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  1. Did you "apply" to Unbeatable's group? Or was this is quick queue? If someone wants to restrict their groups to certain gear levels, then that is their right. If the group is marked "geared" and you apply and aren't, then that's on you for lying about your gear level. But if we are talking about a pug/quick queue, then they have no right to tell anyone that they have no right to apply. 

    Also, seeing a name that has popped up on The Big Bad Hat List, too. So all the gear in the world might not have made any difference in this particular situation.

  2. 1 hour ago, Afterglow-KT said:

    @Aly-DN I wouldn't get 5 per month because I would have had skipped a week and got 0. 

    So you forgot to turn in your IDD quest once and you want the way Prestige and all quests, really, to change? That's more than a little self-centered, don't you think?

    As Blue said, if they want to change it so that quests picked up when someone has Prestige can be turned in even after their Prestige has expired, that's fine. But no one should be able to turn in a weekly quest more than once per week.

  3. Just now, Afterglow-KT said:

    @Aly-DN Using the IDD example, by buying 1 month Prestige Pass, I've paid for 4 ultimate stones for 4 runs total, and that's what I basically want to receive, not having to pay again in order to receive the 4th stone I already paid for. Not sure how that's "basically double dipping". 

    If you get two one week, then you potentially get 5 in that month. Not 4.

    The thing is, you aren't paying for "4 ult stones from 4 runs". You are paying for the opportunity to get one free ult stone each week if you complete a quest. If you don't turn the quest in, then you didn't complete the quest. Completion requires delivering the quest.

    How many times have you killed the 10 enemies that you need to complete the "Lucky Room" quest that gives 20 GP and then forgotten to actually deliver (turn in/complete) the quest? So the next day you go to do it again and.. oops! You can turn it in for the new day, but you can't pick it up again because you didn't meet the requirements. The requirements being that it can only be completed once per day. You completed that quest once today and can't take it again.. even though you killed the enemies yesterday.

    The Prestige quests are the same. Part of the requirements are that you have to be a Prestige Pack member. Not just to pick it up, but also to complete it.

  4. So basically you want to be able to double dip just because your Prestige wore off during the week?

    If you take the IDD quest for example, it provides Prestige Pack people a way to earn one Ult PvE stone each week. If for some reason you take that quest but don't do an IDD, you won't get the stone that week. If you do the quest but don't turn it in until the next week, you can't retake the quest until the following Wednesday. That's the way the quests work normally with your Prestige active the whole time.

    You propose that if your Prestige expires, you should be able to earn 2 ult stones during the week where your Prestige wares out and you purchase a new one.

    How is that paying for something twice?

    Just make sure you to turn your quests in ASAP after doing them and you won't have an issue.

  5. 9 hours ago, Rondinho-DN said:

    @Cyan ppl still puting kisk inside boss room


    55 minutes ago, Vantheria-DN said:

    Seriously? Whoever did that is dumb af. Gonna get banneddddddd.

    You think?

    Let's see. We had people bragging about exploiting EC on the forums. We were told something was going to happen. A month later we are still waiting. Do you honestly think that anyone at NCWest cares that people are exploiting in seige?

    The only think painfully funny here is that once again we are told something is fixed and it isn't.

  6. 16 hours ago, Ele-DN said:

    As if the special 1% of the population has to type some command out just to play the game...

    Every player on DN on both sides had the same issue that you did. Both teleporters were swamped with kisks.

    You could: 

    • Move your camera until you could click the teleporter
    • Use the command /select Teleport Device
    • Use your mount to run to the altar you are attacking
    • Stand there for 20 min crying that you can't reach the teleporter, take screenshots and cry more on the forums that you can't reach the teleporter.

    You are the only person to chose the last. That makes you special indeed.

  7. 3 hours ago, Vantheria-DN said:

    A legionmate was governor on DN-A last month, and he just received his compensation ulti stones a few days ago. But most of us haven't received any compensation, and there's nothing about it here on the forums from Cyan. It's kind of weird.


    Received a mail today with the stones for the season before this. So we just have to wait for the stones for this season.

  8. 17 minutes ago, Vantheria-DN said:

    A legionmate was governor on DN-A last month, and he just received his compensation ulti stones a few days ago. But most of us haven't received any compensation, and there's nothing about it here on the forums from Cyan. It's kind of weird.

    @Cyan Relay to Support and Gideon that if this is true, it's completely unfair. All of those who won enchantment stones deserve the promised stones. Not just the governors or top ranks.

  9. 4 hours ago, xDeliric-DN said:

    Eh who need enchant stone .. more better luna ...

    We have already been promised the correct rewards, which are enchantment stones. 

    So we have gone another full month and still haven't been compensated correctly for the previous season and now need to be compensated for a second? Goodness. Saddest part here is that this is totally unsurprising.

    We are still getting old crafting mats and totally useless items from our Prestige Pack.. which we PAY FOR.

    Can't NCWest just take a day and update things for Aion? One single day. Just have everyone give this game that much of your time. Please.

  10. You: I don't want to play Aion, so shut it down!

    Us: But we still want to play.

    You: TerrificGlumDugong-small.gif


    Look. Time to put on your big boy panties. Stop posting from your merge name alt. Step out into the light and admit that you don't want to play Aion any more and JUST DON'T PLAY. You can do that without hiding who you are and without trying to force others to join you. 

  11. 8 hours ago, Camalus-KT said:

    Well.. Today, in ID.. i went in hide mode and a Glad went straight to me and attacked me.. I was like WTF?? and this guys was not using scrolls.. I did it 2 more times just to verify if he was using scrolls and nop, he wasnt..

    OMG! You found the one and only hacker in Aion! That's amazing!!!! /sarcasm

    Even what you are saying isn't solid proof that the guy was hacking. First, scrolls don't let people see in hide. Seeds do. You are a ranger, he or someone in his group that was in voice chat could have used a seed and seen you. Second, ID has some pretty obvious choke points. You don't need to see in hide to place your aoe in one of those and catch people moving out.

    In order to actually prove that the guy was hacking, you would need to provide a video and that video would need to cycle to every opponent that was near you so we could check for the use of seeds.

  12. 38 minutes ago, Ele-DN said:

    Want to try when i use my 50+ alts and put kisks down too?

    Figured you already were.

    Putting aside the thought of you standing there for 20 min, here is the thing. The Elyos already do the same thing to the Asmodian teleport. It doesn't bother you because you aren't using that teleport. I don't know which side started this and I don't care. Both sides are doing it now. So it's time to put on your big boy panties and learn2Aion or lace up your sneakers and starting running to Altars each evening.

  13. 16 minutes ago, Ele-DN said:

    pretty much. wasted 20+ mins on altars for 0 coins because of it.


    How is that even possible, Ele? 20 min trying to click your transporter? Seriously?


    That has to be an exaggeration. On the very off chance that you are telling the truth, you could have RUN to the altar you wanted to attack.


  14. 26 minutes ago, Ele-DN said:

    But way fewer. Unless you can teleport like normal which shouldn't take 30secs+ trying to find the teleport.

    So your point is.. Ofc we do it, too, but it's worse when I have to deal with it!




    Real video of Ele trying to use the teleport..