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  1. Fix for House Script Bug

    Wow. If it is that simple to fix, why don't they just correct the problem themselves instead of leaving us to replace the missing file every damn time we have to update the launcher?
  2. More Character Slots

    I know I'm beating an old drum here, but I will continue to advocate for this suggestion until it is implemented. We have 11 classes (12 if and when they release the second muse subclass) and only 8 character slots per account. If they are not going to make it easier for us to switch between accounts, then they should at least provide us with enough space on a single account to make each class. It is hard enough switching between your main and your storage account when you need to reach for something useful, but having to juggle 2 accounts just to play all 11-12 classes is a headache, especially if you are like me and have asmos and elyos on different accounts. Please give us the benefit of more character slots per account. I am aware this isn't something NcWest can do on their own. I just ask for someone with a loud enough voice to listen and respond to our request.
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 8, 2017

    I can only speak for myself and a friend that was with me yesterday, but I really didn't notice much lag at all until we reached the end of our run. We both noticed a lag spike shortly before logging off for the day, so I'm curious to know if anyone else experienced a problem?
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 8, 2017

    I see some people woke up on the wrong side of the cage this morning. lol Can't imagine trying to run Kamuki's with these DDoS attacks still occurring. I guess I'm thankful it isn't a particularly difficult event, but the prizes aren't really worth the frustration.
  5. Ongoing DDoS Service Impact

    If anyone sucks shugo it is the pathetic individuals attacking our servers, but I share in your frustration.
  6. The silence needs to end.

    Oh, I agree with you that there are those who are perfectly fine with cheating as long as they themselves are benefiting in some way. That doesn't mean that the cheaters do not deserve to be punished or removed from the game entirely. Likewise, if players were convinced that they could be permanently banned for enabling someone else to cheat, they would be less likely to allow cheaters in their group. Cheating would still happen of course, but I think it would be much less pronounced.
  7. The silence needs to end.

    lol, I'm not sure what part of my response triggered you, but I can assure you that if I were a cheater or even associated with cheaters, I wouldn't be on here trying to help them get banned.
  8. The silence needs to end.

    NCWest needs to finally take the initiative and employ someone to log into the game periodically and combat the cheating as it happens. The only way to combat the hackers and the exploiters is to catch them in the act and strike them down on the spot. Players reporting players isn't enough. We need someone actively monitoring the servers for bannable offenses. Until there is a virtual cop pointing a loaded gun at their heads, they will continue to get away with it. Just my two cents. I know nothing we suggest is going to rid us of the problem entirely, but I feel this would at least be a step in the right direction.
  9. Character created on Tiamat and Isphreal are gone.

    My advice would be to work primarily with one character on one server until you hit level 50, then move on to another character if you wish to switch sides for a while. I agree that the game-play is a bit monotonous, but you have that with just about every mmo out there. The biggest difference in gameplay between the Elyos and Asmos (at your level) is the Elyos have the Krall as the primary aggressors, while the Asmos have the Mau. Both sides have their own climate and unique map layout, so it is not like you are staring at the same thing all the time. Also, the reason the missions are so similar at that level is because they are trying to teach you the mechanics of the game. I'm not trying to convince you to stay, I am simply saying that if you want to enjoy the game you can find a way to do so. I happen to be a mission junkie and for me to enjoy the game I have to focus on one toon before switching to another. It would also help if you keep track of the missions you do on one toon so that you don't end up doing the same exact ones over and over again. BTW, I am in no way financially invested in this game. I see the flaws in the gameplay, truly I do, but I stick around because there is literally nothing I'd rather look at.
  10. Hair Tickets

    As many times as hair-change tickets were brought up on the old forums w/o any official response, I am pretty surprised to hear that we could be seeing them soon. Personally, I'm excited about it - so long as they are set at a reasonable price!
  11. Overpowered lvl 10 Gear, Why?

    I feel a large part of the reason this game is failing so badly is because literally anyone can reach endgame content within a short weeks time. This is suppose to be a heavily lore-based gamed with missions and campaigns designed to teach you as you level. Now that the player-base is actually encouraged to skip over the very basics of the game, we end up with lvl 60+ noobs running around and players that get bored with the content almost as soon as they get started.
  12. Character and Legion Name Ownership Policy

    I couldn't agree more! Losing a character name that you have had since 2013 to some newbie who probably logged in and rush leveled their toon to 65 in a week is in no way fair. Seniority should be priority #1.
  13. Please bring asmo claws and manes back...

    We should definitely have the option to keep our claws. Why give us the ability to keep one feature, but not the other? I don't design my Asmodians to look like Elyos for a reason.
  14. Housign Scripts still bugged

    So that's what happened, then? Wish somebody had explained that back when people were complaining about it on the old forums. Guess that means I can't shrink anything in my studio anymore.
  15. Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22

    Yes, my question was pertaining to a person who owns a legion and is being forced to transfer in order to avoid faction conflicts. So I guess the answer to my question is this: I will have to disband the legion and sell/trash whatever I can't fit into my personal inventories -- which in my case would be practically everything. Or maybe I will just set fire to my legion warehouse and ask for the insurance company to reimburse me.
  16. Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22

    First of all, THANK YOU! The fact that you listened to your player-base on this critical issue is a huge step in the right direction. I also think delaying the server merge a little longer is a smart decision. That being said, having to wait an undisclosed amount of time to transfer my main is a little disconcerting. I also hate the idea of booting my toons from my own legion in order to transfer them, which leads me to an important question: What are legion admins suppose to do with the materials in their legion warehouses? It states that you can not be a member of a legion to transfer, so where exactly do we store all of our mats so we can transfer them with us? Surely you do not expect our legion-mates to have enough free space in their personal inventories to transfer everything?
  17. Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22

    For the sake of having my voice heard concerning this critical issue, I have to say I completely agree with Talisman. When you announce to the player-base that they need not worry about character transfers for they will be provided for free, you can not simply go back months later and say, "oh, we are sorry. we talked it over and now you will have to pay for this service". We know you want badly for this game to succeed, but screwing over the player-base is not the way to do it. Please reconsider your options. Thanks.