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  1. 19 hours ago, Aieryn-DN said:

    So, BNS has BIGGER Boobs? Seriously that's all I see here demonstrated by these photos/screenshots is an exploitation of Women's anatomy. 

    Come on guys, Yes, I'm Female in RL (most of y'all know this so pls skip the derogatory) and most of the time when I see a female character in a game with monstrous boobs I laugh,....Hard, as I know this poor misrepresentation of female anatomy was probably created by an adolescent male with very repressed sexuality who's probably never seen real boobs (and with those unreal expectations it's unlikely he ever will, lol). Hell, I've even seen big boobs on male bodies (I can only guess what kind of urge brings this on, lol, he, he, he) But as I've said in other threads, To each their own.

    So I get a very good hard laugh at these characters and move on. Most of my female gamer friends and I have very comical discussions over things like this.

    HOWEVER: I can't for the life of me see how a game that allows bigger boobs in it's character creator should in any way for any reason be any more popular than any other game. I personally never cared for BNS but that's me. Again, to each their own. I guess it could be said that most female gamers that see a character like these probably would be an easy kill for one reason; she'd be laughing so hard it'd be impossible to defend her character, lol, he, he, he, he, he. I know I did when I saw these photos/screenshots.

    Just felt relevant (from ages ago)..


    And then there was this thing. I just.. can't.. where is her neck?!


    Take that Boobs'N'Soul!

  2. rubbish talk in game doesn't take any time, you know? It's spur of the moment or it's prepared and translated phrases. It's rarely personal. I did once have a couple of people camp my body for 5 minutes and yell, "Go back to the forums!". But that was a "special" case.

    This person logged into the forums and typed up a message! Tons of time to think about it and think, "Nah. It's not that big of a deal. I really shouldn't do this."

  3. So I logged into Aion and, after doing the 10 kill quest, my legion decides to do a legion run for PF. There were a couple of people in the group with good gear, another couple with decent gear, someone really working on gear and an alt with no gear. A couple of us were out and about when the group was formed, so we went right to PF and took the artifact next to it and waited for the others. Apparently there were a bunch of Elyos hanging around outside of Archon, because some of the group couldn't make it to us and had to go around. While we were standing there an Elyos runs right at us, fears us and makes a break for PF. Our templar yanks them back and we kill them. We might have killed another Elyos, but tbh I can't remember. We stand around for another minute or so waiting on the last members of the group and enter as soon as they arrive. Leather drops and ofc we don't have any leather. Typical PF run.

    Later I check the forums to see what is happening here and find this in my mailbox..


    Does this nyerk happen to anyone else or am I just lucky? What goes through someone's mind that makes them think that hate-mail is the appropriate response to getting killed in a PvP area?

  4. Cyan said that they didn't want to have people advance from events only. That they wanted to put things in the game that would be the main way to advance with gear. 

    Then they went and put ancient contracts in events and selectable legendaries and etc. They pretty much went back to giving us  the biggest opportunities to advance in events! 

    So it wouldn't surprise me if they continued down that path.

  5. Event rewards are decided by NCWest. The events come from Korea with vanilla rewards and NCWest can change them however they like (within reason). Cyan would just need to let Gideon know ahead of time and Gideon would have to agree that we can have PvP stones and fighting spirits in our rewards. 


    26 minutes ago, Ele-DN said:

    If i were to make/join a premade group, i expect to win. not lose. that is if I quick queue or solo entry, which doesn't matter if its win or lose but not when the group is incomplete.

    That's not what you said before..

    On 7/12/2019 at 7:49 PM, Ele-DN said:

    Hilarious posts... 


    much work for a dead game lol... Quick queue and new entry are almost the same thing. Know the difference? we're not talking about winning here but a full group does help.



    Pretty much proves that you really just want to whine and argue.

    So have at it.

  7. 57 minutes ago, Ele-DN said:


    You mean the ones where you pug which is essentially quick queuing with having a FULL group or the ones you make and require everyone to have certain stats and be in a voice chat? Either way its win or lose and takes just as much time to queue in to a game. Unless its a fully geared static, not worth the effort.


    I said.. apply to one in LFG or MAKE YOUR OWN. Put in your post "no afk" and take whoever applies. Some people say something like, "no afk.. for fun". Anything to show that you just want a group to try, which is what you say you want. You said yourself that you weren't looking to win. You were just looking for 5 other people to try.

    If you solo queue, you run a huge risk of getting people that will not actually push enter when the instance pops. Is that worth it? Wouldn't seem to be so. So the tiny bit of effort that you would need to toss a group in to LFG would seem to be worth it.

    Unless you aren't actually looking for an explanation or a solution to the situation that made you post in the first place and instead just want to have an argument with anyone stupid enough to take your post seriously.

  8. 31 minutes ago, Ele-DN said:

    And i was correcting your "wrong" answer.


    The answer wasn't wrong or "wrong", Ele. In this case, if you pick anything other than entering with a full group, you have a very large chance of having someone in the group formed by the game-matching system not enter the instance. The only way to be reasonably sure of a full group is to join or create a full 6-man group yourself and queue as a group. That's what I explained. This ties in with what Capa mentioned with people who queue on alts. When their group entry syncs with the entry timer of their alt, they enter and pass on their alt and your cobbled together group is going to be missing players.

