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  1. 1 hour ago, Unbeatable-KT said:

    Out of all games that I've played, this gaming community and that mainly refers to the regulars that are on these forums are most pathetic individuals I've ever met in my life. Some individuals on here all they do is nyerk and whine, day in day out "NCsoft this, NCsoft that". Do us and yourself a favor. Since you guys sound like a you have a miserable life already, uninstall this game and never show up on these forums again... I hope that can at least help you enrich your life a little.


  2. Wait a sec, I am confused. Where does it say in the patch notes that they are removing Cygnea and Enshar? Perhaps I missed it.

    Edit: Nvm, I found it on powerbook, "Signia/Vengar regions have been removed."

    I have to say, I always liked the aquatic theme of Enshar. Going to miss that.

  3. Hey guys,

    I've been debating whether or not to replace my D drive with a larger one and have a rather interesting question. My Aion game folder is located on that drive, so I am wondering if I transfer those files over to a new drive, will the character customization files in my screenshot folder still load in the character creation screen?

    If anyone knows for sure, please let me know!

  4. On 9/14/2019 at 5:14 PM, Capa-KT said:

    I asked them to move the pack on my vandal and they told me they couldn't because I had already used the 3 shitty [Event] Berdin Stars.

    Beautiful management.

    I'm not surprised they wouldn't transfer it after you used part of it. Not sticking up for management in any way, but that just makes sense.

    This whole mess simply shouldn't have happened in the first place.

  5. Quote

    To be eligible for a Vandal’s Gear Pack:

    You must have a character that is level 30 or higher on your account

    You must create a new Vandal character before the deadline on August 28

    Your NCSOFT Account must have been created prior to August 21


    For real tho? I've been waiting TWO WEEKS to claim this set and now I can't even claim it on the toon I want to? You've had TWO WEEKS to explain this to us. TWO NYERKING WEEKS!

  6. Not sure why anyone is getting their underpants in a knot over someone complaining about event bots. Both alts and bots coexist during events so there's no point in denying it. If OP is confusing alts for bots that is his problem, but as @DevilNest-KT said, it is pretty easy to tell the difference.

  7. Report the nyerk out of them. It may not make any difference, but in the off-chance some of them are banned or suspended I'll be happier for it. I agree with you though. For big events such as this one there really should be someone monitoring. RNG is bad enough without having to deal with the lag that comes with an army of bots.

  8. When I first logged on to my account today I got disconnected and the Send Game Log dialogue popped up. This is the first time I have had this problem in a very long time. Happy to report though, I logged back on and didn't have any further trouble.

  9. If they make it so you can not sell the items on the broker to other players, but allow us to move the items between character's on our own account, that would be amazing. I know we wouldn't make money selling those items, but at least we could move our items where we want them to be. They have already made most event items unsellable on the broker, and those items that ARE sellable are B.S. items that are incredibly easy to get and nobody really wants.

  10. Still no explanation on how the extra slots on the Prestige Pack work or if they will be available on the free trial version. I know I said we should sit tight and wait for an answer, but did they really not discuss this before the patch went live? The fact the pack doesn't currently give us extra slots doesn't mean they can't tell us how it is SUPPOSE to work. That should have been made clear in the patch notes. smh

  11. 2 hours ago, Cindar-DN said:

    To everyone wondering what happens if you let prestige go.   Somewhere on this forum or in the game patch I read that the characters you create in the extra prestige slots will NOT be deleted, they will also NOT be playable if your prestige expires.  When you reactivate your prestige you can play the characters in those slots again

    That must have been in fine print because I totally missed that, lol.

    I think Aly is right and we should all just (try to) remain calm until we get an official answer. With any luck we may get one tomorrow.