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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 3, 2019

    Thank you for the response! Not sure if the developers heads are in the sand or in the clouds at this point. Is it possible to be both? lol
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 3, 2019

    @Cyan Which patch can we expect to see the eye discoloration bug fixed? People have been asking about it after every maintenance for months on end, and it has been on the list of known issues since last October. I know you guys are working on a lot of things, but frankly, so much time has passed that we are all under the impression it has been completely ignored. I'm not sure what else we can do to stress the fact we want this addressed. Please provide us with some form of news guys!
  3. 6.5 !?!

    @Cyan Will there be any notable bug fixes coming with this patch? :wink: :wink :wink:
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 13, 2019

    Still no reason to log in I see. Such a sad state of affairs. When are you guys at NCWest going to wake up? We've been asking for the same fixes for months now and there's still no word that anything is ever going to change. This game is as good as dead and the only people who seem to care are the players. And you know what else is sad? I'm starting to get use to the idea of leaving and never coming back. Nothing about logging on to Aion makes sense anymore. I know the bigwigs in Korea are to blame for shitty decision-making, but you guys are suppose to be our advocates. You owe it to us to make this a positive gaming experience for all and you are not delivering. @Cyan I'm sorry you are sent here each and every week to get badmouthed and spit at for your team's shortcomings. We should stop blaming you for something you clearly have no control over. You are the messenger and they are not providing you with anything worthy to report.
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 6, 2019

    @Cyan Could you please give us a way to block specific user comments on the forums? Thanks!
  6. One of the WORST garbage mmorpgs I've ever played

    I do not expect, nor do I desire to have anything handed to me. I like working for my gains. But I also prefer a game that doesn't punish me for wanting to play it. Regardless of how long the OP has been playing, I think most of his complaints are valid. Yes, his criticisms would carry a lot more weight if he had played the game for longer than three foolish days, but I understand his frustration.
  7. Things that were deleted unnecessarily

    I share in your frustration. Taking away the construction profession and then offering us no way to acquire those items is inconsiderate. They aren't making a profit off of selling old furniture designs because those items aren't even on the BCM, so why did they remove them? Just another case of sheer carelessness I'm afraid.
  8. @Cyan could you at least tell us if we are waiting for a patch for the bugged eye situation to be fixed? I mean, we've been waiting months for some form of an update. Are the guys over there even still breathing????
  9. The transformation system as it is now is absolute garbage. The removal of skins and decent mounts from the Luna shop and BCM is extremely upsetting. The ridiculous prices at the broker and the inability to trade common items between toons on the same account is incomprehensible, but neither of these changes would be so bad if the drop rate for kinah, gear and other necessities were much much greater. Pros? I've always appreciated the character customization screen -- granted, it could be improved. I use to love the fact we had so many intricate maps to explore, but so much of that has been removed that the game world is in need of a massive expansion pack. Skins have always been a big deal to me, so the fact we could get different styles of clothing from each map encouraged me to go out and loot for hours. I'm also a big fan of questing, so I liked it better when we had a lot of quests to choose from and didn't have to repeat the same ones on each toon.
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 13, 2019

    I too have drastically cut down on my playing time due to this godforsaken bug. It has affected the vast majority of my characters for nearly four months now and I'm getting really sick and tired of looking at it. They have had ample time to fix this stupid eyesoar, and the fact we have to keep twisting their virtual arms to get them to even acknowledge that the bug still exists is absolutely maddening. I truly question how much longer I am willing to wait before I just stop logging on altogether.
  11. Things that were deleted unnecessarily

    Thankfully, they just added a list of pets to the BCM if you really want one. Granted, it is pretty limited when you consider the variety of pets we can no longer acquire now that organizations have been removed. @Cyan - any chance we could see those critters added to the pet merchants in the future? (Not sure why I'm even asking) Frankly, I think it is just plain sad how little they care about player expression these days. We are limited on the mounts we can buy, the pets we can adopt, the furniture we can put in our houses, and most pressingly, the skins we can wear. It has become a luxury to look and feel the way we want to and I don't like it.
  12. This Dumb Dragon is nyerking OVER POWERED

    Check out this topic: Tiamat
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 6, 2019

    I would KILL for a drop rate buff. *sobs*
  14. Still waiting for my right eye to change back to its proper color.
  15. Aion NA needs Kinah adquisition improvement.