    Not sure why you have your angry on regarding this. It's pretty easy to avoid.

    Then again you are bound and determined to attack Arhangelos even though he and several other people have given you proof that he isn't pay2win. Not that being pay2win has anything to do with not having a full group when you solo enter a group. 

    It's like no matter what anyone says you will either attack what they say or the person themselves.

    Don't solo queue and this won't happen to you.

    End of discussion.

  9. NCWest used to have an unwritten policy about not putting PvP only items in events that didn't involve PvP. They did bend that policy now and again, but shied away from outright breaking it.

    Now that we have PvP stones craft-able in luna, I don't see any reason why we can't get have PvP enchantment stones and fighting spirits or even genesis crystals in events. 

    Would be super helpful to -all- players.

  10. 14 hours ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    When I hit max level, I was dedicating some time of my day in Aion being in Morheim waiting for the twinks. And I remember when they came after low players RIGHT next to me, without fearing me... because inside their tiny heads, they have persuaded themselves of their unwritten rule that if you are past +9 levels of an enemy "you don't attack because it is not fair" or something. They were literally shocked when I would simply 1-shot kill them ruining their fun, of 1-shot killing the lowbies next to me! Then they would log in Asmodian alts just to use LFG and "bash" me for killing their twinks in an Asmodian land because of their own self written rules. They even pretended I was killing the fun of Aion... blatantly!

    OMG! I did this, too! I went to Eltnen each morning with my coffee and gathered for metals, gems and petals. While I was there I would go to all the kisk spots and kill them. I would respond to any call of twinks. If I ran across an active rift, I would sit down with a private store that read something like, "No ganking babies while I am watching." For at least that hour or so in the morning, players could get their "Killing for Castor" quest done.

  11. 7 hours ago, Aieryn-DN said:


    Lol, not what I meant at all, but,..................He, he, he,...........got some take home @$#&S too, lol.

    In all sincerity: Thanks Aly. I will be OK with time. Might even get skinnier (if thats even possible, lol, I'm 5-5, 110 now) cause one problem is in my esophagus (ew, I know) a long with 2 others. No "C" tho thank the Godstones (lol). Moving to Illinois soon so, better medical care.

    Cancer testing is never fun. Thank goodness you are clean at least for that. Luck with your health and luck with your move!

  12. Yikes. I posted a legit answer explaining something (and how to avoid it) because I thought you, @Ele-DN, were asking an actual question. I didn't make fun of your question. I wasn't sarcastic or condescending and you fired back with both. I'm with Cake on this. Are you alright? You are acting really weird.

  13. 8 minutes ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    Imagine if she played while we had the twink cancer back in he days where Morheim was a leveling map. Perma geared twinks killing people with 2 shots while on white-green gear and they complained when a high lvl toon came to scare them away because to them it wasn't "fair".

    Thank goodness twinking is dead.


  14. First, just because some back-arse legion that accepts everyone who applies from LFG doesn't have anyone doesn't say anything. Nor does a friend's list of people like yourself who, by your own admission, consider logging in at all to be a red letter day worthy of a post. Though for argument's sake, how many of those 220 players are alts. And how many of them haven't logged in more than 6 months? (As in.. they quit long before 6.x.)

    That being said, the population of Aion isn't good and will continue to dwindle until 7.0 is released. When it is, people will flock back and remain for about a month. I agree with you there. That's the way it is with all recent patches.

    I don't know why there has been no announcement regarding 7.0 for NA, but I can guess it's because we have one full-time person that works for Aion and BnS is getting all the shared resources first. We will get it eventually. I seriously doubt that it has been canceled. We just aren't anyone's top priority.

    As for bad decisions regarding 7.0? I don't know. Maybe. We occasionally get nice things made just for us. More so in the past than lately, but you never know.

  15. I guess so that people who still had guestblooms could at least finish them.

    There is a really small chance that when you feed someone else's bloom you will get the same type of guestbloom back. So there is a way to get new ones. Just not a very good or reliable way.

  16. On 6/20/2019 at 4:22 AM, cruucruu-DN said:

    wewt! finally i get into the forums! anyways. to answer all your questions no. Not hacks i am a sin with 30 ping lel. Half the skills in that one second @Shag-DN are scoundrels and apply lethal venom in which i have no control in how they work. as for popping 3 skills and a auto in one second welp. I am a sin with 30 ping dude its easy to pop one of the fastest chain skills *yes fang strike beast kick and beast swipe are a 3-chain* easily.as for recording on rainmeter everyone else explained that it is a bit delayed but ye. And to all those other commentators on my attack speed it is .8 and my running is 12.0 *ya know just good sin info, this is with kromede (or advanced version of saying it is its a purple!!!)* But thats just to clear it up I could care less if anyone in here thinks I hack or not.

    You haven't "arrived" in Aion until someone accuses you of hacking. So congratulations!