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  1. Right. That's for Legions Of War.. a NCSoft game that is getting constant updates and attention. They could close the NCSoft offices for the next month and a half and we here in NA Aion wouldn't notice a difference. It's not as if we get much attention even when everyone is well and at their desks.
  2. PvE has always meant more towards the all elusive and mysterious "contribution" calculation. More so now, as TheSecretCowLevel points out, a further reduction in the weight of PvP in that calculation.
  3. Do you mean NCWest or NCSoft Korea? Not sure we need to worry about either.
  4. It's not that they have a dedicated (not as in "having a single-minded loyalty" but "devoted to as task". So it's not that the love the game, but that they don't have any other duties but to do things for Aion) staff because of those things you mentioned. It's because that staff has nothing else to do -but- do things for Aion that those things you mentioned happen. I can remember a time (before Valiant left to do other projects) that we 2 guys just do manage the BCM. And we had at least two guys (Valiant and Gideon, I think) working on content issues. AND.. we had two CMs just for us. And
  5. Technically, yes. He is the Game Producer at NCWest for Aion. He posted last month. Though, to be fair, he hadn't posted in the two years prior to that. The point being, even if he is working feverishly every day/all day on making Aion a better game, he isn't going to be able to compete with the full staff over at Gameforge.
  6. EU has dedicated staff. That's what EU has that makes their game run better than ours in all these little ways. They actually have staff looking at the offered events from Korea and picking the ones they like. That staff also changes the rewards from the pre-packaged vanilla rewards sent by Korea. They have staff to work on getting wanted changed to their client from Korea. They have staff dedicated to making sure their cash shop is up to date and has things people want. They have staff making sure that there sub has value and the things the players get from it are current to the patch and are
  7. Can we get GP for winning the beauty pageant?
  8. Let's start with a little history lesson. Way way back in the day, AP was king. AP (and medals from sieges) were used to buy PvP gear and AP also gave you rank. My first governor as an Elyos on Kaisinel was a ranger named Mac who was just saving to get his PvP bow. I don't think he actually wanted to be governor and I am not sure that he actually transformed since transforming actually cost AP and he was saving. Once he bought his bow, he deranked and happily kept his rank low so he could PvP without fear of losing rank to dying since when you died at a high rank, you lost tons of AP. I PvPed
  9. Ahh. I haven't done the quest since then. Explains a lot. So that blows. Can you abandon and retake the quest or is the person just screwed?
  10. Lol. True! But I have done that quest dozens of times and never seen those quest mobs not spawn! Nor had I ever seen the NPCs kill them all. So...
  11. My note for the longest time was "Getting to 5 Star one AP at a time". Destroying their kisks and then killing them before they could put another one down was the highlight of my day.
  12. The allied NPCs kill extremely slowly. Super super slowly. If you went into the instance and maybe afked for 15 to 20 minutes, -maybe- those NPCs would kill all the quest mobs.
  13. @Arhangelos-KT I did exactly that. I would gather around the Desert Garrison on my geared level 50 and kill every twink and every kisk I could find each morning while I had my coffee. It was a promise I made myself after surviving the hell that was leveling. If I couldn't find any twinks, I would set up a private store next to the rift portal exit saying, "You won't be killing any babies this morning." Twinks were cancer. I never saw one attack another twink. Ever.
  14. Did you try logging in and out to see if the quest mobs spawn? I don't think you can abandon that quest and restart it. If it allows you to abandon that quest, try that and then login and out and see if the quest pops up again. Did you take your helper NPC with you? If you didn't, go back to her and pick her up. You need her to complete the questline. If all else fails, you can try to contact support.
  15. If you want "The Old Aion" back and then say you "aren't into PvP", I am not sure you remember "The Old Aion". Aion at launch was a gank fest. There was perma rifting and twinks galore. There was no magic resist. There was no remove shock. So you were perma-stunned and/or feared until you died. Once you were at NTC level, if you so much as stepped a toe out of town, your ass belonged to twinks in full gold 30e who tore into you like you were wearing a mix of greens and whites.. which you were. It's funny that you say you missed the Desert Garrison. Never was there a more retched hive of
  16. If there is still roleplay, it's very underground. I remember days when you would go to the bars in Sanctum/Pandae and find groups of players roleplaying there. But those areas were closed off when the main cities were downsized. Also, in an effort to make leveling easier and more streamlined, many areas were removed from the game. Those areas were good rp areas. Lastly, there used to be a difference between the base story for Elyos and Asmodians. During the streamlining of the leveling process, the storylines were made identical. So there is no difference between an Asmodian and an Elyos. All
  17. I don't believe we have a fail-stack system in our enchanting. A fail-stack system basically means that on your character, the more times you fail in a row, the higher chance your next enchant will succeed. BDO has fail-stacks and there players purposely fail on a crap piece of gear before attempting to enchant the piece they actually want to enchant. It's a feature of the game. If Aion has fail-stacks, it's never been stated. As @Arhangelos-KT stated, what we have is an algorithm that is supposed to mimic randomness, but is based on some seed value. I don't know what that seed value is.
  18. It's not wiped out.. it's a block of ice. Remember this lady?
  19. Lore-wise the rest of the abyss, aside from Divine, is frozen over. So it's there, it just isn't survivable at this moment in time in the story. So this explains why mechanically we can't access those areas.
  20. Was this sent to Support? Even they should be able to see that this is a hack.
  21. Interesting. Though, let's be honest. This has less than nothing to do with Aion. But then again.. NCSoft going to E3 has less than nothing to do with Aion. It's all about the bazangas.
  22. Ahh. That. The last time we had a GP reset it was after 2 months as well. Figured it was the new feature and not a bug.
  23. The only way your accounts were deleted is if you played before the migration (account name) to the new login system (e-mail). This was probably.. 5 or 6 years ago? Maybe 7? And even then before anything was deleted, there was at least a year of requesting players migrate with incentives to do so and then emails sent to all account emails stating that unless you migrated your account to the new login system, it would be deleted. So it's sad if that's you, but you can't really blame NCSoft for that. As for the changes to crafting, you are a year+ late and definitely a couple of $$s sh
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