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  1. Templar Help

    Thanks Vantheria I shall have a read. I'm not super serious PvP. But its still nice to have something to aim at.
  2. Templar Help

    So I'm running around with my templar in the default Enshar Armour set (Elite Fledgeling Daeva). But I need to be moving along to something else. Whats my best direction and how too I get going in that direction. I've looked at both the Remodelled Danmar and the Fearless/Fierce sets. But no real idea how they scale up as the enchantment level scales up. So any help would be great. I'm happy for someone to point me to a list of stats and I can read up. Cheers Anyone.
  3. Ranger Essence Spends

    Thanks for the Insight MayBlue. I've tried a few ideas but nothing really works. So may just go the same as you and dump it into Precision.
  4. Ranger Gear

    Thanks MayBlue. I have a fair few of those coins already, well over 1100. I might go and look at whats on offer. I know I'm going to need a lot more as well you always do. Been looking at the Protector Quests as well as the kit rewards are very nice.
  5. Ranger Essence Spends

    Thanks, certainly gives me an idea of a direction to look at.
  6. Ranger Essence Spends

    I've only been playing about a month and my Ranger has now hit the fun of level 66. What sort of direction should I be thinking with Essence?
  7. Wrapping Scrolls

    Could someone help me out with this. I can find loads of info on Wrapping scrolls, but I can't find out how you get them? Can I craft them, buy them from a vendor, is it only with N coins or what?? These are the things I'm on about. http://store.aiononline.com/cube/detail?goodsNo=6507016&categoryPath=1_6_9&page= http://aiondatabase.net/us/item/165020031/?sl=1 Thanks for any help folks.
  8. Ranger Gear

    Thanks Moo, I'll go and find that and see when I can get on it. I have the full Resurgent set, but you can't do much to it
  9. Ranger Gear

    I'm pretty new to the game been playing about a month now. I'm lvl55 and was wondering if anyone had some good links/ideas to the sort of gear I should be looking to be aiming at from now on. Thanks for any help..