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  1. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    @Shaidessa-KT - That was well written, excellent job! You're exactly right, there is RNG at every corner of the game. Sadly, this is 100% intended and planned. They create problems to sell you the solution. Failed enchanting your Daevanion skill to +14? Are you all the way back to +10? No worries! Check out our BCM shop, you can buy our Daevanion Essence which prevents your skill decreasing levels if you fail. Wait, wait are you having trouble socketing that last manastone slot? Has it failed 20 times on you and wasted your Ultimate Manastones that you farmed so hard for? Well, we have just what you need Daeva! You can buy our Manastone Socketing Supplements which guarantee's your socketing for only 480 coins! Your goldsand shop, crafting, and NPC potions aren't healing enough? Well, look no further, we have 20% heal potions in the shop! Ultimate Enchantments stones rare to come by? Fast, hurry, check out our BCM shop for a limited time only we have Ultimate enchantment stones and they're only $7.00 each!! Don't miss this chance, nyerk, nyerk *Enchantment success is not guaranteed* Young Daeva, have you wasted countless accessories and ornaments trying to get the gemstone and runestone symbol you're wanting? You've come to the right place, we have just what you're needing! For a stellar deal of 3.5k NC coins you can purchase our Rebirth Manastone Fastener which resets your gemstone or runestone slot! Goodluck Daeva! All the RNG is planned and designed so they can sell you items so you can actually make progress in the game. Ncsoft your method to increase revenue by all this RNG bullcrap is not working. Your BCM prices are insane, and your P2W events are even too expensive for the whales. We're in the middle of a pandemic and you're charging $1,000 for skins. Cmon....seriously? You're so out of touch with your player base. You're driving off loyal customers by the droves, and scaring off any potential new customers. Just look at your forums, it is entirely embarrassing 99% of threads/posts is the playerbase begging for change, and mentioning hackers running rampant on your servers. What do you think potential new customers think when they see this? They RUN! Aion had its lowest sales ever in Q4 2019, and the 1st quarter of 2020 is not looking good either. Private server's populations are growing strong, and have more players than actual retail servers. It won't be long until you're down to only 1 server in NA which is really sad to see. I think most people will agree with me on this when I say, we're unable to invite our friends and family to play with us. I would be so embarrassed to invite anyone to play here. The price to be able to actually play and compete is so insanely high its absurd. You could spend $200-$500 just to get 1 Legendary Transformation and not even get the transformation you need for your class! It's not causal player friendly at all. What other games charge these prices, what other games have such rigorous RNG system? It's no wonder people are sticking with battle royale and MOBA games. Right now your casual players are being suffocated and buried alive. The only ones making it in this game are the whales, and the hackers who farm Luna all day using "Ice Cream". In 7.7 update....players will be able to run (4) clients at a time. THIS IS NOT what players want. We want to be able to play on our main character and be able to reach end gear playing casually. We don't want to have to play on 10 accounts and have 100 alts chars to be able to progress, that is just ridiculous. It would be nice to actually have a chance to try out other classes but that is impossible it's already insanely hard to gear up 1 toon. Like several users already suggested play your own game from scratch fully f2p and see just how difficult and grueling it is for your players. Your whales will eventually get bored when there is no one left to fight. Even with the cross server you can barely find any pvp on Demaha. On Lakrum it's mostly full of ungeared people farming, and they die in 2 hits...the fight lasts for like 30 seconds and then you're back to running around the map 10-15 mins looking for an interesting fun fight. Right now It's very very boring. Things look gloomy right? But you still have a shot at surviving a few more years and increasing your revenue. Here's what you do - Number 1. Listen to your player base. Enchantment system Increase enchantment success rates for Stigmas, Daevanion skills and Armor. Remove the decrease of level when you fail. Let's stop punishing players for failing, you already lose your rare material that should be enough punishment. I think the Minion enchanting system is awesome, when you fail it sucks, but it sucks ALOT less knowing that your minion doesn't decrease its level and you have a higher chance to succeed next time. It's really great, and I would use this system across the board. You fail combining 2x legendary transforms? Well, you have a higher chance to succeed next time. It provides a great motivation to keep going on, and not giving up and quitting. BCM shop You must lower your prices in the shop and update it. You have to make it affordable for the average USA citizen and your foreign players. A lot of people don't mind blowing $20-$200, but they don't like flushing their money down the toilets and watching their items fail and decrease in level only to be worse off then when they started. *We have two new ultimate transformations arriving soon Ereshkigal and Tiamat, 98% of the population doesn't even have Kaisinel who was released in 6.0. I suggest adding the following items: Random Legendary Transformation Contract - $25 Selective Legendary Transformation Contract - $40 Random Ultimate Transformation Contract - $75 Selective Ultimate Transformation Contract - $100 The Style, Housing, and Mount section needs updating...this should be a huge source of revenue for you guys....but you gotta add nice stuff in there. I would have bought the Fairy dress and other costumes already. Prestige should be your main steady income - However, it needs a huge update and better rewards. Here are some more bonuses Prestige can provide. 1. Increase in enchantment success rates by 5% for Prestige players 2. Add repeatable quests for Prestige players with good rewards such as -Experience Marks, -Stigma Enchantment Stones, -Ulimate Enchantment Stones -Transformation Contracts - 50 types with higher chance for ancient/legendary. -Gemstones and Runestones with a chance to get dazzling/shining/normal.\ Kinah 3. Update the Prestige Vending Machine with current items and reasonable prices. 10k Prestige coins for 1x Ultimate Enchantment stone is not okay. Kinah Kinah is the main currency in game yet it's insanely hard to get. Your Renown vendors sell 5 million Kinah bundles for 5 Experience Marks. We need an extra 0 added to the end of that Kinah amount. It's just not worth while, Exp Marks are very difficult to get and we need them for other items to progress in the game. The trade broker fees are to high, lower the fees! Increase Kinah rewards amount from Altars and Siege by alot, 200k Kinah is nothing. Crafting There is nothing good to craft anymore, so you can't sell anything valuable. The 20% Mysterious Potions , Mysterious Serums, Mysterious Healing Potions, and Mysterious Food should all be craftable and sellable. There are no beautiful armor sets to craft anymore, all the craftable baluar sets were removed which is just a shame. They should have been kept, and new ones added every patch. This way a great way to make kinah selling remodels and also very fun to craft. Gemstone/Runestone Let players select which type of slot they want on their accessories and ornaments when they open them up. You can still sell the Rebirth Manastone Fasteners. Players will want to change and play around with their build and will need this item to reset the type of slot. Also, once we gather 100x of the gemstone/runestone shards we should be able to select which one we want or at least get one for our class. Experience It’s difficult to obtain Experience Marks.I suggest lowering the amount of Exp marks required for some items sold by the Renown vendors. Increase XP gain from mobs and re-add XP to quests. We also need XP for <Bobonerk’s Coin> to morph Legendary/Ultimate Stones. Adding a weekend XP/AP boost would be very nice. Enchantment Stones/Transformations/Stigma Enchantment We need more methods in game to obtain these items. I could go on and on, but I think that’s enough for now.