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  1. I wish I had some better advice for you, but if you have already checked each of your accounts (I know I have several) and re-checked all available servers, the only thing you can do at this point is contact support. Best of luck!
  2. Petition?

    With the way the game is being managed now, it is going to close eventually, whether we send a petition or not. At least by sending a petition we are giving them a chance to fix their mistakes.
  3. Petition?

    I really like the idea of a petition, but it has to be handled maturely and have the full support of the community if it is going to work. I also think it is nice that you contacted Cyan out of respect, but I doubt he will have much to say on the matter.
  4. List of Issues for 6.2

    @Cyan While I truly appreciate the breakdown of the important issues being discussed with the mothership, I feel I have to ask -- once again -- if we are ever going to get a fix for the eye-discoloration bug? Can we expect a resolution in the near near future, or is there something preventing you guys from fixing the problem yourselves? Thank you.
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 12, 2018

    I've never really looked into the Prestige Pass. Can someone tell me what I get during the free trial? Thanks!
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 12, 2018

    I'm guessing you are all too busy holiday shopping to answer any of our concerns.
  7. What's wrong with the eyes of some characters?

    I would sure like to know why it is taking them so long to fix this bug. A simple update on the team's progress would be a big comfort!
  8. World drop skins in account warehouse

    Before 6.0 made trading between toons nearly impossible, I had a secondary account used entirely for housing armor for my alts. Hence, I know how you feel about skins! I wish they would consider letting us trade common rarity gear account-wide, but keep the items unbrokerable as you said. I know from my own experience it can take weeks to acquire a full set of armor solely through npc drops, as I am still running instances in Gelkmaros trying to get full chain sets to use as skins. At least if the gear were account tradable I could be storing items for my next toon, rather than selling the pieces for chump change.
  9. Ncwest team.

    Let's not derail another thread by exchanging silly insults. I think a lot of good feedback is happening here, but it gets lost in the shuffle when the playerbase seems more interested in puffing out their chests and verbally attacking one another. We are ALL frustrated with the current state of the game and the lack of open communication with staff. Let us not take it out on each other.
  10. Ever since Windows 10 released their 1803 update this spring, players have been unable to launch the Aion client. Whatever settings might have been changed during the update have prevented the xigncode3 module from running, and despite multiple threads started by players requesting assistance, we have heard no official response from NCWest. Player to player support has provided those affected by this error with little to no helpful advice. Most players believe that security settings are the cause of problem, but not everyone has Windows' built-in firewall to blame. For instance, I have Windows Defender entirely disabled on my computer, as it conflicts with the antivirus program I use, and yet I am still unable to launch the Aion client since the 1801 update. NCWest, on behalf of all Windows 10 users, I ask that you either provide us with easy to understand instructions on how to get xigncode3 running again, or for the sake of the playerbase, disable the module altogether. As of now, a large number of us are unable to play Aion -- out of no fault of our own -- and we request a resolution as soon as possible. Thank you
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 28, 2018

    Was hoping to see the eye discoloration bug fixed before Christmas break, but the longer we sit here waiting, the more I think it will be 2019 before anything is done about it. Not being sarcastic at all, but I can see there is a mounting wall of issues the team is working on at the moment and I fear this simple bug may be getting overlooked.
  12. AIon 7.0

    I've been wanting a martial artist class for years now.
  13. AIon 7.0

    ^ That is some welcomed news! However, considering how long it will be before we get 7.0 in America, I am hoping we get SOME additional slots before that patch is released -- if that is at all possible.
  14. AIon 7.0

    That Painter doesn't look like it belongs next to the Songweaver. lol
  15. New Class is coming?

    I really think they should have stuck with the paintbrush concept. A paintbrush is far more traditional for an artist than a paintball gun. However, it is clear from watching the behind the scenes video that the team took a lot of inspiration from the Gunslinger class, which explains why they went in this direction. Apparently the paintbrush wasn't flashy enough for their taste.
  16. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 21, 2018

    I agree. The constant fighting back and forth is not healthy for the community. I know some of the newbies and returning users can be trying with their demands and questions, but they are just uninformed and are trying to get answers. Also, I am tired of seeing veterans bashing other veterans as if they need to prove something. It is okay to share your experiences and opinions -- please do -- but you should be able to do it without throwing insults and degrading someone else. I'm not trying to be the forum police here or anything. I'm just asking for some civility. Happy Thanksgiving
  17. i quit.....

    I haven't noticed this in-game so much as on the forums. Maybe that is because I mostly play solo or with a friend. I stay off LFG as much as possible.
  18. New Class is coming?

    I'm really not looking to get into a debate with anyone. I think both the Songweaver and the Tech classes have their merits and their faults. I'm sure, with time, I will feel the same about this new Artist class. Right now though I am feeling disappointed, and that is okay. I'm still going to try out the new class eventually.
  19. New Class is coming?

    @BeMagnificentt-DN I personally never had a problem with the Songweaver as a class. There are NPCs in the game that are minstrels. They recite poetry, sing songs and play instruments as you walk by, so it actually made sense for them to add a class like the Muse. I'm aware of only one painter NPC in the game (a lady in Morheim), but she used a paintbrush and an easel. I can't wrap my head around why we are using paintball guns to shoot giant globs of colorful liquid on our enemies. Admittedly, some of the attacks shown in the video are more creative than others. I am just largely disappointed by this preview.
  20. New Class is coming?

    To be brutally honest, this looks more like a subclass for Gunslinger than a secondary Muse class -- if the Gunslinger were a primary class, I mean. I don't understand why they gave us another shooter-type when they could have simply handed us a paintbrush. At least the Technist classes use aether to power their weapons. I find the paint itself to be rather ugly.
  21. New Class is coming?

    There is no reason to believe we will be allowed to switch subclasses when and if the second muse is released. They have never provided us an option to change subclasses before, so they won't now. I am still uncertain about these videos. I always pondered the idea of a painter class, but this certainly wasn't what I had in mind. It also flies in the face of what Aion actually needs. In order to balance the field, we need another plate-wearing class, and preferably a physical one. I realize they have pretty much dug themselves into a hole with that one, but this painter class fits none of that criteria. However, I suppose it is possible they will release this new muse subclass, and then release an entirely new class later on.
  22. nice new paint squirt class

    This doesn't even look like Aion. I feel like we're being punked.
  23. Producer’s Letter – November 2018

    No offense, but this isn't the producer's letter I was hoping for. Oh, well!
  24. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 14, 2018

    My guess is they are still investigating the issue. I know Cyan is aware of the problem and he is pretty on top of things. Hopefully we will see a fix before the holiday break.
  25. Help with incomplete Campaign gear

    I'm a little disappointed this suggestion hasn't generated more support. Considering we can't purchase gear in-game anymore, I imagine there are many returning users looking to complete their first "new" gear set.