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  1. MAssive DC KT-asmo during divine siege, no rewards

    Waste of time, I could have been watching the cricket instead. Why bother trying if NCsoft will just screw you over.

    What about the last palace, when will that come on auction. Hopefully we will have continued transfers, cause a lot of people were mad when you went on a 3 week break for the transfers.
  3. Gear Investment

    And you still need to farm purifying materials for 5.8 gear. No one will be able to purify many pieces any time soon, I hear it takes 6 weeks to farm enough for a weapon purification.
  4. 6.0 for Korea is in an Alpha stage it hasn't even reached Beta.
  5. I made these and now you have to suffer

    Wow amazing. I don't know what Korea is upto with making Ereshkigal an actual human as oppose to showing her as a drakan like Tiamat or Beritra are shown.
  6. Plume Statistics - Old Forum Repost

    What about the chinese with +107 attack plumes, how can they get a way with it. Is it referring to new plumes tempered in 5.8?