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  1. Where exactly are they based then? And don't they have anyone on call in their IT department??
  2. Oh crikey, all Leah's pets (in Sanctum) are dead! But only her pets - the ones around the pet seller are still fine!
  3. Seems to be a universal problem; the [LFG] channel is full of chat about it. I have a little level 9 assassin standing patiently in front of Leah and... nada.
  4. Yes, they're character-bound. They seem to be every 4 levels after 24; next one after 32 is 36. Mount boxes seem to show up every few levels too; I've got another stored for Arkady up there, which I'm holding onto for when her unicorn mount expires after a week. I created an alt who's now level 28 and riding around on the Executioner's Mount:
  5. In fairness, whilst I am a returning player, I didn't come back just for the Homeward Bound event - I didn't even know about it, because up until now I never really frequented the forum. I only stopped playing because my laptop just couldn't handle the graphics demand of the game and it had become virtually unplayable to me, and I came back because a friend very kindly gave me their HP Envy when they got a new laptop, and it suddenly occurred to me that it would be able to handle Aion fine even at the highest graphics settings. It is a shame that those who can't log daily due to IRL demands en
  6. The twin's box one is only temporary, unfortunately - you can't wear the wings until level 30, but the timer starts from the moment you open the gift box - it was only 1 day, and I didn't have free time to game until the evening so by the time I hit 30 there were only 90 minutes left on the clock - but I had a lovely 90 minutes racing through all the tasks in the Eracus Temple wearing them. I definitely want to pick up a permanent pair for her when I've gotten together the kinah.
  7. For anone who's interested, thus far gift boxes for the <level 20 Twin's Gift are 20, 22, 24, 28 and 32. The level 28 gift box contains a butterfly wing skin.
  8. Well, I got mine legitimately; I didn't have a machine capable of running Aion for a couple of years, and had no idea when I finally got a new machine and downloaded the client that there was a major patch coming up. Not that any of my old characters were particularly high-level anyway (when I finally found where they'd gotten shuffled off to - seven Elyos and one lonely little Asmo boy all lumped together on one server...), which is why I was starting over again. I had a level 33 sorcerer who didn't do too well out of the gift boxes, what with being too high for the level 20 box but not high
  9. Is it possible you're getting flagged as returning users from your IP addresses?
  10. Ohhhh, right, got you! Unfortunately that was exactly where Mr Italian Dudebro was also standing so I didn't bother looking behind me at all and just headed off and away from that area as quickly as was feasible. Now I'm curious what's in those low-level gifts - might just create another alt to find out... :-D
  11. I'll take your word for it - I didn't see them, but then again I was being distracted by an Italian player who was harassing me with sexual comments so perhaps I just wasn't paying close enough attention. (Ugh, the joys of playing a female alt....)
  12. They evidently are unfamiliar with the cardinal rule of IT - always say it will take twice as long as you think it will take, thus making you appear extra efficient when you get it up and running "in only half the time!" (and giving yourself leeway for nyerk-ups).
  13. There weren't when I created the alt. Or at least, I'm pretty certain there weren't; certainly didn't notice them anywhere around the starter area or Akarios Village?
  14. Weirdly, there's also a box that's for characters level 9 or under - but obviously the only characters under level 10 able to get the box will be the ones who are level 9 and on their way to their Ascension ceremony. Just for the hell of it, I quickly created a new alt (I'd been wanting to play around with a Ranger character anyway) and she grabbed the box immediately on arriving at Sanctum - but the box was locked and she couldn't open it. So at that point, the only alts that could open that box wouldn't even be able to get it in the first place.
  15. Yep, can confirm there's a Plastic Surgery ticket at level 20 with "Twins Gift" - which seems to be a gift that keeps on giving, from the looks of things, because it also gave me another "Twins Gift" to be opened at level 22. Then another at 24, and another at 28. I didn't get a chance to check at what level I can open the next one as the servers went down just after I had fun dyeing my Chanter's Fledgling gear pink with the dyes that came in the level 28 Twins Gift (two pink dyes, 2 aqua and one green). I was fortunate to have decided to make a new Chanter character for the hell of it ju
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