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  1. Wrapping Level 80 ap gear

    I was reading the patch note and I'll just copy and paste here. - This equipment cannot be traded. A single wrapping charge is added at enchantment level 25 (tempering level 10 for accessories), but cannot be re-added even if the equipment reaches that threshold a second time. A friend was able to +25 a glove, but the item information does not show a wrapping icon as other equipment that are able to be wrapped. Also, since the item is level 80 and the only current wrappings available are for mythic level 65 and below, how do we go about to wrapping the new gear? https://imgur.com/a/HuuHx Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
  2. Temper power event

    Can anyone tell me what the following rewards are? The plume gives: Warsinger's Armor Warsinger's Pauldrons Warsinger's Helm The bracelet gives: Skystrike Armor Skystrike Epaulettes Skystrike Visor Can't find anything on aiondatabase please some information will help me decide which item to temper thanks.
  3. Event tree's in Katalam

    Hi Cyan, The event trees has all been resetted to level 1 after some unexpected shutdown of katalam server on monday evening approximately around 9:00 pm server time. There's only 1 day left of this event, can you do something about this quickly?