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  1. Just give us garden or forest of life and we'll be happy. No one wants auto-hunt.
  2. @Kibbelz We need server transfers open or serve merge. DN Elyos is dead the broker is empty and classic isn't even open yet.
  3. @Kibbelz EU/KR both have had these events....NA has yet to see these transformations. Please make a push to the devs about our server getting these ❤️
  4. That's a nice story. You just happen to have a friend that's quitting who is selling +9 paragon on broker for kinah. Your story is very believable. The only part I believe is that you got it on broker, but a GM sold it to you when you paid $$$ through PayPal. I mean he can't place the items directly in your inventory that would make it easy to catch. Atleast now you have a story to sell to GMs that you found the items in broker and had no idea where they came from.
  5. Is Ncsoft going to address this exploit or do we need to chargeback all the $$$ we spent to legitimately get our items? @Hime@Gideon@Loki@Kibbelz
  6. Is this another visual bug ? : ) @Devil-KT Fly high little birdie
  7. @Kibbelz NCSTUPID your new name. You really think relocating the rewards will help your DEAD game thrive any better? The only way to progress in this game is with your crappy ass events that are usually a hit and a miss. Other than that people resort to using vanilla or the black market to actually progress in this game. You have 6 HUGE maps and barely any players; these maps are empty nearly 24/7 which is sad. You don't need me to tell you this I am sure you can tell by your huge decline in sales for 2020 which was the lowest year in sales for Aion since the game opened. Most of t
  8. @Shaidessa-KT - That was well written, excellent job! You're exactly right, there is RNG at every corner of the game. Sadly, this is 100% intended and planned. They create problems to sell you the solution. Failed enchanting your Daevanion skill to +14? Are you all the way back to +10? No worries! Check out our BCM shop, you can buy our Daevanion Essence which prevents your skill decreasing levels if you fail. Wait, wait are you having trouble socketing that last manastone slot? Has it failed 20 times on you and wasted your Ultimate Manastones that you farmed so hard for?
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