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  1. From the Weekly Maint post.. On a side note, we look forward to providing another update on your feedback early next week. We'll have details to share on Siege Schedule Changes, among other things.
  2. No. It is supposed to be on both servers and on all characters. What exactly can't you access? Try talking to the Prestige Vendors on both servers.
  3. All the Shibas! And I agree. The rewards for the event seem a little 6.0-ish. Help to those who are just starting or returning, but not a lot of help for your bread and butter players who have stuck with you.
  4. I'm shocked, but.. wow. Not sure how you got anyone to listen to you (and by extension, us), but good for you. Keep it up.
  5. Way to miss the point, Ele. My point again and slower, since you didn't get it the first time.. When someone points out an unfairness, telling them to "try harder" after pointing out that a year (or 2 or 5 or 10 years) ago something else was unfair is 100% sheer idiocy. There isn't shit nothing that anyone can do to fix the terrible things that happened to poor pathetic you a year ago. There isn't shit nothing that anyone can do about what happened to poor pathetic me in 2009 and 2010 and 2011 and and and.. But MAYBE there is something that the game can do to fix an unfairness
  6. It's much easier to see hackers when you fight against them than when you fight next to them. If you want to have a conversation about how many hackers there are -everywhere-, that's a good convo to have. But don't call out one side on one server. That's just foolish.
  7. *slow clap* How about how from 2009-2017 when Asmodians couldn't do anything on any server! TRY EVEN HARDER!!!!! /endsarcasm Arguing that something was worse a year ago doesn't make pointing out a disparity wrong. Seriously. Get a grip.
  8. Pretty sure that this change was intentional. Seen this happen far too often to believe anything else. It isn't good business to have something powerful easily farmable by bots.
  9. Good post. So here is the thing. I have been playing Aion since 2009. I have witnessed one hell of a lot in this game. I have stuck with it because Aion has always been my game. I tried different games, but always came back. @Melodiosa-KT's bolded comment above pretty much sums up this whole thing for me. When I saw this thread go up, I pretty much thought.. nothing is going to come of this. I posted first with simple needs. Hacks, pay2win and RNG. I have watched people post lengthy, well thought out posts that address all three. (Though by far, RNG seems to be most people
  10. @Archangelos-KT I was talking about the initial roll out of GP, where ranks were still perma and people could buy it and double dipped from the AP they had at the start. I agree with you when they made GP -reset-, it fixed some of the worst parts of GP. Keep in mind that in the beginning, AP was -spent-, too. So every time you bought a PvP item, you were forced to reset your rank. My first governor, Mac, was only saving for an AP bow. As soon as it bought it, he deranked and was happy to be a soldier again. Some people, me included, de-ranked ourselves by buying AP potions and t
  11. The first thing that I remember people quitting over (aside from racial imbalances) was the insane RNG in crafting the miragent/fenris pants. So as far back as 2009 RNG has been kicking Aion players in the nuts. I agree. Though I still feel that hand in hand with easing up on the reliance on RNG is banning hackers. It would be lovely to make actual gear progress, it won't matter if someone else is getting their skill out of a bottle.
  12. I recognize that you love Aion, @Nalariel-KT.. as we all do since we are still here and trying. We love Aion and, I think, we hate it as well. We know it could be so much better. We remember so many good times. So I respect that you want to see the game flourish again. In my heart of hearts.. I do, too. I am glad that you read what I wrote and I take no joy in that you can't really refute anything that I wrote. It's sad. I think we are all sad to some extent. I read through the new suggestions thread. We are seeing the same things posted over and over. People want less RNG. People wa
  13. Guess I will get the ball rolling! My top three.. Hackers Pay2Win Too much RNG/Poor RNG
  14. Nostalgia isn't a good reason to return to a game. Bringing back things that people liked (areas, instances, skins, etc.) may draw them in for a short period of time, but if the game is still a tidy-bowl of pay2win, gear disparity, RMT and hacks, players just aren't going to -stay-. Consider Aion runs an event to bring old players back. They push some combination of "the good ol' days" and hand out some free things. So old players log back in and walk around and smile. Until they get slaughtered in .25 seconds by a hacking, whale in +587 orange-omega gear that pulsates rainbows as they ma
  15. Wasn't that when they killed the dredg? Thinking back, I believe that most ban waves were for things like exploits and not specifically hacks. I can't recall a ban wave of no-ani hackers. But I can remember a number of ban waves for exploiting a loophole and buying kinah. I do remember targeted bans for people that did things like.. "flew" to the tops of towers to get more GP, clipped through walls to take down the respawn thingies during the world v. world sieges and sinking under the floor to clear fort instances solo. But those weren't exactly "ban waves". More a handful of people cau
  16. True. But Supermen (people who fly where they can't) do get banned more often than people who, say, no-ani. It's just much easier to prove that someone is flying where you physically can't fly then to try and get Support to understand that you just can't use 10 skills in a second. lol.
