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  1. Prestige Quest Tab

    Soooo, after a conversation with some of my friends, I thought I'll drop a suggestion in here. Would it be possible to separate the event quest tab into event quests and prestige quests, which would create a new tab which would be the prestige quest tab? Here's what it looks like right now: I do understand that the prestige quests are tagged as event quests but noticed it's a bit of a pain to scroll and find them when there are actual events going on which contain more than 5 quests like the one which is currently going on. Since the quest log got a small overhaul last patch, I hope someone could look into it and see if that's possible, thankies! :3
  2. Confused with new event (atherforge masters)

    Keep in mind that some materials like spirit fragments and etiums are account tradable.
  3. Aetherforge Masters - Hello?!

    From what I have heard from people who got lucky to get a stigma from the event, you get to pick your class and the stigma itself, the stigma then becomes tradable.
  4. Aetherforge Masters - Hello?!

    This one hit me hard because I agree 100%. I literally feel robbed by this event and not given any rewards. I'm glad I didn't craft as much but I've been seeing others and it's sad to see such a promising event go to waste once again because of terrible rates. This event was intended to help us, the community, not to waste our resource which we have farmed for the past 1-2 years, just so we're empty handed for the next patch. x.x
  5. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    That's ridiculous! u.u I remember when I was working on my ultimate DT gear, it was already a pain to farm all those mats. The EC survey (for the time EC was not working) totally saved me back then. If I didn't get those back then, I would be SUPER behind on game content. Just imagine how new players feel?! And now this event (it sounded great and was very promising) arrives with such bad rates with the goal to empty our resources with nothing in return. I feel robbed... not helped by this event. x.x
  6. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    I appreciate your answer and I would like to point out, it's a good one too because I feel the same and agree 100%! As a veteran player I kinda figured you won't be able to answer this question which is why I said, it's a tricky one, but I like to try especially with new CMs. Do you mind if people rearrange the priority rankings which you have shared with us as it seems a bit off to some of us while the categories stay as they are for now? Not sure if that's wanted or not, but since this is a discussion and we have the categories set, it might be easier now.
  7. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    For starters, I would like to thank you and the whole team (incl. @Loki who's been also a big help) for the efforts! I really hope that you guys will stick around and keep up with being active in this community. We all need someone around to hear us, share the same passion for the game like us and actually get things done, because at the end of the day actions speak louder than words. ;3 I looked over your categories and their priority ranking, which I do like but I'm also a little bit concerned about a couple things. There are certain topics like "Hacking/Cheating" or "Balance" (just an example because there are more) which require more time and can't be improved in a month or two to my knowledge, so I have a question for you @Kibbelz: Do you guys have a set goal time frame or at least have an idea when you'd like to "finish" off this list? I know, this is a bit of a tricky question because some of those topics require a contentious maintenance and follow ups, but I hope you get the idea where I'm trying to go with this question. ;x Thankies for reading! P.S. I would give you a "Like" on your post, if I could, but I suppose your tags and permissions are not all set yet, same as appearing in the dev tracker!
  8. Just to clarify, is this per account or per character? And thank you for the efforts, I know it's always hard to find a good middle to make everyone happy. <3
  9. Siege Schedule Poll

    Dunno why people keep voting for siege to overlap with altars... >.> I hope ya'll know your timezone and realize what you just did there. Please keep it as it is since the current schedule seems most reasonable and comfortable for most players.
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

    I'm curious, what prompted you to change the siege time @Kibbelz? I'd like to understand the thought behind it since it came out of the blue. >.>
  11. Introducing Kibbelz

    Welcome to the Aion community! Nice to see that the position got filled so quickly and hope to see you around more often. It never gets boring in here. ;o
  12. Can we get XP/AP/Drop Rate Weekends Back

    And a retuning event please! ;o
  13. The lag is real during sieges! I don't know how people siege in this lag, but GMs should check it out for themselves. It feels like the server can't handle the amount of players playing especially during those times at those crosserver maps like Katalam/Danaria. Even Shift+F12 doesn't seem to help anymore. x.x Many people are getting sendlogged/disconnected during sieges and can't submit because they are missing the information so I really hope NCSoft jumps into the game to check it out too.
  14. List of Items Needing to go into Special Cube

    I literally have been joggling around with my 5-6 cubes of free space in my inventory which is why I love this suggestion. I know that my friends in-game also struggle a LOT with this and I'd appreciate it if @Hime could look into this. Everything is full! x.x
  15. Hopefully we'll see more of those because the game has so much to offer on this aspect but NCSoft is not doing much with it while there's HUGE demand for it. We have so many old items like skins, dye, furniture, plants and more which players would love to get, farm or even pay for it but they just reduced it dramatically for many many months (or even years) now. T.T
  16. Game Update Maintenance - May 27, 2020

    While there's other things which might be a priority, I really miss the Divine Soulhealer in Inggison/Gelkmaros! x.x
  17. Farewell Daevas!

    Thankies Cyan for everything you've done for this community! It's been a roller coaster for the most part but you did an amazing job, which many of us appreciate and I'll surely going to miss your face. Wishing you all the best and good luck on your new journey. <3
  18. Aion Tshirts When?

    I got mine after a couple months after the giveaway. I had to PM them and make sure they will get send out! X3
  19. Access Restriction Notice?

    I've been having this weird bug too. Started with the new patch! Kinda annoying. z.z
  20. My Aion Calendar/Schedule + Altars doubt

    Damn, thankies @Zeyra-KT for this sheet! I've been looking for an updated version since the old one got outdated. Looking forward to it! <3
  21. Jhyatsu - Legion Phoenix Order - lvl 6

    Still level 72? Damn. x.x
  22. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 7, 2019

    Those are really awesome news, thankies so much! <3
  23. I feel ya! I was in a few very big legions which are non-existing anymore. It's really sad especially for new players or returning players who'd like to join a nice legion, but most people are having their own private legion nowadays because the others just died. I'm one of those people! X3
  24. Let's talk about 7.0

    It's been addressed many times especially since EU got their slots expanded while ours remained as they are. I guess we'll see on launch day on August 21. I've been waiting for it too since I'd love to have the chance to play all classes on one account. u.u