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  1. Hello there,

    We are aware that many of our players that connect from outside North America use ping-lowering proxy services to reduce their latency. While NCSOFT does not expressly prohibit the use of these services, we advise our customers to use them at their own risk.

    Because of the security concerns these services pose, we may not accept proxy IP’s as authorized IP’s when connecting to NCSOFT account management. Please be aware that if you access the account from or attempt to add these proxies to your authorized IP list, the account may be blocked and subject to review especially if the proxy you use has a history of suspicious activity.

    We hope this clarifies your concern. Please let us know if you have any other questions.


  2. I like this event, why? 1 legendary daeva box that gave me exact skill i need it, 3 pve ultimate stones, 6  ancient stones, 8 transformation contracts (no ancient yet) , and ofc shards, berdins and m.minion contracts. All of this from max 30 Menden Hearts.  Well it`s a win at 0$ and 0 kinah use.

  3. At least give us more time, i reached room 13 and i got out of time , 70% skills failed/resisted with 12k m.acc. Do mobs from room 10 and up have pvp defence lol or what? The dmg is to low to even gather mana....Im making the same dmg to a ultimate full pvp set...jeez and im pve user !!! Something is not right there.

  4. Better give us the npc to spend our coins at same prices was 2 days ago, and then you can make what do you want with the tia event (make 100% price coins if you want.). Because  70% already buy manastones +12 and omegas and tempering and etc etc etc at that price, standard price. We playd 9 hours or more for what? Just to be your fools? Where is the balance, where is the fate?  Stop the event, give the npc let us spend our coins. !!!. Just think, this is the best way !!! We`re all gona be happy.