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  1. New Class is coming?

    There is no reason to believe we will be allowed to switch subclasses when and if the second muse is released. They have never provided us an option to change subclasses before, so they won't now. I am still uncertain about these videos. I always pondered the idea of a painter class, but this certainly wasn't what I had in mind. It also flies in the face of what Aion actually needs. In order to balance the field, we need another plate-wearing class, and preferably a physical one. I realize they have pretty much dug themselves into a hole with that one, but this painter class fits none of that criteria. However, I suppose it is possible they will release this new muse subclass, and then release an entirely new class later on.
  2. nice new paint squirt class

    This doesn't even look like Aion. I feel like we're being punked.
  3. Producer’s Letter – November 2018

    No offense, but this isn't the producer's letter I was hoping for. Oh, well!
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 14, 2018

    My guess is they are still investigating the issue. I know Cyan is aware of the problem and he is pretty on top of things. Hopefully we will see a fix before the holiday break.
  5. Help with incomplete Campaign gear

    I'm a little disappointed this suggestion hasn't generated more support. Considering we can't purchase gear in-game anymore, I imagine there are many returning users looking to complete their first "new" gear set.
  6. Wonky Eyeballs - Color Change After Patch

    Lots of players are complaining about this same eye glitch. Hopefully it will be remedied soon.
  7. As far as I can tell, Cyan is the only one responding to our concerns at all. Best we not put him down or discourage him from reaching out to us.
  8. Help with incomplete Campaign gear

    Yeah, it is pretty disappointing to miss out on half a gear set just because the devs weren't kind enough to offer us an alternative way to acquire the pieces. Not sure why we weren't allowed to complete the campaign quests pertaining to our level range anyway. I have a number quests on my map that are six to seven levels below my own, but the campaign quests for those same levels were auto-completed for me.
  9. New Heiron

    I know what you mean. I was extremely disappointed when I visited Beluslan. I expected to see some cosmetic changes like they did for the Elyos, but the only change was the windstream they added that leads to nowhere. lol
  10. Muse with Two Paths

    We've been waiting for that second muse class for what feels like decades. I'm not sure what is taking the developers in Korea so long to release one. I was hopeful that maybe we would see a new subclass by the time 7.0 comes around, but with rumors of Aion 2 floating around, it concerns me that we might never get one.
  11. Suggestions to improve

    You see, I wasn't being unnecessarily pessimistic about this patch. In all seriousness, these are really great suggestions. If we had a thumbs up emoji I would be using it right now.
  12. Hope they add the eye color bug to the list of known issues. I have five toons right now that look like they had their right eye poked out by an angry shugo.
  13. Hearthblooms

    I actually worry about what happens when all of those plants are full. We can't exchange petals to alts so once those plants are full, what do we do? I installed fresh blooms on all of my toons just so my new ones have a means of collecting some.
  14. Hearthblooms

    They actually added a few of the once craftable furniture items to the guestpetal exchanger. That tells me that they must be planning to sell blooms again at some point, otherwise, how are we suppose to purchase them? Cross your fingers though!
  15. Skin drops after 6.0

    If I could request just one set to be added as a quest reward or converted to a reusable skin, it would be this one. I feel that all housing items, skins and pets should be added elsewhere to the game, or perhaps made permanent additions to the BCM. Pets and housing items especially!
  16. Answer to one of your questions.
  17. That is good to know. I've been told the stat boosts offered from food items and scrolls currently in the game will be pretty much useless after the update due to the system re-haul. I would hate to try and open those bundles and chests after the update, only to find out that I can't. Also, @Cyan will scrolls marked with [Stamp] or [Event] be sellable after the update, or should I just chuck those out now?
  18. @Cyan Will we still be able to open our scroll pouches and award chests -- like the ones handed out by organizations and quests -- after the update? Or do we have to open them before the update hits in order to sell them to vendors?
  19. Improve NC Coins quantity/prices

    Great idea. I might actually start buying ncoin again.
  20. Here's hoping Hime gets around to answering the rest of our questions here. I was anticipating a response with today's maintenance.
  21. @Hime I was under the impression that we could no longer craft skins using the luna shop? Other servers (European, Korean, etc.) have supposedly removed all skins from their shops and players are no longer able to craft any. Are you implying that ncwest will be different in that regard? This really needs to happen sooner than later! Now that trading is account restricted, there is little reason to create multiple ones. In addition, there are currently more classes to choose from than character slots, which I find rather ridiculous. Here are a few other questions I have regarding the update: I've heard that guestblooms can no longer be purchased from npcs in Pernon/Oriel. Is this true for us? If so, will they ever become available again? Are there any plans to add items from the removed construction profession to the furniture store npcs in Pernon/Oriel plaza? Will the upper portions of Sanctum and areas in Pandaemonium be blocked off like they were in other regions when 6.0 first came out? The appearance mod npc happens to be in one of those blocked off areas, and I have some plastic surgery tickets I plan to use after the update. Will I still need to access that npc to use them?
  22. My beautiful seahorse

    I never took advantage of this option anyway, but I think it is unnecessary that they removed it.
  23. Kubei's guide for 6.2 (and other things)

    I have a question concerning crafting. Currently we are able to earn an extra row of warehouse space for reaching expert status in a craft. Now that crafting professions are going to be removed, is there any way to unlock that extra row of space for free, or will we have to pay for it? (I have a feeling I already know the answer)
  24. So what is the changes on 6.0?

    I might just take you up on that offer!
  25. So what is the changes on 6.0?

    Whaaaaat???? So the only way new toons (the ones created after 6.0 hits) earn guest petals, is by feeding already installed blooms? What happens when all of the existing blooms are full? Should I be hoarding guestblooms right now?!