just hearing what you want to hear, Ele. Others have been telling you to make a premade if you want to avoid afkers or the undergeared or underleveled. It's your group so you set the parameters and you decide who is in the group and who isn't. You have a higher chance of winning in a premade, bu you still need to win to get the winner's rewards. Can't believe that actually needed to be spelled out. Welcome to the Aion forums.