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  1. Aion : Art videos

    Hi, Visit the cold climate of Oriel / Pernon https://youtu.be/_ZRhohP6AUQ
  2. Aion : Art videos

    Hey, Discover the tribute for the Old Pandaemonium : https://youtu.be/ZYOypu6NkfA
  3. Aion : Art videos

    Hey, Discover the beauty of Enshar, land of Lord Beritra. https://youtu.be/bLTHppuuF1A
  4. Aion : Art videos

    Hey, Uncover the beauty of Cygnea, land of Beritra. Enjoy!
  5. Aion : Art videos

    Hey, Check this time the lost land of Nosra / Norsvold on the asmodian side. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/UeWD-Ndp9fo
  6. Aion : Iluma

    Hi everyone, Check the latest art-video about the lost land of Iluma. Enjoy !
  7. Aion : Levinshor

    Hey, Uncover the beauty of the lost land of Levinshor. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/C2P_8ecGO10
  8. Anyone interested in Fanart?

    Wow that's beautiful
  9. Aion : Cities of Shadow

    Hey, Here's the 2nd part of Aion : Cities, showing the beauty of Asmodian landscapes. https://youtu.be/oT6Jaht7AwQ
  10. Aion : Cities of Light

    Hey, Here's another Art-video, keeping in mind some fragments of Verteron, Eltnen and Theobomos. Enjoy!
  11. Aion : Katalam

    Thank you all! My video reached 400 views in 24 hours! To thank my community, I share with you the trailer for the next two Art-videos! https://youtu.be/0Mdx08Bwapc
  12. Aion : Katalam

    Hey, I share with you my last art-video about Katalam and Denaria. Hope you enjoy!
  13. Ranger Tips

    Hi, I share with you some little-known tips on the ranger Hope you enjoy!
  14. Aion : Old Sanctum

    Hi, I present you my last video keeping in memory some fragments of the old Sanctum. Hope you enjoy!