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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 8, 2020

    Not sure what is going on, but I've been booted off of DN server twice now in the last 30 minutes. Am I the only one having this problem today?
  2. Something really should be done about this; If it were DN getting free entries every week, KT would be demanding compensation as well.
  3. Siege Schedule Poll

    I have to say that I am liking the way this poll is leaning at the moment. Ideally, altars at 8pm or 9pm EST and siege at 10pm would be amazing. Keep voting guys!!
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

    I am going to echo the frustration and anger of my colleagues. There is NO WAY I am going to make 12am siege! Did you all even taken a moment to consider the consequences? North American server and no way for Americans to participate. PLEASE RECONSIDER.
  5. Latency Issues when will it be fixed?

    I was actually able to siege in Gelk last night and not disconnect for the first time since the big update. The lag was still insane and I was barely able to use my skills, but at least I was able to stay logged in and get a few hits and heals in. However, I still feel the lag on occasion while completing kill quests and it is far from ideal.
  6. is the game in a maintenance?

    Yes, servers were taken down so they could attempt to fix the egregious lag problem. I don't know why they didn't explain that on the forums.
  7. [Aion 7.5] GemStone Skills

    LMAO, thanks @DevilNest-KT. I actually did hover over the icons before I made my post to see if they had a URL attached to them, but for some reason the link didn't show up. 🤣 Sorry!
  8. [Aion 7.5] GemStone Skills

    Which gemstone skill does that? Sorry, I am still trying to wrap my head around all this. 😅
  9. The lag is getting worse

    I don't blame you for not wanting to download funny-sounding programs to your PC. This is clearly not a problem WE need to fix. I would advise all players to continue to send in tickets though as @Hime instructed because the more reports they get the more they will be pressured to do something about it.
  10. Game Update Maintenance - May 27, 2020

    Good to know that Katalam is lagging too. At least we are in this together!
  11. Server Lag on Danaria

    I have my ping reducer on and I am still experiencing massive lag spikes and disconnecting left and right. Everyone is complaining. This is madness. 😫 Guess I'll give up for the night and try again tomorrow!
  12. Any hope for more available cosmetic items?

    @Hime, thank you! It would really mean a lot to us!
  13. Farewell Daevas!

    I said I appreciate the fact he actually logged in and interacted with us, even while we were directing all our anger and frustration towards him. I never tried to kiss his ass. 🤣
  14. I just tried to complete that mission too and realized it was broken. @Hime, could you please report this error so we can get this quest fixed?
  15. Farewell Daevas!

    Going to really stink not having you here, @Cyan. You were the only one who managed to log in every week and keep us from burning the place down, lol.
  16. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 1, 2020

    @Cyan, could you PLEASE ask them to remove Berdin's Lucky Stars from event rewards already??? 🙄
  17. Please take stupid Snake costume(s) off BCM

    @Arhangelos-KT, well I didn't mean to imply he did it on his own free will. I just meant he is literally the ONLY person they make sure logs in every now and again. 😤
  18. Please take stupid Snake costume(s) off BCM

    I remember that statement being made as well. 😐 It's laziness and disinterest in the game on their part. I wish @Cyan had more power. He's the only one that even bothers to log in and face us each week.
  19. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 25, 2020

    @Cyan, would it be possible to reset the daily timer for the [Event] Storm Tokens on the Black Cloud Market? Please? My mom is in the hospital and I wasn't able to get online until really late last night to collect my tokens. I'm certainly not looking forward to logging-in at that hour every night for the next month or so. 😪
  20. NCSoft give us Daeva Dash event!

    I am going to assume you are directing this attack at me? 😂 May I also assume you are one of those players I was referencing? There's nothing wrong with "team-play", but reentering the course when you have already crossed the finish line and your team has won the race is not "team-play", it is poor sportsmanship. You are free to disagree, and I am free to participate in whatever event I wish to.
  21. NCSoft give us Daeva Dash event!

    Daeva Dash was great fun, but there were lots of bugs on the course that made it difficult to run. I don't know what the odds are of us getting the event back, but I would hope they would clean it up a bit, and restrict players from re-entering the course after they've crossed the finish line. 🙄
  22. Proper way to warn someone in violation of tos!

    You might want to try not doing illicit things in mixed company. 😏 I agree with you about the skin thing though.
  23. Hey guys, I've been debating whether or not to replace my D drive with a larger one and have a rather interesting question. My Aion game folder is located on that drive, so I am wondering if I transfer those files over to a new drive, will the character customization files in my screenshot folder still load in the character creation screen? If anyone knows for sure, please let me know!
  24. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 5, 2020

    @Cyan, I'd like some clarification on the Daily Mount Box now available on the Black Cloud Market. Does this item expire, or is it a permanent item you can reuse every day as advertised? I ask because there is no time limit stated on the item in the store, but I asked a player in LFG and they said it expires after 30 days. If so, this is false advertising and it needs to be addressed. Personally, I would like to think the player was mistaken.
  25. Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback

    I'm not sure if the NCWest team is taking notes or not, but so far I've seen some great feedback and suggestions. Because I support a number of the ideas already shared, I'll just highlight the areas I'd most like to see improved: Instances -- more XP from mobs and better drop rates. I don't think anyone else has addressed this yet, but I would also like to see more GROUP DROPS in instances. I know you guys recently changed some of the equipment boxes from [Mission] instances to group drops, but I think ALL equipment boxes should be group drops; Everyone in a group should be rewarded for their effort. Skins -- ADD MORE SKINS. The BCM, Golden Sand Traders and Luna shop should cater to our interests, and one of those interests is skins. In addition, I believe all skins purchased from the Black Cloud Market should not have a limit on how many times they can be used; I shouldn't have to spend money to use something I have already PAID for. Account Warehouse --- as mentioned numerous times in this thread, allow us to trade through the account warehouse all non-tradeable items such as MINIUM, ENCHANTMENT STONES, and MANASTONES. Housing -- UPDATE HOUSING. Add all of the old Construction craft furniture to the merchants in Pernon/Oriel. Allow us the ability to buy furniture paint directly form the merchants. Give us more blooms to put in our homes and more items to buy with our guestpetals. Thank you!