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  1. About Sharing Account Terms update

    Got it, thankies for clarifying this since I've read conflicted things about it.
  2. About Sharing Account Terms update

    Uhmm what about couples who do not live in the same country but share accounts? This is a big thing which worries me. ;/
  3. Aetherforging Leveling in 6.2

    Tyvm Capa! <3 Helps a lot. I'll look into it before the server buff say goodbye. X3
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 22, 2019

    I'm actually very happy about this. Always loved having those boosts on the weekends since it was very helpful especially when you wanted to level your aetherforging back in the days. Hope something similar will happen again on a more regular base! <3
  5. Bugged Transformation Synthesis

    Yes, I did, but I didn't get any ancient or legendary once, so I should not be affected! Thankies for clarifying! <3
  6. I'm happy with Katalam. I enjoyed those big sieges back in the days! :3 Let#s hope those safe pads won't come back tbh... I never liked those! Maybe have just a very few of them like we have it in Lakrum right now, but that's about it. D:
  7. Bugged Transformation Synthesis

    Uhmm silly question, but how do I know if I was affected by this bug? I just heard about it. RIP me...
  8. I agree on this... I like to believe that this might work for KR but bot for NA since our population is much less especially nowadays. Will be interesting to see how the KR playerbase deals with it.
  9. I'm excited for it but I highly doubt it'll go by smoothly tbh, especially looking at the past. ;/
  10. New Trailer: Aion KR Update May 22, 2019

    Ohhh, thankies! I didn't see that one at all. :3
  11. I've tripped over this video, which got uploaded a few hours ago and was wondering if they are bringing back Katalam and Danaria and seems to be an update according to the end of the video. Can anyone translate? :3 I saw it was posted on the EU forum too and some say it's the 7.2 update.
  12. Q & A session with the Community

    This is actually not so true. Apparently there is still an Aion project going on if you do a bit of research since they also posted job offers for this particular project. It also stated it'll be running on UE 4, but that's about it. There are just no more infos! *sighs* Guess we'll wait and see! I'm sure if this is an actually thing, it'll probably take a few years.
  13. Q & A session with the Community

    Calm down... Jeez. It was a typo. *smh*
  14. An event with Extend

    I smell some P2W event... Hell no.
  15. Q & A session with the Community

    I mean they are working on BnS switching from Unreal Engine 3 to 4, while we are stuck with a veeeerrryyy old CryEngine 3, so go figure... What happened with Aion 2? X3
  16. Consequences

    I have to admit that I go through my friendlist and do a clean here and there, but damn... So many people have quit over the past few months. No hard feelings. ;/
  17. Broken Ice Cream Machine

    Someone was having REALLY bad cravings. X3
  18. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 8, 2019

    I'm very happy to read this since it shows they are working on things. As said, actions speak louder than words. Keep it up! <3
  19. EU Cares About His Community

    Sorry, if my question was a bit difficult to understand! Guess I should have been a bit more specific on what I was asking. I was wondering how KR's playerbase is doing with Aion right now. Are they happy or not? How do they handle it? I was referring more to the players than the company.
  20. NCSoft Core Mission Statement

    I think you took my post a bit over the top. Lmao My point was that I wish my job was offering such an office place that I'd love to move in but still get work done. X3
  21. I'm sad.

    Bruuh... Aion has always been a game I come back to even after a few longer breaks and it makes me very sad to see that NCWest is still not listening and IF they do, actions speak louder than words. I've always prefered when they out out something in-game which ACTUALLY works. I'd rather wait for a patch than get a broken one, which we can't enjoy for months after release. It just doesn't makes sense to me unless I think about their business and the money they are trying to earn while dropping their own community and sort of stabbing them in their backs. u.u I've been playing Tera and BDO on and off and those are games I'd like to believe NCWest could learn something from them.
  22. EU Cares About His Community

    I wonder how KR is doing right now after reading all this EU talk. Anyone know? NA is suppose to stick to the KR patches at most, so I'm curious.
  23. NCSoft Core Mission Statement

    Can I move into their office? Please.
  24. State of The Game

    I'd say some people might think GP means gaining power but you just get to be on a board which showcases your name for a few weeks or so. I miss the times where rank ACTUALLY meant somethings, but that's long gone. Sadly, there are quite a few people buying prestige and stuff off the BCM but I do believe it's much less than we had it a year or two. So let's see what happens, I guess.
  25. I don't think that's a good idea especially with the current situation in-game. Why would they put the GMs out there and let them get under fire for NCWest's failures? Sounds like a really bad thing to do. X3