    I don't know how often you get kinah bundles from your daily luna, but I've only been lucky enough to craft two of them since they were introduced, and both times I got no more than 5mil kinah. Now, if every kinah bundle that popped up on one of my toons had a 100% guarantee not to fail, perhaps I too could be a billionaire. But alas....
  16. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 23, 2019

    The last thing I want is 1 plastic surgery ticket for an entire account of bugged characters. Besides, it has been confirmed before that PST's won't do the trick. If you look around the forums Cyan recently explained that the team is working on the issue; he just doesn't have any idea when a fix will be implemented.
  17. Aion NA needs Kinah adquisition improvement.

    Great suggestions @Chibiusa-DN! I still feel pangs of shame whenever I complete an instance and see how little kinah I've made. Which reminds me, I ran an instance with my buddy for 4+ hours the other day and only got a pair of shitty ancient handguards to show for it. @Cyan Please increase drop rates!!!
  18. about to leave the aion :(

    @Racerteg-DN If you are asking for tips on how to defeat Tiamat in her final phase in Dragon Lord's Refuge, here are some I provided in another thread: Note: BEFORE you try battling Tiamat in her final phase, make sure you kill Calindi Flamelord and Fissurefang. You can find Calindi Flamelord protecting one of the purple portals when Kaisinel/Marchutan first appears for battle. After defeating Calindi Flamelord, enter the portal and defeat Fissurefang. Then, return through the portal. Now you are ready to initiate the final battle with Tiamat. Good luck!
  19. Server Merge

    I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said here. If they truly want to minimize the damage they have already caused, they would allow everyone to transfer off of EK for free and then close the farce server down without a second thought. Any toon that doesn't meet the deadline to transfer off could be forcefully transferred to one of the existing servers, and then given a free transfer ticket to use at a later date if they so wish. Unfortunately, NCWest has proven time and time again that they do not have the playerbase's best interest at heart. I personally do not want to see another server merge. EVER. I hate all the confusion and I detest the fact veteran players end up losing their names and houses. Obviously, if it came down to merging DN and KT or closing the game down for good, I would likely reconsider my position. However, with the haphazard way the game is being managed now, another major merge would only push us that much closer to the edge of crisis.
  20. Housing - Fertilizers

    I know for a fact, that the Pernon/Oriel quest that use to reward you with the Wingfeather Guestbloom for collecting the seasonal pieces from the Agrints no longer does. Instead, you are rewarded a small amount of guestpetals.
  21. About bugged faces/eyes after 6.2 patch??? @Cyan

    ^ No, you are correct. Someone said that they tried to use a plastic surgery ticket and it did not work. When you enter the character editor screen the character's eyes appear as intended, so it makes sense that a ps ticket won't correct the problem. @Cyan is this bug going to be address soon?
  22. This probably comes as no surprise, but there are still serious text issues when it comes to quests in Enshar. More specifically, the ones involving the killing of mobs are the most disjointed. For instance, the level 64 quest "Secret Skin" asks you to kill 10 Coral Light Kselliki to acquire their shells, but the mobs they want you to kill are actually called Barnacleback Kselliki, and the items you collect are referred to as Rockskin shells taken from a Rockskin Ribbit.
  23. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 9, 2019

    Where did @Cyan say only level 80 toons would receive the survey? That makes zero sense! What difference does it make what level our toons are? We only get to claim compensation on ONE toon as it is. Why is there a level restriction?
  24. World drop skins in account warehouse

    I just reached level 61 on my Cleric; yes I do make a habit of suiciding in Beluslan. It is the only way to ensure you do not level past game content. It is tedious to be sure, but the GM's don't give you any other option at this point. It is either suicide and play the game all the way through, or speed level, reach endgame and then sit on your hands until the next patch comes out.
  25. Tiamat

    This is a very difficult battle to win if you do not know how to time your attacks. I'm a Cleric and I ran this instance several times between levels 56-59 to acquire the three-piece Tiamat accessory set. There are several tricks I learned that may help you out. The most obvious one is to only attack Tiamat while she is resting. Hit her two to three times while she is resting, then run back towards Kaisinel/Marchutan. The NPC will not always heal you, so it is best to run past him to the back of the room, use your own healing pots, then run back to Kaisinel/Marchutan's side. Again, you will only want to attack Tiamat while she is resting. You may be able to get a few shots in while she is blasting flames in the opposite direction, but the flaming spikes on the ground might get you, so I wouldn't advise it! You will need to make a speedy retreat between attacks, so use one of your transformation potions with a speed boost. Classes with close-range attacks are at a greater disadvantage because there is little time to get out of the way, so use whatever long-range attacks you can. Good luck!