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  1. you've butchered your own game...

    Hence why they are failing so epically at their jobs. Nobody is enjoying the game anymore because they have removed or drastically altered so much of the content that gave us players a sense of accomplishment and freedom. Time and time again they force us to start over from scratch by introducing some new way of doing things that ends up biting us all in the arse. The game is getting smaller and smaller, and when you have nothing to do in-game but rage about how unfair that game is, it isn't fun anymore. Does that sound like fun to you?
  2. Do you guys remember when...

    The harsh reality is, everything I once got excited about has been annihilated from the game. There's literally nothing I look forward to anymore. It has gotten to the point where I'm not even playing. I hardly log in to check for kinah bundles anymore. I don't know why I'm hanging onto to my account. I guess I'm just waiting for an official announcement that the servers are closing or something. Even if I were to find a new game to play, I don't think I could bring myself to uninstall Aion until that happens. 😭
  3. Do you guys remember when...


    Happy Holidays, all! ✌ Let's hope the new year brings something better than the nyerk we got landed with this year. 🤣
  5. Aion Tshirts When?

    Are you talking about the t-shirts they were supposed to send out for the Daeva's Day card contest winners?
  6. Aion 7.5 translation gave me headache

    Not sure why they try so hard to nyerk up their own game. 😩
  7. 7.5 INFO HERE NOW !

    Wait a sec, I am confused. Where does it say in the patch notes that they are removing Cygnea and Enshar? Perhaps I missed it. Edit: Nvm, I found it on powerbook, "Signia/Vengar regions have been removed." I have to say, I always liked the aquatic theme of Enshar. Going to miss that.
  8. 7.5 INFO HERE NOW !

    What the heck is going on with this game? These maps are a nyerking mess.
  9. I think both can happen at the same time. Certainly, they need to bring us new content to keep the game moving forward, but I would also love to see some of the old content revamped and brought back in some shape or form.
  10. What you do with your right hand ?

    Looks like I am not the only one who checked to see if this thread was in the off-topic section. lmao
  11. October Store Suggestions

    MOUNTS!!! @Gallium-DN, thanks for the images. I want that red bike!
  12. Character Customization Files

    Great to hear it! Thanks!
  13. Warning - Before You Accept the Vandal Pack!

    @Maika-DN Sadly, that type of nyerkity response is consistent with what I've experienced from Support in the past.
  14. Warning - Before You Accept the Vandal Pack!

    I'm not surprised they wouldn't transfer it after you used part of it. Not sticking up for management in any way, but that just makes sense. This whole mess simply shouldn't have happened in the first place.
  15. Warning - Before You Accept the Vandal Pack!

    For real tho? I've been waiting TWO WEEKS to claim this set and now I can't even claim it on the toon I want to? You've had TWO WEEKS to explain this to us. TWO NYERKING WEEKS!
  16. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 11, 2019

    @HealingSquid-KT, I wonder what would happen if we all sent in a ticket like that? lmao
  17. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 11, 2019

    How about we get an answer as to when the Vandal Gear Pack will be released? It's almost as if they expect us to forget about it.
  18. Question on Free Vandal Gear Pack

    I'm hopeful we will hear something about the release of the Vandal pack tomorrow during maintenance.
  19. Event and Bots

    Not sure why anyone is getting their underpants in a knot over someone complaining about event bots. Both alts and bots coexist during events so there's no point in denying it. If OP is confusing alts for bots that is his problem, but as @DevilNest-KT said, it is pretty easy to tell the difference.
  20. Event and Bots

    Report the nyerk out of them. It may not make any difference, but in the off-chance some of them are banned or suspended I'll be happier for it. I agree with you though. For big events such as this one there really should be someone monitoring. RNG is bad enough without having to deal with the lag that comes with an army of bots.
  21. Aion: Mark of the Vandal Known Issues - August 21

    @Aly-DN, I don't know for how long the Prestige Pass has been working as intended, but I am sure you are right in assuming it will be at least a weeks time before the pack is sent out. I'm just anxious and would like an exact date because I'm trying to plan a few things (IRL) around its release.
  22. Aion: Mark of the Vandal Known Issues - August 21

    @Cyan, when are the Vandal packs going to be sent out? Prestige is fixed, amiright? What's the hold up?
  23. Can't play today; keep crashing...

    When I first logged on to my account today I got disconnected and the Send Game Log dialogue popped up. This is the first time I have had this problem in a very long time. Happy to report though, I logged back on and didn't have any further trouble.