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  1. I kind of miss the days of Katalam, Danaria, Sarpan etc when you could go through the game skipping a good 200 quests, only doing a small fraction of instances, and still reach max level without repeating any quests. Like life, Aion, or any other game is nothing more than what you make of it. If you make it fun, it will be fun. I don't care for the grind at 71+, but i don't sit for hours repeating the same quest over, and over in one sitting. We log in do a few quests, and the next time we log in, we do different ones. Our legion will accept new members from level 1 up. If you want it to be fu
  2. IIRC, enchantment is supposed to be 100% success with shining enchantment stones, and highest grade supplements, which would be the greater as I have not seen higher ones. I have not done much enchanting with shining stones yet, but have a few pieces that I have taken to +15 both eternal, and mythic archdaeva items with regular enchantment stones and lesser to stamp greater supplements.
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