  17. Lol! That guy! I think that guy was banned WHILE HE WAS IN THE FORT INSTANCE hacking. Like he was in there and boom.. force logged out and couldn't log back in. Good times.. good times.
  18. I honestly don't care. What you are describing has happened so many times over the last 11 years that I lost track ages ago. Often times cheaters do prosper. What am I going to do about it? Cry on the forums? Because someone told me that something unfair happened? Been there.. don't that.. have the scares to prove it. I don't want to get banned. Therefore I do not cheat and I do not exploit. I don't like cheaters, so I personally don't play with them. I don't group with them. I stop grouping with people when I do find out that they cheat. I can control me and my own game environment. I la
  19. Let me point out your mistake, okay? You are getting all bent out of shape and slinging around words like "discrimination" because you HEARD that something happened. Let me let you in on a little secret.. people lie. Example, ages ago I was in a group of legion people who were going to run an instance. We got to the entrance and one of the people said they had to leave. With one spot open, we asked in legion for someone to fill the spot. A player in legion said they would love to go and said he would meet us inside. We went into the instance and were waiting. To check his progress ge
  20. My question back to you is.. why does it matter? I am pretty sure that players who spend a metric ton of cash in the game will get lesser punishments when caught up in a ban wave. Not only does it make business sense, but we have seen it in action. Anyone that didn't know this is lying. Also, I am very sure that spending wouldn't be the only mitigating factor. I'm sure that past conduct also factors into the severity of punishment. Did the player commit the cheat more than once? Have they been in trouble for other things in the past? In the end, it doesn't matter though. Aion is a private
  21. This is just precious! My favorite "I got banned, but.." excuse is ".. but someone cheated more!" All I gotta say is.. CYA! *insert cya gif*
  22. And that has been a problem with Aion since the game launched. At some point, even perfect play isn't going to beat raw numbers. This is just exacerbated by -behavior- of the geared within your own faction, since splintering the faction isn't going to help when you are already outnumbered by the other faction.
  23. I doubt anyone "turned off" pictures, since Hime did try to post weekly maint pics. It's more likely that something on the forums broke. The reason I didn't say anything is that I can't see NCWest spending any time or money to fix Aion's forums because.. Aion.
  24. Short answer.. no. The long answer is much longer, so stop reading if you aren't looking for a History of Aion lesson. Aion has a terrible track record for hacks and the ability to catch and punish hackers. It might be a coding thing. I'm not sure on that, but the major hacks catch up in less than 24 hours after a new major patch. So you do get no hackers for a small amount of time after each major patch. At least twice, NCSoft used GameGuard, but that never really worked. They did try to use Xigncode, which other games used with some success, but it never really came out of the "gat
  25. But you realize that this potato and his equally potato friends can't out dps two geared legions, right? Look. I agree with everything you said and posted so in this thread and others. But I am a realist. The reason this guy is "whining like a child" is that he could form a league with everyone he could find and still wouldn't out dps One and Clarity. He is essentially locked out of the content. He's free to try, but we know he isn't likely to succeed. As long as those legions -want- a boss, they will take that boss. That's just reality. They are 100% not breaking any rules by playing thi
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